New year is almost upon us. What a year its been. Some events I will remember   for sure. But I think the one I will remember with a tear in my eye is without doubt the recent MNF  launch. I was so proud of Mavis. There is not one thing  on that night that was less than perfect.  It was a pleasure to meet The team from MERCK MSD. Its a shame that during my  short speech I got over emotional when  thanking them. I missed a lot of my notes My eyes were all  misty. The Team from Moore Blatch did a great Job. And Every single guest made it a night to be remembered..

Its been a bit quiet  since Christmas Day was over. But  I blame the weather for that. Ive  not done a lot. I have started to put a daily Puzzle on  FB again.  At the moment  its more for my enjoyment. It did drop off a lot when I did it  regular.

We have been going through the cupboards Finishing  Christmas Cake Pudding and Mince pies. The excuse  was  must not  throw them out best eat them. Got to let my belt out a notch. Got to get ready for Easter eggs. Although Ive got my Big  birthday coming up shortly. I am looking forward to  the planned trip.

Well as I said not  done a lot since. mavis is back in the swing of FaceBook not that she ever stopped. She has  all these ideas. But to be honest I  cant keep up with her. I`ll stick to driveing her about and being her RH man.

On a  final Note  I hope you all have a great 2018 And a Happy New Year.

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