It was Marsden day, what a day! The 90 min journey took  over 2 hours .  Hospital was busy ,the 11.30 appointment was late it ws 12.35 before we were called in. We were with the doctor for results  for aprox  6/7 mins at best. The journey home was a nightmare due to a 6 car pile up. The only good thing was the results for  the scan was no change. So really thats  all that matters. So why am I moaning.


A quiet day again.a few wet walks with Louis. Spent a few hours experimenting with photoshop. Set up another ext drive to save pictures to. Had a bit of a  den tidy. Boring  really. Its another scan day Monday, results on wed then Saturday is my  appointment with my back surgeon. I  hope He will discharge me.Its not perfect but at least I can get about without screaming pain,Thatll do  for me. Life slows up in winter. No doubt later it will go mental again when Mavis fills her Diary.

Ive put a few daiily puzzles on FB again. A few have done them, but I admit I miss doing them. Tomorrows is of a 500cc Matchless Twin. The last big bike we had. Ah! memories.


I wonder how many like me thought the singer of the dancing on ice advert was Matt Monro. Now Mavis has the voice on. No brainer.