After an early start,unusual for me 8.30 with Louis walk behind me, I decided to  put a shelf in the cupboard for Mavis,s Pans. I had a nice piece of new 5 ply in the shed just itching to be used. Next I salvaged  2 nice bits of 1 x 1 inch wood from the packaging  from the new cooker. ( I never  throw wood away,) A quick measure up and find the ply is 3 inches to short ,Ok I can sort that. I put on my scarf wooly hat and set up my jigsaw. Gosh its a lot colder than I thought. I cut  to width the ply and also cut a strip 3 inches after a lot of messing about I glued and screwed the  strip to the end of  it . Now its long enough  and wide enough to fit  in the cupboard. I fixed the 1x 1 for supports. At last I dropped  it into place and Mavis had a new shelf. What  should have been about  an hours work took me  3 hours. I have not got enough space here to list what went wrong, but what would go  ,did go . Now with a blood blister and a splinter in my thumb. I  realise I am too old  now to do DIY.

After  all this Mavis realised she left her new frying pan inside the oven that they took away when they  delivered the new one. So its not only me!

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