Friday 29.6

P1010146At 2.30 this morning an almighty bang woke us up. Dog  going mad. I staggered out of bed. Oh No is it an intruder?  I checked the office, nothing wrong here. Oh I can see mess all out on the floor in passageway. All the shelving was half in and out the bathroom. Broken items smashed  ornanents everything all over.

So what I did I do. I got the broom and swept the mess into a pile, because If either of us needed to dash  to the loo later we wouldnt  stand on broken glass.

Ive no idea why this happened, but later I  started to sort it when ding dong it was  the guy to sort my melted water pipe. after that I replaced the shelving and mavis sorted what was   left and put it    on shelves.

Sunday 17 June

Pow another hectic week. It started Monday with putting my baby Louis into kennels. I hate that frightened look on his face when he thinks mummy is dumping him.

We  kept him until the last minute . Tuesday it was an early Start. The hospital  appointment was for 11am. So  on the early train to Victoria. Then underground to to South Kensington. Arriving  in good time. Mavis was shown her cubicle and given the gown and bits ready for her procedure.

We  had a nice nurse to assist and advise us. What was going to happen etc. We were told they  will try and get her in by 1.30, and after a couple of hours she could go home. So she changed and we sat and waited.

She finally went in at quarter to 3pm. They told us it would take about  30 to 40 minutes. The porter came and wheeled her away. With a cheery wave she disappeared. I sat and waited, and waited and waited. By 5pm I was climbing the walls. just then the sister came in to me. How she advised me was terrifying .

Oh Mr n I AM SO SORRY!. YOUR PRECIOUS MAVIS………………………………………………………..

AT THAT SECOND MY BRAIN WENT INTO MELTDOWN. All I could think  was something major had happened. I  interrupted her flow and asked wow. Where is she. Whats happened IS SHE ALRIGHT??????.

She is ok but she was taken to the wrong  bed. She is in recovery. If you collect your things I will take you to her. Well we had 2 Trolley luggage bags and a back pack. All her clothes  . But  a nurse helped me. Off we went to find her.

When I looked  round the curtain and could see her and she smiled. Relief was an understatement. She told me there had been a complication and so they brought me here to rest and recover. During the bi -op they  cut through a vain and she was chocking on  blood. But  it was quickly  sorted.  So now she was being kept  in overnight.

The Hospital  do have rooms for  visitors and I had a twin room, It was about 10 mins walk round the road way. Very clean.

On Wednesday I went to collect her and she was released. We had a board meeting cancelled so we made our way to padington and a 3 hr train to Swansea where we both  were booked to give a Presentation. Which was well received. We had a free day  to  explore. we were a few  100 feet from the beach ,fantastic nice and warm ,nice hotel.

When we left there on Saturday Morning we set off  for London again. Booked   into our hotel in Fleet St.  get  showered and dressed in my dinner suit and bow tie ,we walked the short  distance to the Lasag Ball.

What a fantastic Venue. Steeped  in History I was fascinated, Thank you Harminder.

Late to bed, and up  just after 6 to get ready for the final Journey home. And most of all  get  here by 12 noon to pick up my baby louis from Kennels before 12 close up..

With louis home with us most of  PC work updated a bit of lunch I am looking fwd to an early night to catch up on kip.

Ready for what ever Mavis throes at me.P1010130