A day of revisiting old memories. Mavis was invited to a photo shoot in Chatham Dockyard. Alec wanted to video  her story. We walked around  the Yard and I was filmed talking about my experience in there. It  woke up  old memories  of 65 years ago, very strange. Mavis gave her  journey  too. I think it went well and that he got what he was looking for. It was a pleasant day over coffee and a bit of lunch. The things I get involved in what is she like.

I  am trying to get a Doctors appointment for tomorrow. If I phone the day before they say  you must ring on the day. Today I rang for tomorrow and they said  full up ,Try in the morning. No wonder people choose to  go straight to A & E.


A nice couple of days in Liverpool. Too Busy to see much of the sights. But  pleasant company. Nice meal out with new friends.

Journey was hectic. Especially  coming home ,we had to  get back to pick Louis up from kennels but we made it.  Every one  is so friendly and helpful.

I have had real problems with my ear. Ive been to  the docs a week ago . Not  to  bothered maybe a Lymph infection. I must get back to  docs  as Its swollen  nearly all day and night and raging earache. Also my breast is swollen. If it gets any  bigger I will need a bra. lol. We are out again tomorrow so  I will see Doc on thursday I can leave it any longer.

Thursday Day One

Today was a day I  hoped would never happen. But!. It has, that’s life.

It was that old routine ie,up at 4.45 am get ready. walk the dog up the lane .Leave home at 5.45 set off to do battle on the M25. 2 and a half hours later we  arrived at the Marsden. First day of new treatment. We knew what lay in store. 8.15 Bloods.

Fit a cannula  ready for the drug. Sit and wait untill 10 am to see  Doctor. Quick check, paperwork  all done. A question and answer session. Then sit and wait for the drug. I fell asleep as usual. At 12 we went to the canteen for lunch. And now back and wait again. We were called in at 12.30,the drug will be ready around 1 pm. It came up at well past 2 pm. We were all done and released at 3 pm. This was the first day of the rest of our future. But we learned a bit. Its not all doom and gloom. Its all positive ,that helps.

WE had an excellent  trip home M25 empty we beat the rush  hour. Louis was pleased to see us. So we only have 25 more drug days. But if that’s what it takes to  keep Mavis going then its worth every minute.

So watch this space.