Mavis and I took advantage of the  weather and spent over a week cutting back all the overgrown garden. We have today  completed the circle we have been right round and cut  down levelled off dug out mulched and put our giant inddustrial  bag full of cuttings  in the skip. I dont think we have done so much in so short a time. Its all done. Knackered.

I think Marsden day yesterday  didnt help. Tomorrow we are out for lunch with her brother for her Birthday.

Life with Mavis is never dull


A strange experience today. It was time for our monthly support group in Canterbury. This time Mavis had arranged  that we should give our presentation as the Speaker. Mavis checked weeks ago that they had a projector and that they had access to it. All we needed was our presentation and a laptop. I had reservations that as this was to be a do it yourself job there could be problems.

It seems the remote for screen and projector were in a cupboard .so with the screen sorted and wi fi password on my laptop. The problems began we could not connect we tried all my cables no good several frantic phone-calls for help resulted in  zilch. Lots of volunteers all trying my leads and swarming over my keyboard. Nothing.

I was persuaded to do my presentation with no power point. So I had my laptop on a table so I could see my presentation as a guide and just talk. I found it hard, but I did it.

Much to my surprise I got a rousing round of applause, They liked it.

Mavis decided to  postpone hers  due to the  IT problems.

Afterwards They came  and asked me questions. I was amazed to find one guy who  came and said he understood every word I said as he was also  an employee of the same shipyard.

Well thats my  day.





Home after a smashing break and a chill out camping for almost a week. Good to see Mavis Chilling out. Louis loved  enormous fields to run in.. But was it hot. Biggest problem was a wasp nest  somewhere. But quite a few wont be coming back.

Its good to be home though. Only came home because I have MOT and service on car in the morning.

We have had some lovely  fresh farm food, expensive but worth it.

If the weather holds we may ty it again.