We attended HSE 3.0   20-21 September at The Crown Plaza Schipho Nederlands.

Both Mavis & I were Speakers. What a fantastic few days.

I felt uneasy about talking. There were over 200 Top business men and woman from all over Europe attending. The first day we listened to some high tech talks. I thought they don’t really want to hear my presentation.

So after a restless night with hardly any sleep the second day dawned. Time to check in with the Chairman that we were ready. it was 08.15 I was to be the first  speaker of the day.

The first scare was my memory stick with both our presentations on would not load. Panic welling up. Don’t worry I said I have a back up. Oh  you are good they said. Short lived my back up would not load either. Oh dear  now what they said. I said last chance I have a back up of my back up. If this don’t work cancel me presentation. I could see mavis`s face she was frantic. But wow it loaded. But my nerves were shot to bits. Next it was a meet n greet  20 mins as the room filled up.

The introduction I  got from the Chairman was amazing. So I began my presentation with “ Good morning! After all the excellent speakers yesterday you may find mine today is a bit different“

So after a jerky start with the clicker I quickly settled into it. a couple of hic cups with the slides and I was in full flow I ad lib`d a few times. But when I finished I got  a fantastic round of applause.

Next another  fantastic intro from the chairman for Mavis. She also had problems with the clicker and the rushed to help her. Soon she was in full stride. They loved it.

But  what happened next was a surprise. he asked me to join Mavis they provided 2 chairs and  the chairman called for any questions. Mavis got  a few and I chipped in, But  when no more questions the chairman said  can we have a round of applause for these two remarkable  people. What did the do they gave us a Standing ovation the clapping was overwhelming. It brought a lump to my throat. And as I walked back to my seat. A lady  gave me a tissue  she said wipe your  eyes  I was actually  crying with emotion. I said thank you ,but you need one as well. When we broke later for coffee the chairman said I  bet you don’t know how manny  of the girls have cried with you  today. He said several of them were overcome and couldn’t help a few tears.

And throughout the rest of the day  we were bombarded with lovely  comments. They thanked us and said its what  their  role is all about trying to protect  people like us.

What a fantastic  few days. We will not forget in a long time.

A big Thankyou to  Keith and all the Team who put this venue together.


Thursday was Marsden Day

An early start at 5.45 am ready to face what the  M25 throws at us. But we arrive at a tick before 8 am. A hot Latte in the  restaurant before booking in. Bloods done and now sit back waiting for the Doctor. 10.30 ish and we  get the call. Our lovely Doc is his usual self all smiles and a good to see mavis. After all the niceties . He said well  your results are good news you have  14% reduction. OMG thats fantastic news. This is all part of the treadmill of ups and downs of this disease .  Just fantastic..