Well  what a day we have had. We were invited to a Tour of  Beacon`s Factory. We were collected by Car at 7.30 am by A really  nice guy Louis. The journey was 3 Hours through  M25. Rain Fog and Traffic . We were  greeted on arrival By the Directors Andy, and Ray. A hot  Coffee and tea was instantly  in front of us, most welcome.

After a Chat and a welcome so warm we were  given a Tour of the factory and introduced to  manny of the staff. Really most interesting. What they do is amazing.  With the tour over we were  taken to the Room  with heaps of food laid out  Hot tea ,coffee, soft drinks. And set up was a screen and projector. After an  embarrassing  welcome to all the room full of staff I was introduced as the first Guest to speak. I stumbled a bit at first because  the presentation that loaded was not  my latest and I was thrown a bit because  the slides and order was not  what I was expecting but I caught up and soon I was in flow.. With a few more blips I  completed   A another  good  response. Now after another  introduction it was Mavis s turn to follow. She likewise was thrown by the presentation it was not  what she expected. But despite having a heavy cold she did her usual amazing talk. Then it was time to  get stuck into the buffet . As usual people were gathering around her with congratulations and questions. Then after  all that we were escorted back to the MDs office . Most  unexpectedly Ray the Tech,Directors wife came in with a big bunch of flowers for Mavis and a nice bottle  for me. a lovely gesture. The surprise announcement  was that In May 2019 they are organising a Rickshaw style cycle ride  in order to  support  The Charity.. To say we were treated like Royalty  was an understatement. Soon it was time to leave and we were escorted to  our drivers car for the journey home. We even received a call  on his phone to check how far we were and to check that his honoured guests were  doing OK.

The End of a fantastic Day as we shook hands and said our goodbyes  at our front door.