First Long trip in New Car

It was 6 am pitch black ,spent 10  mins de iceing it as heavy frost. But  set of a bit nervous but took it easy. Prety soon  it was touching 70 . I thought  well thats enough for me. WE got through all the grotty road works. And arrived at the Marsden . The journey home in daylight was more confident . So I think  Ive sussed it  now, its always a bit nervy first time out  especially in the dark.  As mavis picked it I said well now weve been out in it  now are you still pleased . I luv it she said so thats good enough for me.

2nd Treatment DAy

Much better day on treatment. Because I had no problems last time they were able to increase the flow rate this week. Last week it was a slow infusion. Today I was done at 2 pm. Better than last weeks 1/4 to 5.. Maybe next week a bit quicker. So far I am ok. The pre meds did send me off Mavis said I was snoring..
Only thing they are not happy with is my heart. My ECG gave abnormaly low readings. 37-42 it should be aroung 80 . Advised to see my GP. We will see.
Much to my surprise a bunch of nurses came swaning up the ward singing Happy Birthday to me. They gave me a special bag of goodies. How sweet was that.

First Rituxzimab

Well it was 8 hours in  the chair.pumped and swallowed all sorts of  stuff. But then the dreaded canular is connected. checks every 15 mins for  about 6 hrs then hourly. I had  a job staying awake . But they woke me every 15 mins to  do BP  etc.

But I am home now and apart from feeling knackered I am ok. So its one down 3 to go.