My 3rd Rituximab

Well  treatment day 3. We arrived for my 8.30  appointment at  8 am booked in and took a seat. Called to  the Chair around 9.15 Pre meds started  10 am. These will make you drowsy  she said. By 10 30  I was  gone. But they  kept waking me every 15 mins  for  checks. I vaguely remember hearing a voice  and seeing a blury face in the distance as they did BP checks but I instantly  drifted off again It was imposable to keep my eyes open..It was  12 when Mavis shook me  the sandwhich lady was here  did I want a cuppa tea. yes ,did I want a soup yes, did I want a …….. But now I was beginning to  wake up. I started my flush at 1 pm and was all done and dusted  by 20 to 2 we were now  heading home. But soon I was fast asleep on settee 2 hrs  and I am ready for a meal after strugleing through dinner I  was off again but only for an hour. Its now almost 9 pm and I am  just feeling  normal. So although out of treatment quicker today still shattered. I wonder what tomorrow will  bring.