Off we go again.

So after  3 months on lock down and all treatment cancelled. Mavis`s  scan results show Meso has now spread out to her spine. Would this have happened if  we were able to continue with treatment ,we will never know. The a cursed corona Price tag is with us all. However tomorrow is a new start. Its a return to the Royal Marsden to  go back on the trial. Our hope is that it will halt  or even reduce the invasion of the spine. We are aware  that we are both old codgers but  we are not ready to pop off just yet. After fighting meso for 11 years it would be sad to succombe to covid . For my part well I had a telephone consultation a few weeks ago. My condition is considered stable. I will be contacted at a later date.

Today is a bright sunny day and we are full of hope, we try to remain positive, its hard at times. Tomorrow she will spend about  5 or 6 hours in  the hospital  ,I am banned  from entry so I will  have to sit in the cr in car park. I will take a bit of lunch in case I get hungry. Toilet `s will be my issue as I am not allowed  entry. WTS.

But  for Maves welfare its a small price to pay. In a couple of weeks it will be our Diamond anniversary. 60 years married. and exactly 63 years together.. Someone recently asked me whats my secret. All I can say is respect , Understanding. Love unconditional. and simply saying yes dear in the right places lol. I couldnt wish for a better partner, she is my rock. I rely  and trust her judgement on all matters.

Today we worked in the garden  in the sunshine mending  a fence and a bit of trimming more of that to come. we try not to over do it,pottering is the answer. She keeps in touch on her manny  social media sites, she has found that we dont have to travel all over to conferences now we have zoom,thats handy. Sometimes she can do 3 in a day amazing what  technology can do.

Well thats enough  waffle from me today I will update with  any new results.

Published by Raymond

I paint when I get time. Write poetry when the mood takes me. Always been interested in Photography. Having just bought a new camera I thought Id start again with a decent one.This is an oportunity to put my work on display.

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