At Last an MP4

Ive spent days and many hours building a slideshow for our  60th Anniversary.  First I  did it in Power Point looks good. But it wont play in facebook. Now I  downloaded loads of  conversion programs that also  didnt work PPTX is  not a good file to convert easily.  I next thought. OK I can video my screen on my camera . I did but the quality was YUK. But I thought thats it. But  I couldnt sleep on it. I tried again with different settings all  YUK.

Next I  started down loading more converters. None worked. Frustrated I had to rethink. I  downloaded a recomended program. Having spent hours  again. But  after that I  found that unless I paid £60  or more to upgrade it,then it wasnt anygood to me.

But as a last  chance I tried a program I already had, but it needed to  be registered to  do  what I wanted. So I reluctantly looked at prices. Ha, A special offer £70  but  untill EOM half price. So be it. Result Its done what I wanted I am happy with it quality is good problem solved. A lesson learned cant always take cheap option.

Published by Raymond

I paint when I get time. Write poetry when the mood takes me. Always been interested in Photography. Having just bought a new camera I thought Id start again with a decent one.This is an oportunity to put my work on display.

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