Got a nasty shock today. I got up around 3 am to go to toulet. And i could see   lous was asleep  just inside the doorway so I gently  nudged him. Nothing. Strange normaly he would leap up  in shock. I nudged him again,nothing, I pushed him with my foot,still nothing, panic panic. I pushed him heard OMG nothing. He has died  was rushing round my head. I got on my knees and turned him over on his back, at last he stretched and slowly  looked up at me. Relief. I told hom off Dont do that to me again I said. Lots of guilty cuddles.


Pet scan yesterday went well. results next week. But today I have ultran sound biopsy on my throat,not looking fwd to this. I was told on my last one  no problems. So concerned why  they need another one.


The rain has kept us in most of the day. And the  gale force winds. As I have my pet scan on monday morning,I  must not  exert myself no heavy lifting or exercise. Dont know why you only lay down in a tube for an hour.

Another Busy time.

I spent 3 days  decorating  bathroom. I am tooo old for this game. But I did it. Now It looks like I am on the  roundabout kitchen next.

We had a nice day  in Essex at the  pleasure of Becon. They organised a cycle ride  from Washington in the North to Thuroch in Essex for the final ride. It was in aid of Mavisnye Charity. Well done guys. They really made us welcome.

Tomorrow its Marsden day that meas up around 4.30am ready for the journey to  Sutton  via the dreaded M25. But although Maves Meso is growing slowly. Tomorrow we get the results of the last scan last week. Its always a nervous time.

better late than never post.

its been a few weeks since last post. Ive been to Edingborough and Exeter giving presentations. Ive had my cancer treatment  Ive seen my onco who is happy with me. I am getting a heart monitor fitted next Tuesday as I have a problem. They wont look at my cataract until I get heart problem sorted.

I cant believe how much Ive aged over the past 12 months. Basicly I am a mess. But I  must keep going  as I  need to keep an eye on Mavis.Other than that I am doing OK. I must try and do updates and posts more often, so WTS.

My 3rd Rituximab

Well  treatment day 3. We arrived for my 8.30  appointment at  8 am booked in and took a seat. Called to  the Chair around 9.15 Pre meds started  10 am. These will make you drowsy  she said. By 10 30  I was  gone. But they  kept waking me every 15 mins  for  checks. I vaguely remember hearing a voice  and seeing a blury face in the distance as they did BP checks but I instantly  drifted off again It was imposable to keep my eyes open..It was  12 when Mavis shook me  the sandwhich lady was here  did I want a cuppa tea. yes ,did I want a soup yes, did I want a …….. But now I was beginning to  wake up. I started my flush at 1 pm and was all done and dusted  by 20 to 2 we were now  heading home. But soon I was fast asleep on settee 2 hrs  and I am ready for a meal after strugleing through dinner I  was off again but only for an hour. Its now almost 9 pm and I am  just feeling  normal. So although out of treatment quicker today still shattered. I wonder what tomorrow will  bring.

First Long trip in New Car

It was 6 am pitch black ,spent 10  mins de iceing it as heavy frost. But  set of a bit nervous but took it easy. Prety soon  it was touching 70 . I thought  well thats enough for me. WE got through all the grotty road works. And arrived at the Marsden . The journey home in daylight was more confident . So I think  Ive sussed it  now, its always a bit nervy first time out  especially in the dark.  As mavis picked it I said well now weve been out in it  now are you still pleased . I luv it she said so thats good enough for me.