Its good to have instant hot water again and the gas pressure  is much  greater. So My plumber did a good job yesterday.

About 18 months ago I gave my neighbour a laptop because he wanted to  get on the net. Yesterday  I  had to  go  round and deliver some tickets and we got chatting. He said he is a bit phobic when it comes to  technology. I said what about  the laptop I gave you  did you get on with it. He said no. That  he and another  neighbour tried to  get on and set it up but they never got it working even though his pal said he was computer literate. I said well if you don’t want it I  can take it back. OK  he said. So I spent last evening and nearly all day today trying to get it  up and running. I don’t     know what they did to it but nothing worked. It was a useless mess.Nothing  worked. It was  fine when I gave it to him even set up  to his wifi and loaded some apps for him. All of which are no longer on it. Obviously sitting   for all that time the battery no longer  works. But  when I had finished  late today. I had a working  laptop again Ive updated 94 updates reloaded some system files . Ive sourced a really  cheap battery. So  it should once again live again.

Sometimes you cant help people.

Talking about computers I am happy with my new one. I  plugged in my old one today to  get some photos off it. And it  still  froze and the mouse played up so I am glad I got a new one.

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