Ive not done a proper blog  for a few days because Ive been transferring stuff from one old one to my new  laptop.Ive been into computers since Clive Sinclair’s Spectrum. Oh those days of software on tapes and an amazing 8k of memory have come a long way. This will be my first venture into  no longer having a desktop  pc and now relying on a full time laptop. I have struggled a bit with it. But the space on my desk is good. Ive transferred  almost all my stuff with just a couple that wont go and I cant get to run. I have 3 chunky notebooks with all my passwords in some don’t work anymore.

I think this one will be easier to  take with me if I need to. My other laptop is getting on a bit and is running win7 and I weighed it at 5 and a half pounds. Apart from some stuff doesn’t work the battery was only about 2/3 hrs and the spare battery was heavy. So  taking it with me was not desirable. Things move on.

I got the appointment for my MRI scan today  27th November. My appointment with the specialist is in 48 hours . This could be a problem. Tomorrow we are off to  see MERC in London tomorrow.

It has turned so bitter cold these past  days. Walking louis  is no longer fun. He cant stand the wind up his bum. Cant blame him on that score.

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