The things we do for our dogs. I took louis for his early walk, then settled back to emails and a bit of facebook. After lunch mavis decided we should go and get the paint. I said what in this. It was blowing a gale and pouring down. Yes she said. So we battled our way out to the car. and set off to the retail park.

We parked up and the rain was beating  down on the car it was horrendous. But  out she got so I had to follow. We dragged louis out and set off on the round walk dodging puddles and mud head bent against the wind and rain. When we got back  we put louis in the car and went into the store. As we qued at the checkout we could see the sun was shining no wind no rain. But we were soaked anyway. We got back in the car and louis was ready for another walk. ANYONE want to buy a DOG. Bless him.

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