After a visit to Dental Technician for a bite test which didn’t go well . We had to get back  for the plumber. You know what its like. Lots of humming and aaaring  depends whether you want to go for the cheap  part or the best part.  Ok  next your regulator is shot you need to replace that first and so it went on. It got close to  shall we just get a new boiler. But he is coming back on Thursday.

I started to  upgrade from win7 to win10. I started  it at 10 am before we went out. It finally  downloaded it at 2 pm then  another  1 and a halg hrs to install it. 5 1/2 hours  in all. It seems ok at the moment.

Its up at 4 30 in the morning for the trip to  Marsden again. We have a few questions for them.