Well we are home again. because the weather looked good we decided to join the cc club rally at Quex Park. We love it there  its peaceful and plenty of room. Mavis loves it because it also has a  great Farm shop. Sod the expense she keeps telling me ,the quality is good. Its always good to  meet  old friends. So much to catch  up on.

We did get a heavy  shower late on Saturday but it  didn’t bother us. The best thing was Mavis got  some seriously overdue rest. She took her laptop. ” Just to  check on” but she did catch up on Sleep. At home she doesn’t much but she made up for it. I didn’t disturb her she needed it.

We did get some really serious sunshine too which was welcome. She took advantage of that  by washing the van Mrs Mop  Has nothing on her.

Normally when we get home there is loads to  sort but  its all a bit laid back,which is good. As for me I am now counting the hours to my Cataract  surgery. Ive just read the bump  but it doesnt calm me down.  Then Ive got to  sort the next thing , the  procedure they want to do on my back. So with luck Ill have 2 good eyes and Ill be able to move about like a normal human again.


Had a nice day yesterday we met up with Jock and Rita in  Canterbury. Catching up  over an enormous meal in wetherspoons. Later  back  to P and R for Coffee. Its good to see them both looking well.

Not sure whats in store today.




louis had his hair cut today. he is ot a happy  bunny. WE took him out for his run to show him we still love him,but he isnt to fussed. Mind you it is a bit short. He looks 10 years younger bless him


  1. Up 6.30 ,cuppa and switch only Mac HaHm! for another lesson. Software is Pages a publishing program. 1.5 hours later ,created a nice test flyer saved it. copied it  cropped it and pasted it into my webpage. Result it works ok. A bit  long winded to  windows but gets me there in the end. so now I can write, do powerpoint copy paste print so most of what I need . Windows is  taking a back seat bye bye Bill Gates