Its taken a few hic ups to  get to grips with  my laser printer. But I am getting there. The quality is excellent. Compared with my inkjet its a no brainer. I am a bit nervous of useing it, dont know why. I suposethe down side is  cartridges are  horendous. But they last longer. What with my  recent Macbook and now this I am entering the 21st century. Hope I last long enough to enjoy it. I wonder whats next.



2 pm waited in all  day so far for printer. No Sign.

Dont you just love it when you have to  touch up a bit of paintwork . Only to find when its dry that its the wrong shade and will have to be done again. Ive also found my large tin of white paint  that I couldnt find yesterday. A lesson  here is stop tidying up and you will know where things are. Hey Ho.


Funny ole day again.  It started off early  up at 6 wide awake. Things going on  behind the scenes that  wind you up. Then Mavis said Could I  look at the window sill it looks funny. OK. It seems to have swollen a bit. So  after walking Louis. I took a look. Then I took a screwdriver  then I took a chisel then before I knew it I had smashed it . Took it out. Now its hunt the shed for some new wood. After a couple of hours i had cleaned the old area  ,sanded it and readied it for  a replacement.. I made a new sill. We then while  the glue was drying we took louis for his walk.  After lunch I  continued  working on it. When  glue was dry  I sanded it all down and fitted it in place. A little bit of filler and it was in place and looking good. Tomorrow a quick rub down and a lick of paint and its as good as new again. Just a 5 minute job that takes all day.

Been waiting  all day again for my printer  still nt here. The tracking number says its on its way. Coming from  china I recon,only joking.

As I said funny ole day .


Surprise today ,on the way back from The Marsden. My car phone  Rang. It was the hospital . They gave me an appointment for my back  operation. Did I want to  accept it. YES please I said. So now  in September thats one down one to go. If my Doc can sort my  eyes op then By christmas I maybe in a  position to  be able to see the bus coming and then run to catch it. Well  maybe not run for it  but at least see it coming.

Maves scan results were good again. Fantastic news.  We moan about the journey but at the end of the day its worth it.


Coming to terms ith my op disaster. I see a bright future.

Ive taken the plunge to expand my Mac with a laser printer. Ive always h ad an inkjet. But to get super quality  laser is the way to go. Thats what I am told. I will wait and see.

I am  still  learning the Mac but I find I need to go back to my widows  to do some things.

I dread to think what s next.


Another hectic day. Ive tried for 2 days to edit  the header in my web. But I can’t do it. I contacted  support yesterday ,today they got back to me. Now we have about 6 emails crossing trying to  resolve it. Up to  10 mins ago they cant do it. If they can’t how  am I suposed to do it. Its a simple task remove one graphic and load a new one. But its not working. In the middle of all this mavis throws at me , can you  do this form for me. Oh yes its a bloody PDF that  first needs to be down loaded  then I cant find my  converter,  so down load another one   bla bla bla  so it goes on  with that done louis want  his late wa , but its raining.  I am trying to run 2 computers  Tried to  get apointment for my back rescheduled   but now instead of this Sunday it  will be end of sept or October. and I am top of the  waiting list.

Now its only  1 and a bit days  then I get my cataract operation . And they say retirement is easy. They  never saw my Diary.