Sunday, Early afternoon and I am back home. Ive had my back op at last. The procedure was called Radio Frequency Deneration. That just means  burning the nerves in my spine to kill the Pain.

The whole thing lasted just an hour. I was told it was painless. That was ONE FRIGING LIE. It involved 6 Injections  3 each side of my Spine to numb it. Not very effective, Next comes the special Radio needles. They are inserted 3 each side. These are then connected to a radio Frequency Machine They are guided  in by Exrays  to ensure  correct positioning. Some chemical is pumped  into  each needle and it is switched on for a count of one minute per. The needle is heated up  to 85c and it vibrates the pain was agony.

The Nurse at my head  holding my hands and talking to me was asking me questions. tell me what you can feel  he kept asking. I could only at best reply through gritted teeth and loud agonised  screams of pain. He was saying  your doing fine if you can feel the pain we are at the right spot. I felt so embarrassed. When the left side was done I was shaking all over. OK  thats half done he said. Oh shit I thought it was all over. I remember saying Oh No not more. But next came Are you OK Raymond is it OK to continue. Yes I grunted. It was so uncomfortable laying on my belly with nurses wiping my Bum with antiseptic. And so  that pain was repeated with the next 3 needles. Then I was left for what seemed ages. At Last it was OK on my command we want you to Roll over onto the Trolly. We are all ready to Catch you . YES?. But after a journey  to the  recovery room and promise of a cuppa It was over. All  in all we got there at 8 am and was discharged at 1.30. Its not something I want to repeat anytime soon. Does it work? WTS.



I am still  busy doing Mavis Christmas cards. I  must admit  surprise at all the interest. I know its early yet. But  it all helps  funds for  the Foundation. I am a bit worried as it gets closer to  xmas that I  can keep up with orders.

Mavis has been busy too playing with her new toy  pressure washer. She has been              I recon if I stood still I would have got   washed aswell.

It was very busy out  the Park with Louis Loads of  walkers  all enjoying the views over the Estuary. This time next week I should be home again with my back op  all done. I am looking forward to getting in and out the car  without pain and looking like a 100 year  old codger crawling out. WTS



I am surprised at the response for my Xmas card. I have had to order more  stock. I am begining to  look like WH Smiths now.

The microwave blew up  so  its shopping tomorrow.

Its only 7 days to my back surgery. I wonder what can go wrong.Ive not had a lot of luck  with hospitals lately?.



Because it was mavis birthday Terry and Vicky came down. We had planned a  nice meal out together. But  they ad other ideas. They  wanted Fish and Chips on the beach because they dont live by the sea, So  thats what we did. I confess It was a lovely bit of Cod. We all enjoyed it. It was then time for ice cream. The van was just a few paces away. I  quickly made the distance in seconds.  2  Tubs with nuts and raisins 1 media Cornet and 1 large  cornet. Thats wher the problem began because the  first cornet was already dripping  by the time I got mine and she had taken my money mine was also  dripping. In the few short steps to the bench my hand was awash with icecream  it was up my arm and my hand was totally white. I was stunned. They were laughing at me as I stood there. LICK it LICK it mavis was shoouting at me. But it was dripping faster than I could lick it. I  stood in silence contemplating wether to  just toss it in the bin or not. LICK it Mave kept on. I did eventually  manage to  consume it best I could but I did not enjoy it. I must confess it was without  doubt the worst tasteless mess of an icecream I have ever had. I  don’t know what  their problem was but it was certainly not melting due to the heat as there was a fair breeze and to point out that the fish and chips were soon  too cold to finish all the chips so heat was not the problem. It was more like a cone with a liquid centre with a flake.

Apart from that  its been a nice Birthday for Mavis. When we got home it was a nice cuppa and a piece of  Birthday cake. Hasnt done my  sugar levels any good but hey ho.


Its taken a few hic ups to  get to grips with  my laser printer. But I am getting there. The quality is excellent. Compared with my inkjet its a no brainer. I am a bit nervous of useing it, dont know why. I suposethe down side is  cartridges are  horendous. But they last longer. What with my  recent Macbook and now this I am entering the 21st century. Hope I last long enough to enjoy it. I wonder whats next.


2 pm waited in all  day so far for printer. No Sign.

Dont you just love it when you have to  touch up a bit of paintwork . Only to find when its dry that its the wrong shade and will have to be done again. Ive also found my large tin of white paint  that I couldnt find yesterday. A lesson  here is stop tidying up and you will know where things are. Hey Ho.


Funny ole day again.  It started off early  up at 6 wide awake. Things going on  behind the scenes that  wind you up. Then Mavis said Could I  look at the window sill it looks funny. OK. It seems to have swollen a bit. So  after walking Louis. I took a look. Then I took a screwdriver  then I took a chisel then before I knew it I had smashed it . Took it out. Now its hunt the shed for some new wood. After a couple of hours i had cleaned the old area  ,sanded it and readied it for  a replacement.. I made a new sill. We then while  the glue was drying we took louis for his walk.  After lunch I  continued  working on it. When  glue was dry  I sanded it all down and fitted it in place. A little bit of filler and it was in place and looking good. Tomorrow a quick rub down and a lick of paint and its as good as new again. Just a 5 minute job that takes all day.

Been waiting  all day again for my printer  still nt here. The tracking number says its on its way. Coming from  china I recon,only joking.

As I said funny ole day .