I forgot to mention yesterday  the man on the train .We were all standing  together with a group of lads after work. Hows your boy one asked. getting bigger every day. He is 6 months now and over 2 stone. he eats more than me he said. Phone pics passed round. Lots of ohhs and haaaars. Mavis said can I see him. He is sweet. You want to see a typical meal. Loads of chips. <More photos. The conversation moved on to work. Here the language was beyond me. Who you work for , Old Jim  of TCC  Yes he is a good guy. Whats he shelling you. I get 2 bags a week now better  in London. I don’t get up now for less than a 2 er just to get the train. Mind you my flat is £550 now, she aint working. What you on now , Yer Mostly 1 and a half bags now  2 bags if we do a Satu)rday. the talk continued with lots of banter. Ive been on a job today. We were told its a 1 day  skit  to fit doors ( he is a kitchen fitter) The Man running it cocked up we condemned it . Its a 2.5 mill pad in Marylebone. Its a mess. he ended up with his pants down real bad  he said every thing ok we said no its conned we not staying but it will cost you  a 2 er just for us to get here. Your pants are down man we told him. We were sorry when they got off the train. How the other half lives .