Well we have Dublin behind us now. Past few days catching up.  Ive had to  create a new website. Mine got to greedy so I cancelled mine. Its been a hard few days, but its all up and running now. I have kept  close to my old template so  it looks the same. But its now onestopmesothelioma.com  I will get used to it.

My back has been good and bad  so nothing new there then. Before we went to dublin I was woried about my weight I lost almost 2 stone in a few weeks. My watch kept  disapearing up my arm. My rings would not stay on.  But  I have put a lot back on now I wonder if it was that cold virus that pulled me down. I will wts.

Not a lot to tell. Dublin was ,for me so tireing. Its like being back at school with all the lectures. But as long as Mavis enjoyed it and was happy, thats all I need to know.

I will keep an eye on my new web site just in case. …