Tomorrow I go back to the Hospital to see the man who performed a BI Lateral

on my back. Can I say his procedure worked or not. I was refered  because I was in agonising screaming pain. Now at best I can say thats not the case.

aAs long as I give my back 100% respect  like I can not lift, carry,pull or push,knock or jar it,then life is tolerable. But step out of line with any of those then I am painfully reminded that  things are not perfect. But at least with care I can get by.

I got the receipt for my new web hosting It is less than one years price of my previous costing and its for  2 years. pleased with that result.

Louis vet sent  me a reminder 2 weeks ago .telling me his booster was over due. I have checked his passport and its not due for 6 weeks. Genuine mistake or a chance to make a few quid?