So after 6 weeks of waiting for this appointment. We arrived nice and early. I handed over the printout that I had. The receptionist  was searching her pc . I could see it on her face. She asked her companion how she finds this. Mumble mumble.

I had a bad feeling. Do you have an introduction letter. No that’s all I had. No letter no nothing just that print giving me the date the time the place. Please take a seat. ……..

Who did you make the appointment who is your referral where is your surgery………..

After sitting waiting. We get Sorry but we don’t have you on our system we are talking to our other office. So I am sorry we cant see you today. WE will look into  it and send you a fresh appointment.

I made a few comments but mavis was ahead of me. She was saying OK  thanks and she was tugging at my arm trying to get me outside.

So its been a long painful wait to this point. I  guesse that my next appointment will now be after my MRI which is in 27th November. To say I was angry is an understatement.