Nothing more frustrating than sitting about waiting for an engineer to call. We were up early  expecting a call between 8 and 10 am to give us an ETA. its 9   now and no call yet. Dog is crossing his legs. We can’t go out  till we get a call. Normally any jobs indoors I’ve always done myself and when you  have to get someone in,  it’s no longer under your control, as I said Frustrating.

At  3 Mins to 10  phone goes. Hello Boiler man here. I will be with you between 12 and one. Ok. So we took louis for his walk and now mavis is packing away  the bits in the van ready for the off tomorrow.

Well  the boiler is all done .It was the air pressure switch. I asked him if he could just tweak the joint  as its dripping. He said he would try it,but  what usually happens is it makes it worse. Sure enough it  did. I felt sorry for him because he  had to  dismantle the pipe a few times  clean the joint and put new washers in. But the boiler fires up  lovely now and I will keep an eye on the drip. he was such a smashing guy. We had a few laughs. I have contacted the MD and said  it was a joy to have his engineer. So efficient.

Mavis keeps testing the hot water. The look of  joy on her face when it whoomps into life and the yellow ok running light comes on. I love it.

I will have to get a nice big yellow light in the middle of my forehead.

Shop or playschool

I was shopping in Tesco today  when 2 teenagers came careering  round  the corner one fell over and  almost collided with me. They were both  screaming. I continued   along a few isles when charging  towards me these 2 kids again. One was hanging  on the other pulling  her over right in front of me, arms flaying. I didn’t want a smack in the you know whats so I stepped back . stepping  left and right left and right  to get out the way. Right enough , So I said in my stern voice Right out the way! A woman sitting on the floor with another  child said Hey don’t talk to my  children like that. I said  This is a shop not a playschool playground. You should have more control over your kids. She snapped back if they wont controlling I’ll do it not you. I said well they need it and you obviously are not doing a good job of it are you. She was mumbling something  under her breath  at me. She made no attempt to  move them out the way or say come on let the man pass. She couldn’t care less.

I’ve had a few problems with my website. So I will have to sort it later. It’s a constant pain . Had problems with the tv in the den. It  breaks up in here so I tested it in the bedroom its ok in there. So I’ve swapped them over.  Just another problem sorted. Mave has put all the stuff in the van ready for the trip away on thursday.

I’ll still write  up ,using the iPad. Boiler man early tomorrow.

Stately Mave

 Re ran some recent pics. I think this is mave entering her new home,what do you think.

We went shopping today for some of the bits for the weekend birthday party. But we have to go again tomorrow because they didn’t have all we needed. I’ve sorted  an engineer for the boiler. He is scheduled for Wednesday . I can’t be without  heat or hot water. When mave hits her next chemo it will be essential .So what ever it costs its got to be done.

I’ve been in the cellar looking for a tent. Mavis promised a guy that he could have our  push up quick erect dome.  I found it as usual right at the back. But it’s as good as  the day we bought it. It will  do him a turn. It was fine for us until we changed our van and found it didn’t quite do the job. So  a bit more space has been made at home. Its our 6 month  use or loose policy and this has over stayed its welcome by more than 6 months. It’s only because it’s almost  new and a crime to  chuck it. We are both terrible  for getting rid. We always either dump it or just give it away. Its the price you pay for impulse buying. Since I retired I try  not to do that. I usually research an item surf for info and useres feed back before I jump in. But sometimes with mave behind me offering encouragement it does happen.

I shaved the hair off one side of my  tummy because I thought  it was making my shingles start. But its made no difference. Its 2 month plus now and no sign of it leaving. So it looks like a long term or as I read  maybe a permanent thing now. I  have learnt to get on with it most of the time but  sometimes when it starts and is so painful it makes me wince and I rip  up  my shirt. I cant stand it touching  me.

Its getting late in the day now  I dont think much  more is going on  so I  will post this today

Another Hic-up

When  I got up today mave was already up and deep into her computer as usual. Morning I  drawled as I passed the open door. Morning came back  . Its cold this morning she said, be a love and turn the heating on. Ok, click as I heard it  go. I  put the kettle on made a tea and a coffee walked in sat at this. I thought you put the heating on. I did. Well its not  on. So I checked  ,Oh no the red light is on. So I reset , …..Red light another several resets. still red light. I turned the gas cooker on No gas at least no burners lit. She tried the oven  whomph  oven on  whoomph grill on whoomp  burners  now on. Whats afoot I said . So time to check the new regulator. I reset that and  the heating came on. But  only for a minute or two then red light again. I said I’ll get dressed and washed and have my breakfast  then I will  talk to our plumber. This all done he came in tested everything we sat there  with louis growling quietly . But  it  turns out that  I now need to get a gas boiler engineer in,because my gas valve is not lifting so it’s not firing up. Yes I know its Sunday and a bank holiday . No one is available to  come. I’ve just paid £145 quid to replace the regulator because I  thought that was my problem last week. So now its more expense. Just one more hic-up.

Well we went for  her birthday  meal out. The whole evening was very nice, I am glad she enjoyed it, she said it was great ,because she couldn’t see it  again for her 80th. I said I can’t see me here for  my 80th anyway so we had a laugh together. Who wants to be 80 all wrinkly and rigid with stiff joints deaf as a post and grumpy anyway. Mave said your that already. Nice  isn’t it. I take her out and get  insulted. I`m not that deaf. Bless.

We were talking  about finding an alternative to spending  hours on the computer. She said  she has done the family tree. Spent hours on various forums. Played some good games.  Written a book. Whats next? I must admit I don’t know what  would keep her occupied. We don’t watch a lot of TV , for us most of it is medioca at best.  can’t stand all the x factor ,talent shows contests,etc. So as the nights are now drawing in shortly what s next. If anyone has a suggestion  let me know. Dont  say jigsaw puzzles. been there.

After a short  discusion between us. we have concidered a new boiler. Ours is only 4 years old but we have had a few problems with it and never  been entirely pleased with it. So  I have asked for a quote. Looks like a large hole in around 2 grand.

As I said another hic-up

55 Years

Its happy Birthday Mavis. This is a day 2 years ago you didnt expect to see. Well its here ,enjoy it. I cant believe its 55 years ago when I first met her. She was a sweet 15 year old College Girl.

This was taken  a few weeks after we met at Dungeness .

To find out how you must  read her book. Things all change over time, but one thing that hasnt, is our love. I never thought with that first eye contact that we would  still l be together for the next 55 years or more. I would not have wished it any other way. When she reads this later she will probably say silly old sod. So what. She is my treasure. Enjoy your special day.

Another lazy day. We had our friends round, they brought mavis a card and a birthday present. We had a laugh and made plans for the next weekend. Later  Louis had his walk. We spent the afternoon watching Catherine Cooksons Film. They are one of her favourites. So  depressing but  equally as compelling. I tried to nod off but  had to see whats next. W may have an  early  snack because I am taking her out for an evening meal.

Yes and No

We were going away in the van for the weekend. I asked Mavis what time are we leaving.  No too early  she said. We can have lunch and go later. Ok No probs. I did my  chores and we took Louis for his walk. Mavis checked her  computer. Oh Sonja is going  to Clacton, She wont be at Swalecliffe. Oh dear I said. No thats fine we dont have to go now. Fine by me . So what else can we do she asked. I know we can spring clean the bedroom. Oh God I thought? wish we were going away afterall, sounds like major work ahead. She said I need the wardrobe out and the chest of drawers. I need to clean behind and under everything. So  we emptied a thousand items of clothes and carried them into the lounge. I dragged the furniture out and Horror of horrors there was a black mark on the wallpaper, Panic. Panic. So I had to spray it all with anti bacteria spray then wash it . An area of about 3 inches wide and about a foot long. Disaster. Now with  that done and dried. Do you want me to re paint it  I asked?.  No it looks fine now. Whats next? Well I want to  sort  under the bed and over the bed cupboards. So Up goes the ottoman. It’s packed to the gunnels. Everything out. Right it has a false floor ,can you lift it out,to get under it to  dust it. So I am laying inside the ottoman dusting  and cleaning  the floor of fluff. With all that  now done I’ve got to climb out, no mean feat for me, or She will have to pass me the ipad and my dinner and I will stay here. but I managed it. Ok she said you can go now I  will  sort the packing away.

As far as  camping  was concerned I didn’t want to go anyway. The forecast was wet. just now its teaming down so  thats great . It is only 4 miles up the road so if we wanted to visit we could go in the car. Mavis`s Birthday cards are coming in now. I see she has got a mountain of stuff  for the skip, so much stuff in the keep in case categorie . All of which goes later anyway. We have policy ,if it’s not been used for 6 months ,it goes in the shed, if its been unused in  the shed for 6 months then it goes in the skip. But this lot I recon will go straight in the skip. Its amazing just what we all keep for  later and end up not needing.

Ive been trying to find the film title  that MHF asked earlier. I thought it was the day the earth caught fire. So I downloaded it. Ive just watched it. It was not the film I remembered so long ago. I dont think it was the one they were looking for. So its back to the drawing board.

No TV ?

Maybe I will use this Buddha as a replacement to my Butterfly. Any comments.  Ive had quite a lot of contacts on my Facebook  today. I am still not  100%  on it but I am getting there. Strange really because Ive been used to computers since my  zx81 and Spectrum days. But somehow untill this blogg started  recently Ive tried to avoid FB.

Ive only pottered around today doing nothing particular. Just making sure all my stuff is charged up ready for the weekend away.  Mave said to me earlier today. We dont have a picture  on the tv in the lounge. Oh I said lets have a look. MM!  we dont have one in the den or the bedroom either thats strange. Have you  moved anything  or knocked a cable. No I havent she said.  I said Ill check the Jcn box. Oh Dont  bother she said its my fault I  pulled the cable out, sorry. Ok  all sorted. Thats about  the hi lite of my day,How sad is that.

I am away  tomorrow but as long as I can get a signal on my Ipad I will still  do a page.  I have had a status report  from  my publisher ,I have sold 276 of my books.( This does not include Maves Book.) Not ready for Stephen Spielburg to get back to me yet.

I just heard the head of Apple has quit. What will that mean  for the ipad market?. Nothing detremental I hope. All I look forward to  now is a dry weekend and not to cold. Because Mavis has become increasingly more affected by the cold. So  sitting outside the van chatting  this weekend with  the sea about  100 yards ahead will need to be warm and dry for her. She wont give in   and thats not good.