Severe reprimand from my GP. I had to make an urgent apointment regards my saturday Fiasco. When I finished explaining and he read  the letter. He was spluttering and so angry with me. WHAT a stupid thing to do and what an absolute stupid time to  decide that. Do you reaslise with a BP of 246 you could have a heart attack any minute and with your heart history I am surprised you even concidered it. The telling off just continued.

After lecture over I apologised for wasting peoples time. Outcome i must  give it a couple of weeks to settle before I get back to him. Oh well we Live and learn.


Mixed emotions today. My appointment was at 10.20 for my assessment on a cataract surgery. We went by taxi as I was told I should not drive afterwards. We arrived at 10.We are running a little late she said. Well  at 11030 mavis said I need to  be home shortly . Ok I said if I am not seen to by 12.30 I am going and they can sort another appointment. Another man was angry. He stood up and said loudly what time is your appointment. 10;20 I said. Well mine is 10.00 and they have taken someone in who wasnt even in our  waiting room. So he went and complained. Finally  I was called in at 20 past 12.oo almost 2 hours late. I was wound up and angry.

The usual question procedure . When it got to what medication are you on. I said nothing Ive stopped all my medication.

next she set me up  for checking my eyes on her machine. Next  I was back in the waiting room again. I was later called in to see a nurse. More of the same questions. More  measurements on her machine. She said I see you have stopped all medication Yes  I said. OK  I need a blood test and a blood pressure check. That was a disaster. She made several attempts before the machine worked. Not satisfied with that she said I will do the other arm. But the machine wouldnt work. Next a needle stabbed to take blood. Your BP is very High and your sugar levels also. Whats my sugar I asked 16.2  thats bad she said has anyone told you the risk of high sugar levels. Yes I said. OK I will pass you back to  the Dr. So more waiting . When I was called in  the doctor said both your readings are dangerously High. I know I said , whats my blood pressure reading. She tried skirting  to answer saying she will give me a letter  for my GP and that No one will offer me any sort of procedure with my results. So whats my reading. She said its 246/105. She said do you know you can have a stroke or heat attack at any moment. You must see your GP Urgently to resolve this. When its back to normal he can refer you  back again. I am discharging  from the clinic today. Thats it.

Not quite less tha 15 mins journey time When I got home I set up my  gear and checked my BP 122/64 A hell of a lot  lower than her M/C. I checked it several times 123/65 122/62. Mavis said phone up and tell them. No I said with that I  got coat on and drove back. The Dr was standing talking in reception. Oh hello are you ok is everything  ok. No  not really I said politely. 2 hrs ago you told me my BP was 246/105 and I could die at any moment. I said the nurse had magor problems with  the BP meter. I told  what mine said. She said Oh I am so pleased its reduced thats good news isnt it. No not really and I would like another BP test. She said I have already explained you have been discharged and you must return to your GP. OK.    No its not OK   Now either your BP meter  here is faulty or Mine is. If I am to manage this situation I need to know which one is correct. So can I have another test. She said you can do  one yourself there is a BP m/c over there. So  coat off fuming I stuck my arm in and pressed start. the result 157/73. Not Good but significantly  lower than her 246/105. When I turned round to show her she was gone. back home now I am continuing to monitor it until I can see my GP  asap. So what do you make of that lot. disillusioned or disgusted.

Tuesday PM

A long day the usual up at 5 am. get ready  for the Marsden. Take Louis up the lane in the Dark. Journey was OK. Mavis was called in for bloods early. But  life was not going to be easy. First they had to fit the Canula. NOT an easy task by any means. Eventualy they  found a vein and got the red stuff into 4 bottles. And next it was into see the Doctor Most unusual as it was before 9 am.. We slept a bit walked about a bit and passed the time untill  1.30pm called in again. More agro  fitting another canula. It was ages before  they  got that sorted. So More red stuff and Finally  the drug. It was the first infusion in  3 months that did not cause a problem. We got home just after 5 pm and not a funny turn all day. Apart from fitting the canula it was a good day. They told us we had about 8 more   goes ,we thought we only had 4 left.