maves new Drier came today. She had high hopes of it being more efficient. But now she is not tooo impressed.

its been run through 2 times her old times and still not dry. OOOPS! I said shall I phone up and get our old one back. She laughed and said yes. Oh dear. Lots of expense maybe for nothing.

Its been pouring down all afternoon. I needed to put stuff back in  the shed but I could not get out there. Ive done it now but wearing a big coat and hood well up. Came back  with wet  trousers. Found out my Crocks are not to good in the wet, I got wet socks aswell.

New Wednesday

DSCF9655As I was checking about the place on Tuesday I noticed that in the corner of the bedroom 4 tiles had curled up on the floor. When I got on my knees and checked it  They were wet. I am not sure if it was the stuff Mavis squirts around the place  when cleaning or as seems likely now one of those plug in  air fresheners had leaked. It was an oily sticky wet and the freshener was on its side. But it was late so I marked it off  for further investigation .But yesterday was Marsden day . So  After my earlier job today of clearing out  my shed and dragging the tumble drier outside ready for the new one  coming tomorrow. I decided to re check the tiles. I had already placed a heavy weight on them in the hope they would  re stick and lay flat. But that did not work. So I lifted them gently and using the most handy glue I had to hand No Nails I gave them a liberal  squirt of glue and pressed them down again. After  wiping off the surplus and a layer of cling film I have placed a weight on top. I will leave it now overnight and hope tomorrow when I get back to  them its worked.

I think we are  both still in shock  after yesterdays news. I know it is going round and round  my head and mavis says the same. It  stunning when you get a diagnosis of weeks to live in the beginning  but its the same when you  hear that  that has been overturned somewhat. I remember tom hanks. Lifes like a box of chocholates you never know what you get till you open the box. So true.


lotterywonderwomanWe all dream of winning  the Lottery. Thousands even millions of pounds.

But today Mavis and me joined those dreamers. We have won a prize that even the national Lottery could not match with however many millions they offered.

The news at  The Marsden today was priceless. We got  bloods all done early  today then at  10.15 we were called in to see the Doctor. Sam Smith an Australian Doctor. A very nice man. Apart from  the usual  medical discussion we had a nice chat . He said you are having a scan today arnt you. Yes  we said. Would you like to know the results today or wait  until your visit in 2 weeks. Mavis  said  today would be nice but  happy to wait.

Next we walked the corridors  and up in lifts to  the CT  Rooms. Booked in a took a seat. After a few minutes she was called in for the dye infusion and more waiting. Soon  called back for the Scan. With that over we made our way back to our ward. collected a beeper and made our way to the restaurant for coffee and a bun. later  while reading magazines in  our waiting room and a short nod off session at 1.30  Mavis was called in for the drug. This is the earliest call yet. We  said gosh we could be out of here by 2.15.

What happened next was totally unexpected. We can see the Doctors entering  a room  off to the side of  our ward. They go in and out for meetings  etc. We saw our Doctor go in and he gave mave a cheery wave and a smile. Some time later  while the nurse was administering  the drug he squeezed between her and sat on the chair beside Mavis. How you doing he asked Fine Mave said. He got in real close with a strange look on his face. he said I have something to tell you.

Oh no mave said Good or Bad. He said stunning news .You have even more shrinkage. But not only that at our meeting  your scan  results show that not only have you  shrinkage in your major  tumors but  some have even shrunk  so that now we cannot  even see them anymore. You are some amazing woman. mavis welled up and almost burst into tears. He said I thought you would want to hear this news now. OK .With a  smile he left us in a daze. The nurse said that’s amazing mavis we don’t often get news like that. The patient next to us clapped and said well done  that s brilliant news.

So today being the 2091 first day since diagnosis 6 years back now has beaten the 90 day prognosis by 2000 days. After 6 years of pain grief misery and fears we get this in our laps. So you can see why I say we have won more than a lottery win.


Back to normal today birthdays over for another year. Its not so cold today. My walk today was  in sunshine and no frost or ice. Later Mavis  decided  we needed to go into canterbury  shopping. Last time we attempted that. I took a wrong turning and we never  made it. But today we got there.

Other than that not much else.

Early night  tonight. Up at 4.30 ish  ready for the trip to the Marsden in the morning. Its also Scan day. But its another trip thats free of  snow. I have dreaded that all winter driving  all that way in the snow..


We are waiting for  our son and DIL to arrive then we are off for my Birthday Lunch. maves Young Brother, our Young Son and me all  share a week of Birthdays This week.

I  walked louis this morning but wow! it was so slipery. Where the sun had not touched it there was still snow. But  the lane was iced over. Even louis was slipping. I struggled to stay uprioght. So it was a very slow steady walk.

But  now its warmed up a bit so the tell tale snow has gone but  the ice is still about.

We ended up this afternoon in the recently opened Oyster Bar In whitstable. Its been open  4 months so we gave it a try. So pleased we did. The sevice and food were excellent. I would certainly  go again.

But all good things come to an end. Terry and Nicky have left for their 2 hour journey home. The weather is atrocious. Blowing a gale and torrential rain.

We sit back and wait  for a call to say they  got home safe.


My day started as normal. A tug of war with louis on his walk. But  I won in the end. Just after lunch Mavis brother Martin and his partner Pam came  to  bring me my Birthday Present. He Never Misses a Year Bless him. We chatted for a couple of hours drinking tea and coffee. Louis was his usual  naughty self. He senses that they are both nervous of him and he plays up to that by creeping up on them and barking or sitting in front of them and staring them out. He is a little sod. But I gave martin a bag of dogy  chocs I said feed him these. That did it. Friends for like. Well not quite. All ok untill  its time to leave when they stand up he is off again. I said you think hes bad you should see him when the postman calls he is manic.

I actually watched the voice tonight. HM! i am not sure whats the program. Is it to  watch the singers or is it to watch  the judges being silly.


Up early  as we had to be in town for a 9am apointment at the Chemist. Mavis had  see the pharmacist at 9 am sharp.

The Town was quiet not having woken up. In and out in 5 minutes back home in the rain. Louis went mad and we were only out half an hour.

Ive created a waggers tales group  for louis so he has a page now. I must teach him keyboard skills