Up early and off to vets  for 9 am. Vet says its not a Tick on his neck. might be a cyst or a insect bite  thats infected. Antibiotics for 10 days if its still not gone  come back and get it cut out. £54.00 but he is worth it as long as he is  healthy. Luv him to bits.

Been  strugleing with this new animation software. No instructions you have to search youtube for  tutorials. Its still hard.


Its a Wednesday to remember.

The mavis Nye Foundation became live today. Its taken  months of  meetings and talks with  the Legal Team and today  we got the news that it  has been accepted and registered today.What an Honour. What next I ask myself.


Spent  2 days compiling a presentation for  one of mavis`s speeches. I used alternative to power point . Nightmare. Everytime I  added or amended. It locked up and lost everything. I came close to  flinging   it out the window. very touchy. But I think its sorted now. Its now a PDF and has been sent for aproval. If i t comes back as faulty it could still  exit the window.


Ive been a bit  tiedup with the painting recently, but its done  and dusted now. Yesterday I had a  lot of  hedge triming and cutting back in the garden. Today  my back is paying for that. My walk in the park with louis was  tough but I  try not to give in. Its been fresh buut bright outside.

As usual not much on TV. Still got to  get the courage to attack  the shed. So much to sort and clear out.

Typical Easter  weather . Cant wait for the warm sunshine.


Well Ive finally finished this  today. mavis put me right on the dress . So its done. I am pleased with it. It only takes a bit more attention and it drops into place. I wonder what  my next picture will be.


Among other things today I decided to  kick my Ass and get  down to my pinting. I plunged in this morning and made some drastic changes. Will I  regret this later I thought.  later when it had dried a bit I went back and made a few more changes. Gradualy I could see some light. So  while in a winning streek I caried on. I walked away  to let it dry again. Late this after nooon I  took a peek. Yes I can see  my decision was a good one It looks much better. I  played with it a bit. Then  walked away. This evening I took up  brushes again And its jumped into life. I am  more than pleased with it now. I think another  couple of good days on it and it will be done. Fingers crossed.