Bit of a lazy day . Not felt like doing much. Watched a couple of  TV films. Its been cold  again.

Good news is Louis  seems to be back to normal. I think the squealing was a pulled muscle in his leg. He does go raving mad when the postman comes. Mats go flying in all directions. He  jumps  up onto the back of the sofa and peers out the window ,next he is tearing  down  and heading  for the front door mats sliding in heaps. Back and forth he goes barking like a maniac, I recon he jumped a bit awkward. But he is ok today.


We set us today to take pictures of the Vulcan Bombers last fly by. 1.30 pm.  But  what it did it do it flew along the beach and very low level. We just couldnt see it. Oh well.

We are a bit worried about louis. he is moping about walking very slow and being sick. He just stands and looks at you. I took him for  a short walk but he didnt want to go so we turned back and I picked him up and carried him home.

I really miss this new thing when you pay your road tax you dont get a disc anymore. Ive been waiting for it to come .

Silly me.


Up and out early today got a flu Jab at 8.50. Straight in and out. No problems. Its very misty  but the sun is breaking through.. When we got back  mavis was going to mop the floor over. When all of a sudden I heard an almighty OH MY GOD lots of thumping going on and she had dashed into the garden. I was hot on her tail Whats up I  asked. Theres a  B….y great spider in my bucket . Yes it was a big one. Drama over.


Ive been busy doing my bits and bobs. I had  a blood test  yesterday  to check on my DVT. Ive been trying to sort  the re publication of maves book. I have been working on  her next book.. Last night I had a problem I clicked on a link in my  diary and wow it deleted all my notes. Devistated. Eventually I  recovered it. There was no  warning do you want to delete this. It just did it. Technology sucks at times.I just got one of those quad usb chargers. At the moment I have 4 separate chargers. I  noticed while away  at the weekend the hotel had only 1 3 pin skt on the dressing table and a couple scattered about the room. So with my new quad plug I can charge my phone and mavis phone and her tablet all from 1 outlet all for under a fiver. Another problem solved. On top of that 3 or 4 3 pin  usb plugs in your case is a pain.

We are off to the Range to see if we can get a smaller travel case. To make life easier on the underground. Humping our dual case up escalators is no fun.


Home again. Good few days in stratford. Sorry about the lack of puzzles. Its not easy  when not on my pc. I am working on it. Met lots of old faces. Had a few laughs. Mavis is over the moon,she has really enjoyed every minute. Thats good enough for me.

I think Ive sorted most of my  bits out. Working my way down my  to do list.

Ive laid back this afternoon and enjoyed watching an old film on TV Ben Hur. Charlston Heston. Its donkeys years ago when I last watched it Probably in the cinema in the late 50s. I really enjoyed it. They dont make em like that anymore. TV is full of stupid cooking or quiz rubbish programs.

Cheap  thats why.

Does anyone else miss the old car tax disc. It was good to be constantly reminded when it runs out.


Well after a frustrating week with no internet connection we were  finally  conected at 4.30 today. Mavis has been climbing the walls. What she wanted to do with OPENREACH is not printable.

I must confess I am far from impressed with Openreach I think a week to  repair my fault which turned out to have been water in the joint was far from good customer service. But  they have the total monopoly so  in the end they dont have to give a shit. If there was an oposition company then they would go out of business.

Ive had a job getting back into  it all  .I had a list as long as your arm. But what  annoys me is when you log in and are told Password is incorrect ,after upmteen tries it  decides it was right afterall.

I can only apologise to  all my friends who have missed my daily puzzles. Please bear with me because for some reason  my  saved puzzles have disapeared and I need to  sort that and on top of that we are away for  a couple of days. But as soon as I am back You will get  them back. We think the week without a conection is the longest in about  25 years even in the bad old days of dial up it was never that bad. Only problem now is our download speed has halved. We hope it will pick up again..