louis before.                                                                                                       Louis After

Its a stay at home day today except. I needed a rear  wiper blade so it was off to my local garage Who kindly  fitted it for me FOC.                 Now I know it simply clicks in I will  get next  one on line for half the price. You live and learn. Next it was Shopping for Louis cooked chicken.

I also picked up a new pair of Headphones as I broke mine  this week.

Later we waited for the call to say louis haircut n shampoo mobile was ringing to say they are outside. I put his lead on  he was excited to get out. But a few steps outside he smelt them. That was it. He refused to move he laid down and dug his heels in I had to  drag him he was almost out of his harnes. he tried climbing under parked cars. The lady came over and picked him up carried him to the mobile van popped him inside and another lady picked him up  put him on the table but he was having none of it he was laying  flat on the table  and wrigling to get off and out of the van. But  they closed the wire mesh door and said we will ring you when he is ready. Silly billy.

Oh how he was when I picked him up he was just pulling like mad to get away and headed for home at breakneck speed. One indoors he didnt want to know either of us. A cuddle and some choc drops didnt make a difference. He will come round later.



Inside Covent Garden.

What a day. Up early again quick walk up the lane with louis. Then off  to London. First to Follow up on Yesterdays HSE Media.

Then we met Robert the CEO  of Verastem. He had  wanted to meet the famous Mavis. He had flown in from America and made special effort to catch up with her.

We had a nice little meal in one of the  bistros in Covent Garden.

We were so Cold  in London. We were on and off the Underground and in and out of mainline Stations. When we got on the train  here to leave we entered a carriage full of foreign Students. OH My God what a nightmare. They were all gabbling at once. But  they couldnt do that at a normal level  they were shouting across to each other one had headphones on and was singing. I think she thought she was on stage. After a few stops I turned my aid off. Mavis said are you  alright. NO I said I can’t sit here  with  this bedlam So we got up and moved into another  part of the train. They had no consideration for other passengers. I’ll manered is an understatement. Ignorant is better. When we went in the Bistro the woman in the next table was no better. You could here her in the next  town. She gabbled away  non stop to her friend at full volume. Are all the foreigners like that. Shout all the time.


rayboRoll on Summer. The journey up to  Hospital  was eventful again. Last time it was exploding tyres today  it was a mysterious Bang. First thought  Oh hell  a rear end shunt. Mavis was looking out the back  trying to see what it was. I couldn’t pull over i was in the middle lane . So  I kept moving. It was drizzling so I put rear wiper on ,checked mirror no  wiper. Just an empty arm. I only used it a few miles back now it’s not there. When we parked up  I checked all round the car but  much to my relief no damage. So I recon the bang was something I ran over again. My local garage has one so I will get it on Thursday.

No problems at the Hospital all OK. We were all done early we were back home  just before 4 pm , amazing.

Tomorrow off to London  when  there we will meet  verastem CEO that should be interesting.



cl1You will have noticed a change of  style  today. Mavis thought it was time for a change.

Nice and bright out. Not  so cold . And another day in the park with louis. He loves being off lead and running. He will be shut in  tomorrow because its marsdon Day. Ive broken my Headphones. So its ebay maybe.

Tomorrow hold no  horrors we have had the scan results so as long as bloods are ok then its onward and upwards.


2 Little Miss innocence. Thats Mavis on the Right.  If  we knew what the future held at this age I wonder what we would change.

We first met only a few years after this was taken. At that time neither of us knew the other existed  How strange .

This little innocent grew up to become my best friend ,confidant, Love of my life. Support. And Companion. But best of all a loving wife.

Not a lot more I can add to that.

No Shopping here today just a quiet stay indoors. I think  louis  re visit to the park stirred memories as he has been whingeing I think he wanted  to go again today.


minxA bit more nostalgia today. This is a picture of a 1949 Hillman Minx. I had one of these as my First Car. Looking back now it was a bit of a mess. I was happy with it. It had a design fault. The fuel line was shaped and attatched with clips to the cylinder head.

So what hapens to the head after  engine is running? Yes it gets hot. What happens when the fuel pipe gets hot? Yes the fuel  evaporates. Result . Hot pipe = no fuel= no go. On one of my first trips out in it we went to Worcester. and it kept cutting out and we had to  let it cool down. It was a while before i sussed it. I wrapped  the pipe in silver foil and Heaven Forbid a piece of  Asbestos cloth. If we had known then what we know now.I remember I bought some special  upholstery paint and painted the rear seat powder blue. On a trip to london with the mother in law  when she got out her clothes were a streaked blue. she was not a happy bunny. It was eventually written off when it was hit broadside ,which split the floor plan and ripped the door column out. While awaiting insurance to sort  it. Someone stole the engine. The insurance refused to settle because the accident was on Crown property and was regarded as private land. My first  taste of insurance. I soon learned that  they employ any excuse not to pay that has been a life long distrust of  any insurances.

We decided to take louis to his old haunt for his walk today. At  Victory Park. We havnt been all winter   to  stay out the mud. We were hesitant in case it was muddy today. Surprisingly  it was quite dry underfoot. Louis had a great time running about. OH but it was so  bitter cold. That nasty East wind was cutting.  I spoke to the parks keeper  as he was picking up  rubbish. But he was cheerful enough. Braver man than me.


Eclipse.What eclipse. Bit of over hyped news here in the south. It’s still cold here and very cloudy.

I got a nasty scare this morning. Mavis was suddenly taken ill. She was sweating profusely and was weak and wobbly. I made her go to bed. I kept an eye on her for an hour and a half while she slept. Louis laid beside her. When she woke up  a nice cup of tea and she became normal again. But I am watching her closely.

Late  this afternoon she looks more like her old self again. Dont do that to me mavis.

I think she over does it. She never does anything half-hearted. It’s always all or nothing.