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I bought some paint  earlier in the week. i wanted white gloss. After hunting numerous shelves I found the size tin I wanted. gazing at all the tins I picked one up and carried on  for other bits. Today  I decided to start painting. When mavis pointed out  that I had bought Black paint not white. Hows that  I asked. Look at the black lid that speaks volumes. Ok so another trip out. can I exchange this black paint for a diferent one I asked. Its not black  its red. RED I said RED? Its got a black lid I pointed out. Yes but the colour band is RED she showed me. My god a skiny little label about  1 inch long and barely a quater  wide was red. Not very good labeling. Anyway I had found an un opened tin of white in the shed. So we decided to  change my tin of  black or red for GREEN. They didnt have much of a choice  but I got a green.

I have today managed to  put my own ringtone on my new phone. Very Little help  on pc but I got there in the end. The top picture  is from phone today  not too bad quality. I need to experiment more.

Sometimes theres something on TV worth staying awake for.Ive just watched  90 mins og 50 Years of Musicals in MGM. Ok its a bit dated now but I did enjoy it.


More drama  over the new phone. Dont you wish sometimes that you never started something.

As i said yesterday it turned up at 7pm. But  after checking it I  found that I had the wrong sim card. I checked the manual and it said it wants a nano sim  the one I had was a micro. When I phoned  them  they were closed. So  at 8 am today I phoned again and after  press this press that press something else I was  not getting anywhere. So I chose the option to cancel  my contract. That got someone to  answer me. But they said their systems were down and they couldn’t help me. They suggested I go to my shop. Thats 20 miles away but we went  and did park and ride and eventually  found the shop. He said he can’t help because the  system is down . I told him I had the wrong sim I needed a nano sim not a micro sim. He looked at the phone and after telling me how good that model is and how he would like one? Odd as he works there. He said that the phone takes 2 sims and he fitted mine into  a slot. Now you need to register it  he said when systems are up it will work. So  the manual is not very clear . I could have saved myself a 40 mile round trip.

But as we were in town and its Mavis birthday we had a nice meal out. We found a nice place well worth remembering for future ref.

It late afternoon now and my phone still says no sim and emergency calls only their systems are still down. I had to make an emergency appointment at the vets . Louis has something wrong with his ear. He keeps shaking his head. It was for 10 to 5 tonight. But mavis had a call from Radio Kent. They want her to  talk on the Radio tonight about meso. So she can’t go to the vets. So I cancelled. Now its vets tomorrow at 5.10.

I have a call  booked for tomorrow morning  so I can’t go out. Everything comes at once sometimes. Never enough hours in the day lately.


Update finally got  to speak to someone. my sim will be live in the next 2 hours.But first I have to request that it is activated. wouldnt you think that as they send the card out with the phone it could be done automatically. Technology sucks at times.


Whew! been busy catching up on bits  now we are home. Booked my first car mot and last free service. Booked flu Jab for both of us. Emailed nat west about spam letter. What a good boy. Been loading things back onto mavis laptop. I cant believe the speedy turn round. 3 days it was collected on the tuesday they must have got it wednesday  change dthe keyboard sent it out same day we got it back on thursday. Thats really good service.

Poor ole louis didnt want to  go out  as its pouring down. Later Ive got to  collect mavis watch. I  took it into the little booth outside tesco on Friday for a new battery. I completely  forgot it and we went away . I had to phone  him . I said are you the key cutter  outside tescos. He said I am and you are the man who left his watch arnt you. Oh dear silly me.


Ive spent most of today short listing a new phone. I had listed Sony M4  S5 A3 and Honor6+.

After a lengthy scrutiny I settled on the Honor6+. Which meant I had to stay with 3 mobile.

I dont know why but I took ages to contact them. I expected problems. But it was painless. After loads of sales pitch it was all sorted. No Problems. It will be here on Tuesday. And I can keep my old number.


I think Mavis and me are tired after yesterdays gardening. It was a struggle to take louis to the park.



At last UPS have collected Mavis laptop. Going back for repair. Watch this space.

I ordered a drain Tap for my van which was due last Thursday but it never came. I contacted seller on ebay today. It was signed for by a neighbour who forgot about it. I had to go and ask him today if he had it. Then I had to get back to ebay seller and appologise. Never a dull moment. I wanted to cancell a sim card  today Ive been worried about doing it as I am told Ok they wont let you cancell No way.

At first I had problems conecting on mobile ended up on a land line. When I eventually got to the right department ,you know what its like  please note the following options bla bla bla after 6 press 1 press 2 etc I got a pleasant voice. Hello I understand from your choice of options that you wish to leave Tmobile. Can you confirm your full name and email . Now can you confirm from who you  purchased. Thats fine all done for you now. anything else I can help you with. Have a nice day. So painless.

Now I am hunting for a new phone.

Mavis and me cut back the plants in the garden on half the garden. Knackered.