It ws my turn to visit clinic today. It was the Paula Carr Opthelmic. I get my eyes photographed and checked once a year.

I must not drive for an hour afterwards. But the drops seem to be different this year. You cannot see in  bright light. But its ok now. mavis

walked louis round the enormous park while she waited..

Our carpark is still full of large holes and the workmen are still here  but  at least we only lost power for a short period today. I hope its all

sorted. Other than that Ive not done a lot. I might get motivated tomorrow.



I didnt get round to  publishing my half finished post yesterday. It was another day of power cuts. When we arrived home from the marsden yesterday we were met with the power company on site in force. Several vans and a digger. Busy digging  up the car park.  I was asked to move my car so that a generator can be put in my space.

We spent the rest of the day from around 4pm to bedtime with little or no power. We had a faint intermittant glow in  the lights so low it was not possible to read  with and it  flickered on and off  every 30 seconds or so. Not enough power to switch the central heating on. No  kettle so we boiled water in a saucepan on the gas lit with a match, not enough power to ignite the gas. We went to bed. About  2 am in the night we were awake to  the TV and lights and computer bursting into life but only for a moment then nothing. When we got up  this morning we could hear  what we thought was a lawnmower. But it was them cutting up the concrete  in the carpark. This continued all day. we now have a series of large holes   as they searched for  a break in the power line. We have power now but  we may not have any again tomorrow as the search continues.DSCF9728

This was my parking place,now it has a generator  in it.


I had planned to do a lot i the van today but its not worked out. Sorry about  not having a Puzzle today. As you know quite often when we are away  I cant do one. But  I was up early  this morning. I  was setup  to publish todays puzzle when without  warning  at 8am we lost power. I thought Ill take louis for his walk and it should be on when I get back. It wasnt. Come 9.30 we were getting worried . I took a stroll to our management team here and asked any info . Nope they were also  without power.At 11am I decided to phone the power company. They said they were not informed of the powercut until 10.35 and they are sending a team to investigate. So we went shopping. We didnt get power back until almost 3pm. By then it was to late to put a puzzle on. But  Promise will get it  on for tomorrow.

Its been cold and drizzly . Yesterday  sitting out in T shirt Today its top coat and hats



A lovely weekend at Hole Park. A walk round the gardens was awsome. Such colour. We dithered about should we go  or not, glad we did. Saturday was a bit of a laugh, &.30  make your way to the bonfire,its jacket potatoes and beans they said. At 9.30 we were cold and fed up  waiting as they pulled black and burnt uncooked potatoes from the fire. Oh well wasnt hungry anyway.

But a good time was had by all.

Its good to be home again.Maves happy she is catching up on her stuff. I forgot to take the wi fi dongle so  all the tablets I packed were useless.. Nevermind she needs a break.



Ongoing Tap Saga. I phoned him at 9.30  and asked whats the latest. A cheery voice said Oh hello. Yes I’ve got  the parts  for your tap. I am busy right now but I will be with you  today but it wont be till around 6 this evening is that ok.

Yep that’s fine See you  then Ok.

So maybe I was a bit hasty in my condemnation yesterday. Watch this space.

I’ve just got back with louis Gosh its cold outside again. My ears and fingers are all  tingling.

I had a bit of a wake up call last night. I had left my phone on as normal yesterday  evening. And at bedtime I  went to  turn it off for the night and it was red-hot . It wasnt plugged in . The desk top was also red-hot. I quickly  took back off and pulled the battery. This morning I  pur spare battery in and its charged it as normal. Not even warm. Ive put the hot battery on charge and its reached 100% and not even remotely warm. How odd. My concern is if I hadn’t noticed  how hot it was last night would it eventually  have caught fire. You do read these things.


9.30 mavis called me  for  evening meal. . I sat down put my phone on the table ready for  the call I picked up my knife and fork and the phone rang. Its the  man to sort my tap. So   I dashed down to the car park  and opened the van just as he parked  alongside.

He was carrying a big bag of bits. Right he said lets sort this. He admitted he was in a bad mood over it on Tuesday. But it was all done and tested bits put away and it was all over bar  paying him. I must admit  it was more than I  supposed. But then it always is.

But its done now. I  packed up  came back and  finished my meal. Tomorrow I will   re fit the sink and  ods and ends  Tidy up   and we will be  back to normal.


rays welcome2

After yesterdays saga of  The Tap. I  eagerly wait for him to get back to me. I have a gut feeling that he may not. Then I will have to  seek more professional advice. But we shall see.


Ive waited all day for him to contact me, but he hasnt. I will ring him in the morning but I dont hold a lot of hope.


l1I rang the guy  who is fixing my tap. He will be here about 4 pm. Its bright outside today. Not overly warm. Louis is having fun running all round the place barking at the windowcleaner. Its the 2nd best time for him its usually the postman he chases.


Wow! The guy turned up. Not in a good mood. He moaned about the traffic. moaned about  Taps. Moaned about 10mm fittings. If this dont leak it will be a miracle he said. Well it leaked. he cut and bent the copper pipe. Cut it again. bent it more  then  moaned it didnt fit and cut it again. At last he got  the tap in the hole and screwed in. Ok  he said turn the pump on. WOW WOW  TURN IT OFF  he shouted. Yes, It sprayed water everywhere. And so the Saga went on. Ok he said at last. This isnt working. I will need to get some more pipe and fittings. And he left. i will ring you  when I get the bits he said.

DERH!! Get the profesionals I was Told.

So I am no nearer sorting it than I was.