Interesting Week.

First result was Monday, a worrying  trip to the Marsden. Will  mavis`s bloods be Ok will we get  treatment or no?. How will I get on with  our new car in the dark on the M25.? How will I drive with my back?.

But Bloods have shot up from 0.03 to as high as 3.4  So treatment resumed, thats good news. The drive in the new car was,compared to my c1 a dream. We love it. Driving in the dark was fine,it almost drives itself.

Biggest problem is my back,after I was run over last week,it has been agony,Ive been on co-codamol 500mg eating them like sweets. Sitting  still ,is for a while bearable but  moving and walking is agony. But today  Saturday  I feel some improvement. Despite the pain I managed to  wash the mud of  the car. Its white and gets dirty fast. It probably wont be up to Mavis`s standard but hope it rains and helps me out here.

But I have almost a week of resting so  by next week end I hope I can move about without gritting my teeth. I did step into the lane  with louis today but only for a few yards. I didnt want to push my luck. So thats my week over. Ive managed to sort the dashboard cluster Ive got it back to  as it was again. I  will  have a go at the radio tomorrow. There are still  knobs and buttons Ive not touched yet. I dont want to  upset or loose anything else.The user manual as usual was written by an extra terrestial,at least not in my language.

New era!

Tomorrow morning I collect my new car. My  Citroen we have had for 9 months has served me well. But never let it be said I am impulsive. As i worked on my pc on Tuesday still half asleep Mavis who had been up for ages  said look at this. She was looking in car ales at my local garage. Hm! Yes its nice. Later she said so what do you think?. I said its nice ,why do you want to  go and see it.

No you go if its nice Ill leave it up to you. So I called the garage to arrange a viewing. It was immaculate. So So much bigger and better than my citroen. So we went into the office area to talk money. The seat was facing the car as we spoke which was just a few feet away. What are you looking for  he asked me. I said top  dollar. So  he then said  excuse me while I  look at yours for evaluation.

OK  its in very good clean condition so I am happy to take it in PX. He did the usual head down scribbling on a pad. he said thats about where I am. I looked at his offer and said sorry not good enough. He then  went out and came back with a print  out.

Thats the guide and I have offered over the guide price. so after a bit of  exchange His  final offer was not what I hoped for but close. So w shook hands deal done.

He said we will get it  ready for you and sort road tax just give me a days notice. So I went home and sorted  my insurance transfer and I phoned back to advise  him I had arranged  the transfer  for Thursday. OK thats fine he said we will see you then.

So now at 10pm wednesday. So  I get it tomorrow. Its  bigger than my car so my daily  journeys on the M25 to the Marsden should prove interesting. Mavis said all sorted ,yes I said, OK Merry Christmas Ray. So all done from no idea to  spending a small fortune in a couple of hours. IMPULSIVE no not me…

What can I say

Todays nightmare journey to Marsden for Mavis`s treatment. Due to an accident on M25 a 1.5 hr journey took us 4 hours. Traffic was backed up from M2 A249.M20.M26.Nothing moving.

To add insult to injury. All treatment was cancelled due to low blood count so,after sitting waiting from 10 am  until 12.30 to be told. You can imagine I was not best pleased.

Now its my turn  My Dr wants to see me to discuss my results,So 8.40 in the morning Ive got to see what thats all about. I have a few problems and have had several appointments ,PET scans, MRI scans Blood tests BP  tests It could be anyone of these.Maybe tomorrow will help. I dont have time to be be messing with all this .

At last a break

With cycle 4 done now we get a couple of weeks break from the Marsden. Yesterdays journey was a nightmare  torrential rain. Wipers could hardly clear it. Silly drivers  all over the place. But  next week its my turn   one appointment at diabetic clinic. But that takes longer to say it than it takes in it. Also  my  review with  the oncologist. I am expecting good news.

I tell my son its no fun getting old. Bits dont work anymore.

No change

Although we are now down to  5 days and then 2 weeks off at Marsden. Its still  a job. Yesterday because of trafic on m20  and m25 our journey was 2 & 3/4 hrs.. This coupled with hours of waiting is telling. Today was a lot better. we did it in just under 2hrs but because of cockups in system we still didnt get away from there till after 12.30 a 2 hour wait for the drug. That defeats the point of spending hrs there on Monday which is to confirm all is well and ready to go on Tuesdays.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.


On a Sunday I am mentally preparing for The Monday nightmare journey to the Marsden. The  2 hr plus fight on  M2 M26 M25. The Long Boring hours of waiting for Blood results waiting for Pharmacy to  make up the drug. wait wait wait wait. Sleep more sleep and even more sleep. Then after a long long day we prepare for the  fight back home. Its to late to eat . early  to bed for the next day to start again.

But Not today. The time table has changed. Now every 3 weeks is acceptable. So my Sundays are just like yours. A relaxing do as you please day.

Oh how the times they are a changing.

New day

Refreshing to know I dont have to get up at the crack of dawn  fight the traffic to the marsden. I ca get a small but welcome lay in. Even louis is relaxed  knowing mummy and daddy will not be leaving him all day.