Well after having both Jabs some time ago. We got an email to book the booster. So being good boys and girls. We did. So this Saturday we get the booster Jab. We have just had 3 days away at Birmingham Contamination expo. My god it was shattering ,First time out in public. .But it was nice to see old faces and to meet new. I just watched Mavis being hugged here there and every where. She has such a following and so much respect


Been busy this past few days Staing and varnishing. Also found a few problems with mnf news page. But hopefully Ive sorted them.

I found a tin on my shelf. Whats in that I thought. It had loads of liquorice . But its been there over a year. I tried one ,it was like concrete I couldnt eat it.

But a strange thing ,I walked over the shop this morning and on my way back I was standing waiting for a clear gap in traffic when this elderly chap came up behind me took my arm and escorted me across the road. There you ok now he said . You must be carefull its busy here. I was amused, and surprised. OK he was a bit younger than me but how nice. Its now official I am an old codger,


After weeks of emails going back and forward regarding a lost licence. Claiming my licence number is not recognised. no photo included more info and a refusal to help by email because what info they require is secret and I must phone. I tried chat help but it couldnt after phoneing told they have my licence and its being dealt with in due course. Complete nightmare.


We ventured on our first outing since lockdown. We went to Terry and Nickys for the weekend. As usual they gave us 5 star attention.

The journey up was through a storm with flooded motor ways Nightmare. Journey home was with a 55 minute delay at Dartford Bridge nightmare. But with lovely weekend who cares. I had some catchup on pc to do but cant get round to it. Ill sort it tomorrow. Last time we were there was with Louis Baby so many memories. Its the first time we have been in the car we used to take the motor home and park on there drive that way we could sleep in it ,home from home it was good for louis too.

At last

Its been over a week trying to get into my blog page on new pc. Tonight I have done it.

been a hectic day first off Took mavis to KCC for a chat with her oncologist,Then blood tests but that went awry as it clotted . We are back tomorrow for a ct scan and maybe another blood test.

next I contacted DVLA about lost licence after filling in another form . Buut it was rejected so it was a chat on line with Emily she said they returned it as incomplete 2 weeks ago but Ive not received it I must wait another week to see if it comes. Next an email to say the application for renewal of blue bade was rejected because it did not contain a ds1500. I have never filled in one so a short sharp reply questioned the need for it. That is ongoing now.

The good news is the trouble Ive got with my foot . Ive been hopping about on one leg and tiptoe on other. The pain was like I was standing on a big pebble. Agony. But today is the best day for 2 long weeks I think its turned a corner. So this blog is my first for a couple of weeks.

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