It was Marsden day again. But  a later appointment so at least we had a lie in. M25 was good. Bloods were taken and a short  5 mins with Doctor. All OK  so you are free to go.  Basicly a waste of time. But as Mavis said I owe it to them to go.

WE were planning to go away in the van  this afternoon. But  I was having severe problems staying awake  driving home. I said I need to shut my eyes . Well I did and it lasted an hour.  So we put it off  untill tomorrow. We can leave early . It will be strange as we havent been camping  for so long now I cant remember.

All the hospital staff  remarked just how well Mavis looked. She is doing well. It was nice to see old faces again we do miss them. And Carol  has returned after her tripple bi pass.

Can I just say I am sorry to all my puzzlers for no puzzles this week. As you  gathered I have been so busy  this week. But  back on track for next week.



Oh what a night. Coul not sleep  both of us too hot. at 1.45 I got up and made coffee. Later I said why am I watching  cookery programs at 3 am. I think it will be the same tonight. Mavis set up louis paddling pool. He was not impressed but it did cool him a bit.

Tomorrow we are off to   Marsden for  finalizing  details of her trial.



twoBack today after a few days in Bristol. To celebrate Dolcies BSC degree. She couldnt have picked better weather. We traveled up on Sunday afternoon and Angy and Dolcy came to our hotel for a meal in the restaurant and we chatted till after 9 but as we were all tired after a long day traveling we called it a night. Up next day at 7 am because was attending the ceremony at Bristol Universality. I couldn’t go  because tickets were  restricted, so After  Mavis left at 8 am I wandered down  to breakfast. The sun was  shinning and  I was going for a walk round on my own. Not used to that but I set off about 9 30 I wandered in a giant circle it got to  about 1 pm and I had been heading towards the Harbor but I was lost  and my feet were killing me . Just out of practice. But I saw a tourist info center  so I popped in. Hello can I help you  the young girl said. Yes I am lost  and looking for Anchor Road. Ok  you have made it  step outside turn right then right again thats Anchor road. So following that I soon found the road Now I wondered just how far along the hotel was going to be. But it ws about half a mile. I admit  I got back around 1.30 I fell on the bed shattered. I hung the do not disturb on the door and promptly fell asleep  I was awoken about 15 mins later Mavis said They were coming  in about an hour. I thought at least Ill get an hour shut eye. No sooner had I shut my eyes the phone went. Hello  we are down  stairs are you ready. O god I  crawled out of bed and hobbled  to the lift. it was decided we were all going to walk into  town to meet  rose daughter  Di. So we met up first in a bar  by the harbour after a couple in there we moved off  to meet Di  and a meal. Later  full up and merry we made our way back to the hotel we sat chatting untill again we were all shattered and called it a night . It had been one hell of a Day. This morning we met up for an early breakfast before  setting off. Angy gave us a lift to the station and we said our goodbyes. We were-lucky as we reached the platform a train was about to leave so we jumped ,no sorry we crawled anxiously on board and collapsed in a seat it was about 1 and a half hours  to Paddington. Then   2 changes on the underground and a quick  ice cold milkshake at Victoria then  aboard  our last train home. Next was a taxi  home.

15 mins indoors  a quick pee dump the cases and we set off to collect louis from the kennels . He was booked in one more night but as we were home earlier  we decided to get him. Normal he doesn’t show a lot of affection . But when I  reached his kennel he was laying down quiet. but as soon as he saw me he went manic he was trying to claw his way through the wire  gate. The  man had to go in and put his harness on but he had a job doing it  louis was all over the place trying to get past him to reach me. Ah! so he does love . With his lead on he pulled like a nutter to get out of there. When he saw Mavis he was mental again. Now he is home he has been spoilt he has had his favorite yogurt an icecream lolly  to cool him  and now he is asleep  by the electric fan. He home and happy again. To end the day on a sad note the ruddy microwave packed up so tomorrow its shopping for a new one. Thats life.


Ok the Dirty Deed has been Done. Louis is in kennels . WE told him he was going on his hollidays. Not sure he believed that. He was fine untill he saw a great big Husky in the next pen.

So now we are packed ready now. Then its off to Dolcies University.


Well up at 7.30 against the grain just in case the bt man turned up. But it was almost 3 oclock this after noon . I was not a happy bunny. But he was a nice guy. No fuss in and out in less than half hour all sorted  initial test 37 mbps wow.

But at the moment It doesnt seem to have made a lot of difference. I expected things to load the instant you took your fingers off the keys.



For the past 16 years we have had a miserable internet speed. WE have at times suffered  over a week with no signal. At others  it would disappear at  8 am and return at 5pm We have made numerous complaints had umpteen engineers visits and at best  the fastest we ever get is 1.7mbps  Today from 6 ish this morning we had almost no signal at best  0.02kb which is  worthless. At lunch time  I phoned  support and asked . Have you cut me off  ready for my transfer to super fast  installation tomorrow. No  we have not . Do you have a problem. Err! yes I have no signal I said. But  he was very helpful he said he would investigate it and get back to me.  Much to my surprise  about 20 mins later it was back on and he phoned me back to check. He asked me to check  its speed. Wow! it was 2.4mbps I said I dont know what you did but  I have never  had it that fast in 16 years. If I did  then I would not have ordered super fast. We had a few jokes and he said tomorrow it will be so fast that my programs will probably load up before I even turn it on.  Later we got a call from the engineer he was due  between 8 and 1pm. But now it will be after lunch  but he will phone before to let me know  when. Not very good but whats one more day in 16 years???????????


Unexpected delivery this morning. It was my new Modem. So my installation of super fast broadband is  really on for Friday after all. I  will believe it  when I get it.

I hope I wont be disappointed.