We arrived at Peterborough show parked up and met some old faces. Took a quick walk round. Proper one tomorrow.van was ok after all the work yesterday


My Garage just called at 8.30 am to advise me of cost of cambelt today. Its amazing how they keep a straight face as they race through the bits to be done. The mot £40 cambelt £60  Ok Ok that’s ok  Then its a 5 hour labour job oh dear And its unwise not to change the timing belt and water pump at the same time because if it leaks it would mean another 5 hours labour later. So  all this and vat wait for it £640.00 Wow!

I thought it might pan out around £400 but I admit I was shocked At 640. reluctantly I said if its got to be done its got to be done so go ahead. Ok She said I will ring you later to give you an update. And a time to collect it.


10-10 garage called Mot was OK passed. Now stripping off bumpers and grills to get at the engine.. So that’s my main concern over.MOT are like a trip  to the dentist. At least if the dentist dont pass your teeth you can still  go out and about. But MOT failure means repairs or no go.

Ive just cut the grass for the first time this year. It seems to have grown several inches in the past couple of weeks.

OK I collected the van at 4.30. When I stepped into  the office she said Oh dear Ive not printed anything off for you yet. There has been a change in the price quoted this morning. OH YEa I thought here it comes. £640 this morning and extra couple of hours this afternoon not much change out of a grand. It’s now £540 so  we saved you a hundred pound that can’t be bad. So I was well happy. I just hope it dont let me down  tomorrow.


odolI bet not many  will remember this. Its how the victorians used to  buy toothpaste. I was  diging in an old dump a few years ago when I unearthed it. Ive not seen any on ebay ,some Odol pots but not like this one.

All quiet and then louis  goes berserk. Gosh its the window cleaner. No it can’t be he was only hear 2 weeks ago  not due for  2 more. I went out to speak to him. I said blimey your early arnt you. Yes I thought Id get it all done while the weather was done. No I said 2 weeks early. He looked at me and said no I may be a an hour or so earlier but  certainly not 2 weeks. It’s a month  since my last visit. I  cannot believe its a month ago. I have checked my diary but I can’t verify it. So watch this space in 4 weeks time.

Shortly  after a bit of lunch I’ve got to take the van for  an mot. I need it all spick and span ready for Peterborough on Thursday.


Well I dropped the van off at the MOT Station. I phoned for a taxi to get me home. All cabs out best  I could have was 30-40 minutes. So I decided it was a nice day Ill walk. Wow it took 55 minutes I was shattered around every bend in the lane I could see home but it never seemed to get any nearer. Thats the longes Ive walked since my heart attack. Mavis made me a nice cuppa and I fell asleep on the settee. They were going to ring me back with a price but they havnt so maybe they got a problem getting the cam belt. I know its not a standard engine. MOT is at 8 am in the morning she promised to ring me at 9 if  any problems.


dcA bit of shopping today ready to take with us in the van. I am ready  to take the van in the morning for its MOT. I want a canbelt  change. On my last van The cambelt  broke and it cost me over a Twelve Hundred pounds.

I cant risk  it in this van its not a standard engine so could cost me a lot more. Its certainly been a warmer day with more warm  days to follow.

Ive created a Dart Charge account because we will be using the dartford crossing. Now the charge barriers have been removed you have to pay on line or open an account. So it should be interesting.

When it was built we were promised  that as soon as it was paid for they would stop the charges. But like most government promises.Just bullshit. Not only is it still  not free the cost has risen.



We have been or rather Mavis has been cleaning the van. Now she is knackered. Ive changed the gas bottle and filled it with fresh water. Ready for the show at Peterborough.

Checked it our ready for an MOT and cambelt change later this week.

Dont it make you mad when you  switch on your pc in the morning to find all your icons have changed. Today  for reasons unknown my screen had moved to the right loosing a quarter of my icons and shortcuts. The printing was large and blurred. Whats happened I asked myself.

It took me just on 5 hours getting it back to where it was when I went to bed last night. i am not 100% happy as it seems to be running so slow again. If I had done something to  cause this OK  but it was fine when I turned it off and total crap when I turned it on today.


l1I cant believe I didnt do a puzzle yesterday. Or if I did I dont know where it went. I was so  busy trying to do mavis`s short presentation I must have just forgot. The presentation turned into a disaster. I  had to do it 4 times. I am not sure what  the problems were but there were several. I left it running overnight . When I checked it this morning the vidio was a mess. Broken up  distorted  and in trying to sort it. I lost the lot. So its been busy today rebuilding it from scratch. But its all done now and its finally  uploaded on youtube.

Not everything works first time.Its wet and fresh outside today sky is pretty dark. So yesterdays summer has been and gone again.