I had to charge up  my spare laptop today. after a couple of hours it said fully charged. I unplugged it . boom stone dead . I had left it flat for about  3 weeks and the  spare battery was ruined I had to bin it. That will teach me. Ive done maves one which she takes away with her ,thats ok.  My main one is charged every day  no problems.



new-logo2Over the past few years Ive done the puzzle page and its been welcomed. But I do see a decline in interest. The last 4 days has only  atracted 2 people on one day. maybe its time to call it a day, what do you think.

Ive been checking my new web site it seems to be running  ok

Ive just had a slow day chilling out.


Back up from Dublin. got o catch up on things. due to ipage being so greedy I have cancelled my website. So now begins the hard work building a new one. It will not interfere with the puzzle page for those that do them.  I was not prepared to pay from last years £149 increeased to £256. So I told them cancell me. to add insult to injury  they are advertiseing a site fron £24 per an. Do I look stupid?

Mavis has been busy since we got home but she has enjoyed her  Dublin trip. She is talking about Japan now. So to answer my above yes perhaps I do. lol.

My son and dil says louis has behaved so well



Funny ole day. At first my back was real bad again so it was Emu oil and my  back belt. A walk with louis was a careful afair. As it is still wet and muddy we didnt make the park sorry Louis. AS the day wore on  back problem eased a bit. I think this is something I am going to have to live with.

mavis is still coughing her insides up but  mine has been quiet today. Most of my  cold symptoms have eased up. I am at last getting over it.



new-logo2After my silly fall over on the ice with louis this morning. Ive taken it easy as the fall did jar my back. But apart from wet trousers and a wet backside I am OK. Our snow has  cleared but its so cold and wet. Mavis is still coughing but she feels  human again. been tidying facebook, but aftewards it shut down. Nothing ,but its back now. No fb ,could be a good thing.


new-logo2Been to the Marsden again for Scan results. Due to the Train strike. The roads were packed. The normal hour and a bit journey  today took 2 and a half hours. But we got there. We took louis with us for a change.

But all that matters was the results. The Doctor came out  of her office to meet us. All smiles and pleasantries ,allways a good sign. There is no change in your condition no presence of mesothelioma and no evidence of any condition that may change that. Well done. Such a relief.

We went to  Oak ward to visit and say hello to old faces. Gradually  those faces became new faces. But still a few old ones to  say hello to. Next its always sad when we meet up with a warrior who is not doing so well on the drug. I leave the chatting to mavis . Soon its time to face the traffic  home, but  journey was not to bad. We next return in 8 weeks. Hope the news is the same. Fingers crossed.