Adding Catalina

Because I was having problems with my macbook freezing and slowing up I thought it was time to get another laptop. I was gobsmacked at the prices for macbooks. Should I go back to windows. The thought did not appeal to me. After lots of attempts to sort them I had a thought. Maybe I should update my OS. I was on High Siera. So I decided on the latest Caalina. Can I should I will I all crossed my mind. But I took the plunge and decided Catalina was the way to go. After ages agonising I pressed download. It took just over 2 hours and now its done. first off it seemed ok. But it wasnt long when things didnt seem right. After opening an app first time trying to go back and open again like checking yahoo it would not open. I tried several apps that had openederlier but now would not. OK a reset was in order. But it refused to shut down it had basicly seized. Only turning it off and started again. Once opened again several things still would not open the more I tried the worse it got. In total frustration I turned it off and went to bed. I tossed and turned considering what I can do other than buy a new laptop. This morning I turned it on and I found clicking an item still didnt open I reset it again but no change. Now I was really annoyed. When I clicked an icon it opened a box with open with? so I clicked chrome and it opened. I did this with all those that earlier would not open and by choosing chrome to open it seemed to work. But I realised that to get over this I need to change my default browser. Because mine had changed It was Firefox . So after resetting default. It seems to be working. I remain to be satisfied that its all ok. The other problem is catalina is a 64bit OS and siera is a 32bit system now I have apps that no longer work,so I have to get new ones. So I say that if your thinking of upgrading to Catalina be careful it not straight forward.

k the plunge


It was that time of year that makes you nervous. I had been anxious for days leading up to it. The Sun was out and apart from a few black clouds all is well. Come 1.30pm I got coat on and went out to my car. Apointment is for 2 pm. Pressing the opn on my fob. NOTHING PANIC kept pressing open ,is fob working, yes little red light on. OH NO car battery is flat Cant open the bonnet the doors the boot Nothing.

Back indoors what do I do I remembered googling how to gain access when battery is flat. So now it was time to see if it worked. It involved removing carefully the little cowling to reveal keyhole so I could open the door. But trying to start , Nothing dead flat. Back indoors ,now a phone call to garage advising them I cant make it as battery is flat. I was now ready to re book MOT. Sorry to hear that they said. We will ring you back in 10 minutes. The phone rang we are sending a mechanic to give you a jump start. He duly arrived kicked life into it .One turn of the Key and whoomph we are good to go. He said you go first and I will follow you incase you stall it.

Good news it passed MOT and now I am back home. My next panic will be at around 8.30 am tomorrow I have an appointment at Dr`s for blood tests. I am praying it will start. If not its a Taxi then when home again I will have to remove battery and put it on charge. So for now its WTS.

Not forgotten.

My Dr phoned to see how I was getting on. Had I got new symptoms . She will send me for a blood test. And with those results will make an appointment for a new scan.

She said my night sweats may be my Lympoma returning. My Fatigue may also be a factor. Good news is I can get scan at KC not Ashford. So now its wait for the post.


Another quiet day. having spent the past week puting together a News Paper for the foundation with some satisfaction. I am still tweaking it as I learn what the softare will or cant do. Its been far to wet and windy to get out, so its work a bit nap a bit eat a bit .

Mavis of course is always busy working her socks off. Dont know how she does it. We`ve had the latest scan and hope to get results early next week.

Busy Couple of Days.

We have been working in the garden. Cutting back . It all gets a little overgrown. Now its the Autumn tidy up. Its taken 3 days but its done. Some of my hedge triming looks like I should lay off the sherbert. But its done now. Mavis has followed behind me picking it all up and sweeping everywhere. She has been planting bulbs for next years show.

I had to repair a picture frame today. I used my new spray glue. Gosh it works so fast and sticks like mad.

My Disastrous venture into soundbars has concluded with a refund as it did not work. The special sunglasses I ordered for Mavis saga has also ended with a refund. Ebay has not been my best this past few weeks.

Both pairs of my new Glasses have arrived. Just got to get used to them.

Its 7 months now since louis babe crossed that rainbow bridge. The guilt and pain at him going doesnt ease Miss him so much.

Its been so hot ,but now maybe we can enjoy a bit of sunshine without being buried under mountains of branches and leaves. So untiill next time TTFN

Funny ole day

After waiting the call from  Mavis`s Dr. Confirming  the Trial is off. Wasnt sure what  was next. But  he said he will talk to her again regarding an alternative. So we still have a measure of hope.

After some searching  we managed to get an appointment for an eye test. We both have put off getting new glasses. Appointments are thin on the ground due to  covid.

Mavis feels a bit better now, she is happy to have a break from  treatment.

Another day.

Thought I had  mesed up the new TV but its ok now. Panic over.Mavis has to go to the marsden Friday for prelimary Tests. It could mean a long  day again for me in the carpark. I  will take a drink and something to eat. It was 8 hrs last tiem that on top of the journey it was an 11 hr day.

New tv

The new TV arrived today. Took a while to  disconnect  old one and set up  new one . But all sorted now. Tomorrow we are out to lunch. Looking forward to that. I  contacted  my local council  to see if they still had a service to collect unwanted  items. As I had a microwave and a TV. I was schocked. £50 to  recycle these items. I  told them  I can see why you have a problem with fly tipping.

But luck was on my side as there was a house clearance going on I  stood out side and watched  with amazement  just  how much went into  a skip. One of the team came  over to talk to me. I said I had a microwave to dispose of could I  put it in skip. Sure he said. Show me where it is. he picked it up and dumped it into the skip. How good of him.  I am waiting a response from doubleglazing  firm to  respond I need a repair. Ive contacted so manny  and most dont even bother to return a call.

So its watch this space.


A wet wekend

I think I am over my car park theraphy on Wednesday. I  drove Mavis to  her appointment at  the Marsden. For her signing off the Trial and  to do  a Biopsy. 8:20 am when I  dropped her off. I am not allowed to acompany her so I have to sit in the car. It was quite warm. I  drop off for a nap for about an hour. But it is busy so  sleeping is not good. I got  a call  at 11 am  she is still waiting to go  down for her 9 am biopsy. 1:30 I get another call just going down. It was 4pm before she was allowed out again. 7 hours I had to sit and wait. No food no   coffee but worst of all no toilet. Now we have to wait and see if there is another offer of a  new trial.

Yesterday was another one of those days when I could throw my laptop  out the window. Some things had stopped working .It took me all day  sorting it googling for answers only to find that Apple had stopped support for Apps that were 32bit. . Since then Ive been busy  on ebay and amazon. So its not  a new laptop yet. I bought  a couple of masks  on ebay but found the elastic was tight. So I  contacted the seller and sugested they make them bigger loops. I thought  that was the end of it but  today I got a nice thank you  email taking on board my sugestions for  hearing aid wearers. They  offered to send me the  elastic to sort mine out. So now uptodate its been dull   wet windy and cold old day. Its a rare one for me as Ive not nodded off all day so there is hope for me yet.

marsden Day.

This is the week that we normaly do  5 days to and fro. But things have changed yet again. Mavis  has been taken off the Hyper Trial after a year. Its not working. Its been a real challemge . Up at  5am take the dog  for his walk up the lane . Pitch black no street lights  wet  or dry snow or sunshine. Leave home around 6 am and set off to  do battle with M20 M26 and then M25,  journey  can take 2 hours or 4 hours depending on traffic. over 800 miles in a week is no joke. Treatment On Mondays  usually  about 6 hrs mostly sitting and waiting. Tuesdays  is usually  longer getting home around 5 pm a long long day.  wed/ Thurs/ Friday better. But  we did our last one . We return on Wednesday to see if there is anything else on offer. If not we are on that knocking on doors  looking for a trial  again. After 11 years options are now running low. But we  have not given up  yet. Mavis is too  strong to  just sit back and give up. Maybe my next post will have  good news. So Watch This Space.


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