Well we were going  to a meeting today. I was up at 6 am  got all ready and mavis said. She has cancelled it. Which was good news for me because I wanted to  get on with my  gate problem.   Later when I brigtened up a bit I  get set too. But after a few minutes I  came in and got a  coat on. Not as nice as yesterday. But I soon sorted the remaining  post and fixed the new gate. Well pleased with it. Next it was time to  put a new gate on the  side garden.  Trouble was it was a shade bigger and needed  some modifications and a lot of drilling. But eventually I managed to hang it and now we have 2 new gates. After put all my tools away pleased with myself that a good days work done.  Mavis said did you  do the fence as well as it has large holes in it.. I said I have replaced all the damaged pannels this weekend. She said not that one. So now I am hopeing  for a couple of hours dry  tomorrow when I can sort  that too. Cant be much more  fence and gate wise left to do now ??? Unless you know something I dont.

We took louis for his run in the park . But I was in a lot of  pain. My back was  stiff and I could hardly get into the car. When we came home I  rested on the settee . I  wonder  how long I have got to wait for my next consultation to freeze my spine.

Life is full of surprises.


at last the Gate  is here albeit late. Ive spent a good couple of hours putting in  one of those spike fence post things. Then fit the support post  to hang the gate on. I am a bit  concerned as the gate is so heavy. WE are out tomorrow mavis meeting somewhere. So I wont be working tomorrow. So the other post will have to wait.

It looks ok at the moment so  the wait will be worth it.


I dont believe it. Waited nearly a week  for this bloody gate to  come. Ive had loads of emails   sory for delay. Its on its way .its been despatched etc etc. The lates in response to my complaint. They have no record of my order.??????????

What now??


Well after wasteing  most of the day waiting for  the gate  . I  made a late start  round the side garden digging up giant tulip bulbs and with my back ,must be mental. Ive been raking  gravel into  heaps ready to  lay artificial grass tomorrow. Ive ordered some more  ,we dont have enough.. Erecting the gate will have to wait ,[probably till Tuesday because  it wont come now  untill at least Monday. I have let the company know that I am not a happy bunny. It will be  my luck  for this nice weather to turn before I can finish the job.


2 pm and my  gate still not here. Another day wasted waiting. Too latte now even if it  comes now. Maybe end up a wasted weekend. Not impressed. They wont get  5 star feedback.