Another slip

I couldnt believe it sitting on settee she called out from the garden RAY RAY its the gas. I jumped up trying to put my slippers on fell arse over tit into the table . Outside the terrible noise of a burst gas tank deafening I dashed to our gas but it wasnt ours she was still shouting at me I then saw she was in a heap at the bottom of the steps. Colin ran over to help her up we both took an hand but couldnt do it. Next the other colin came in the garden between them they got her on her feet, she said she was ok after a few jokes they left she went indoors I checked on her but apart from scratches she was ok. It was next doors gas tank that blew It gets too hot in the sun and the pipes burst. I am worried about this falling over thing it could be after affects of radiotheraphy. Must keep an eye on her and it.

A Slip up.

The day started out at 9 am when I had to be vidioed reading one of my poems. Then Mavis did her bit. So around 10 am it was off to the hospital again. It was just to be a quick drop in and out. I didnt even switch the car off. But as I managed to park up not where I usually do I got out and waited by the door. But she was a long time coming. In the mean time I saw half a woman fall over behind an ambulance. But an ambulance man saw it and went to her aid. I thought should I see if I can help. But by then so many people Staff were attending to her. While I remained at the door waiting for her to exit I heard my name so I literally ran over to where this woman was hunched up on the ground surrounded by nurses. I was gob smacked when I saw it was mavis. She looked up at me and said I am sorry almost in tears. Do you know her one asked me Yes its my wife. One had dashed inside to get a wheelchair . Next came 2 Dr`s and I think a total of 5 nurses. ” men from the ambulances lifted her up and put her in the wheelchair. They told me she has cut her hand and its bleeding they will take her to the injuries unit. Suggesting I re park in the other carpark so as she wont have far to go to get home. I drove to it parked up as I got out I saw this guy waving and beckoning me over. I had arrived. We were booked in and wheeled to a waiting area. A few mins and she was called. So it was up to me to get the brakes off and push her. The service was excellent they did loads of tests and finally cleaned and put one of those stitch things in her hand bandaged it and we were free to go. She has a swollen knee and its quite sore but she has had a sleep and seems better now. never a dull moment .


Its now 5 days since Mavis began radiotheraphy. It was not a good start. The first one left her really sick and bad, In real bad pain. So she was prescribed Morphine . that helped her sleep at night. She would still wake up wimpering with pain. That first night she was crying with pain and got out of bed but collapsed at the bottom of the bed she could not move. I was panicing should I call an ambulance . I did manage to help her to the toilet but she was in a state.

The 2nd treatment was a little better at least the pain was now managed she slept most of the day but she had no energy and was still feeling sick but it was getting better. We were looking fwd to bank holiday with our son but we had to cancel she desperately wanted to go. But I said no . She has since agreed. Now today she was awake at 3.40 am but very little pain and sickness.

She even managed a spell in the garden. But now we have treatment No 3 tomorrow. So for now its WTS.

New Phone

The new phone came today. A simple job unplug the 2 leads from old one and plug into new one. Naah. Did that nothing. Re read the instructions again. I have done nothing wrong. But totally dead.

Eventually I sussed it. I could not use the leads from old phone. I had to use the new ones that came with it. There was no difference but hey ho it works so thats it.

A Ride out.

Gosh how exciting, going outside. even if it was enclosed in a tin box. I needed to check the car. After the starting problems recently I had to test my new battery.

With fingers crossed and a worrying walk to the car, will it start. Pressing the fob clunk the alarm switched off ,yer! it did that last time but battery was dead. Gingerly I climbed in. Put key in ,dash lights all on. OK here goes, BRM BRM yes it started. OK off we go out the gate ,which way ,it does`nt matter. We were out. We drove round for about 1 and half hrs picked up 45 quids worth of juice and headed home.

It was good to just get away from home for a bit been shut in for over a year now its not natural. I will leave car another week and see how it goes.

Watch and Wait

A telephone consultation today . My Oncologist is happy with the results of my recent Radiotheraphy. She decided to monitor me for the next 4 months unless I have a problem.

Other than that I am having a crap day e. Some days this covid lock in gets to me. Its been a year now being confined. At my age I probably dont have manny more years I am just wasting life.

Power out Update

I had decided to replace the battery today. I checked opening times for my Local halfords. 8 to 8pm no problem. I phoned to book an appointment, not necessary . I had a quick breakfast and left house at just a tad after 9 am. Approaching the car clunk a good sign as fob has unlocked for me. Climbed in belted up Turned the key ,NOTHING. ……..Oh well back home to the shed for my spare battery . Loaded onto my little trolley and back to car. After connecting jump leads the wrong way round and getting a large flash changed over the leads. Turning the key with great expectation. Nothing again. OMG turning the key again click click Nothing. Dashboard lights are on whats wrong???A last panic resort turn the key again and hey presto life in the old gal she fired into life.

Now its off to Halfords. Walking into the shop The guy said he could fit my battery in about 15 mins great. He asked me ,did I get a price when I phoned in earlier. I said no. So he checked on his computer and said I am sorry but we dont have your battery in stock. Your nearest is in Canterbury almost 20 miles away. So off I set for Canterbury But several miles later the road ahead was closed, meaning back tracking and a Large detour. Taking into consideration Mavis had to get back for a zoom meeting I decided to abandon the trip and just go home. After parking up I noted the voltage was up from 20% to 80% so at least the Alternator is pumping juice in. Thats a concern sorted.

So now Ive made a note that battery was reading 11.9v not fully charged, . I will check it tomorrow and over the weekend and if its still not holding a charge then its another go at Halfords in Canterbury on Monday. WTS

Power out

2 months ago I invested in a spare car battery because mine was flat. Because of Covid we dont get out much and so it doesnt get charged . Today I went to check it as it was 6 days since I last used it. Clunk the lock was unlocked. A good sign. I checked my meter down to 27% UK Oh. I nervously turned the key click clic clic in quick succession. But did not start. Useless. I must now accept I have a problem as when I parked last it read 11.9v So it has not held its charge. So tomorrow I must bite the bullet and replace it. My spare cost me £80.00 But to replace it I need a stop start type £120.00 So Halfords here I come.

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