Power out Update

I had decided to replace the battery today. I checked opening times for my Local halfords. 8 to 8pm no problem. I phoned to book an appointment, not necessary . I had a quick breakfast and left house at just a tad after 9 am. Approaching the car clunk a good sign as fob has unlocked for me. Climbed in belted up Turned the key ,NOTHING. ……..Oh well back home to the shed for my spare battery . Loaded onto my little trolley and back to car. After connecting jump leads the wrong way round and getting a large flash changed over the leads. Turning the key with great expectation. Nothing again. OMG turning the key again click click Nothing. Dashboard lights are on whats wrong???A last panic resort turn the key again and hey presto life in the old gal she fired into life.

Now its off to Halfords. Walking into the shop The guy said he could fit my battery in about 15 mins great. He asked me ,did I get a price when I phoned in earlier. I said no. So he checked on his computer and said I am sorry but we dont have your battery in stock. Your nearest is in Canterbury almost 20 miles away. So off I set for Canterbury But several miles later the road ahead was closed, meaning back tracking and a Large detour. Taking into consideration Mavis had to get back for a zoom meeting I decided to abandon the trip and just go home. After parking up I noted the voltage was up from 20% to 80% so at least the Alternator is pumping juice in. Thats a concern sorted.

So now Ive made a note that battery was reading 11.9v not fully charged, . I will check it tomorrow and over the weekend and if its still not holding a charge then its another go at Halfords in Canterbury on Monday. WTS

Power out

2 months ago I invested in a spare car battery because mine was flat. Because of Covid we dont get out much and so it doesnt get charged . Today I went to check it as it was 6 days since I last used it. Clunk the lock was unlocked. A good sign. I checked my meter down to 27% UK Oh. I nervously turned the key click clic clic in quick succession. But did not start. Useless. I must now accept I have a problem as when I parked last it read 11.9v So it has not held its charge. So tomorrow I must bite the bullet and replace it. My spare cost me £80.00 But to replace it I need a stop start type £120.00 So Halfords here I come.

Pics transfe

After 2 days working hard Ive transfered 1473 photos . All this agro because I downloaded avast and it took away all my passwords and so begins the hunt through notebooks to find them. When it came to google photos. It rejected any attempt to load pasword. So only option create new one then it didnt recognise my account and it created a new one but without all py pictures. And so began the nightmare. I had to get them off my macbook onto a folder and then get that folder onto my windows laptop then open and upload 1473 images into google photos. But now its done. Ive got copies on just about everything I have. Ive also created a restore point. I should have done this earlier but its a new laptop and I am a bit behind. lesson learned.


On Saturday I was getting the Covid-19 jab Mavis came with me and asked if there were any cancellations as we both have cancer and it would be nice to both get it out of the way. The Nice Dr in the reception que said no problem. So There you have it. We have now both been done.

Tomorrow Tuesday I have an appointment for Radiotheraphy for my Lymphoma. Another day.

Good news

A lot since my last post. Mavis`s scan results were good STABLE only 1mm growth since last scan. She has now been passed back to kent and Canterbury Hospital as Marsden have no new trials for her. So No traveling 150 mile round trips and sitting in the freezing car for hours.

My Scan results at estuary view were inconclusive. But Dr Yoing phoned me and she has seen my scans that coupled with my scan with her she says my leg problem is due to a lymph node in my groin and says Radiotheraphy will help me. I have an appointment to discuss that on 12th jan so maybe I will know more then. Thats about it .

New year

A new blank page to begin 2021. If only life was like that. We are probably not out of the woods yet. I think most of this year will be the same as last. Shut in fear of going out,no where to go thats safe. Never known a year like it.

Christmas a washout. What would we have done without Netflix. A sanity saver. TV was as usual total Crap. Seemed even worse this year. Repeats after repeats re hashed old rubbish just to fill a schedule. But we now move on. happy New Year to each of you.

Its behind us now.

Well Christmas 2020 is now over. I am sure its a Christmas none of us will forget.It will be remembered for several reasons, sadness being the most thought of.

Perhaps 2021 will see Covid sorted and we can settle back to some sort of normality. Normality what is that? So much has changed so many things were normal will no longer be.

We will create a new normal, in time that which we will call normal will be so different.

Happy New Year.


Well I had my follow up scan today. it was for 10.30. I arrrived at 10.05 and was asked to go and sit in my car for a further 10 minutes. Which I did. After booking in I was welcomed by the nurse I saw last week hello again she said ,its anothe scan on your left leg isnt it.

The scan was in most aspects good results. She is concerned at the size of the lump in my groin. In conclusion it would seem to be down to cellulitis. Its still swollen my foot is like a balloon. I asked about all the nodules that have become evident. She said ” I will say this quietly ,its an age thing”

She will contact my GP with her findings. in the mean time my oncologist is getting back to me this week regarding this lump and suspects that its my Lymphoma rearing up again. So today its wait and see.


Things have moved on a bit over the past couple of weeks. Ive got used to my new laptop ,mastered most things in windows again. I do miss my macbook but hey ho progress. My leg has swolen for several weeks and Ive seen my GP who refered me for a scan. That scan was inconclusive and I have another one tomorrow. Maybe DVT ,a clot or something else. Ive had a phone consultation with my oncologist on friday. I told her about my leg. She is convinced that its my Lymphome in my groin causing this. She is trying to get me Rdioactive treatment or more chemo. She will get back to me within a week.

It is 10 months today since Louis crossed the rainbow bridge. God how I miss him.

Looks like a lonely Christmas this year. Mavis has a scan on 31st as she has had no treatment since february we are anxious about results. Me I am just a few weeks off my 83rd birthday so every day is a bonus. Well thats about me upto date.


I decided to download Avast onto my new computer. Afterall you need protection dont you. But Although Ive got it on my other pc’s It was a disaster on this one. As soon as it downloaded and installed Everything I tried to open it wanted passwords and then confirmation that I am who I say I am. none of my passwords were acceptable . It was now taking ages to open anything.The final straw came when it told me my password was not accepted in Google then it said It did not recognise my account the whole thing locked up. I had no option but to turn off and uninstall Avast. Soon as that done all was back to normal.

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