What a day. The usual  walk  with louis was pleasant in the warm sunshine.  Then I  had a list of jobs to do. It started with me on the roof of the van. Mavis  said it was covered in green and needed cleaning. So like the good boy I am I  got the ladders out and set to. I got a few  comments from passers-by,like is it cold up there and did mavis hide the keys.

Next a job over due  the window in the van has warped in the heat and I attempted  filing a bit off the frame to  ease it but it’s not done yet. It was so hot I took a break.

But Mavis said the front door  had leaked in the heavy rain last night. So it was a trip to B & Q for  mastic frame sealant another walk with louis and back home for a spot of lunch. Next it was sort the front door by  repacking the seal. Whats on my list next Ah yes sort the toilet cassette in the van because  they had problems on the rally at the weekend. Sorted that I  tried sorting Tom Tom speed cameras but no luck so another email  to them. They sorted my linking problem yesterday so that’s working now.

As I  parked the car  The Bird s mess all over the roof and down the back was amazing, Now add to my list clean the car.

It was far to hot to do it early so it was a job for after tea. I used the new stuff that came with car. Shampoo was ok but the buffer   I am not impressed with it  still looks smeary. But I havent stopped all day  so  sod it. It will wait till tomorrow.

So far I don’t have a list for tomorrow but its early yet.

mavis has worked like a dog aswell . Doesnt matter how many times a say hey ease up  it makes no difference.


It was up early  ready for Marsden. traffic on M25 was good today. No major holdup. We arrived in nice time. Mavis  was allocated a chair this week  the bed last time was not good. Today  most of the staff were on holiday  but  as it was after a slight hiccup with bloods we were sorted and on our way home just after 2 pm. A bit of shopping on the way home but indoors at 4.30 ish.

mavis loves the new satnav we bought yesterday. it’s a bit quieter than the other one but that’s  normal I am told. Tom Tom sorted my complaint over night. It would not link the new on to my account but it’s updated now and all ok.

apparently I nodded off a lot in  hospital today.I am not used to getting up at quarter to 5 am. So it’s probably an early night tonight.


Hi. home again. I have posted each day on F/B But as an update. Thursday  we were all set to  leave for the weekend. van packed fridge on clothes in wardrobe. Louis  in his seat Mavis strapped in. Ready she asked. Just a final check I said. And to my Horror I had a flat. Sorry luv Got a flat. Set my pump up switch on. No  improvement. Everybody out I said Its time to call the AA. Next problem. I dialed on my mobile. hello you are through to the emergency services Then came the painful bit. If you require this press 1 if that press 2 you know the routine. Well  I am not up to speed on this new phone. I pressed everything I got the message sorry  you have failed to respond we are closing this call. I was infuriated. I flung the phone into the back of the Van and stormed indoors to use a land line. Temper temper. Eventually I very nice man turned up checked things out . I said I have found 2 enormous  bits of flint  buried in the tread. Thats not your problem  he told me. Look the valve is sliced in half. you need a new valve. So  he set too and changed my wheel. next step  round to the garage and asked if they could do it while I wait. Yes was the answer, just  show me where it is. I said can you change  the wheel for me and stow the old one under the van back in its cage. Of course he said. So we sat about for   a while untill it was all done. I went to pay and was gobsmacked. My first thoughts were it wants a new tyre  expecting to fork out  nearly £60  its only  4 months old . But no it only wanted a valve all done and dusted £10.50 Sir he said. Wow! Well impressed. So now at last we can set off. We arrived on site in just over an hour. The sat nav is still playing up switching in and out  as it pleases. But we got there mainly because we knew the route anyway. The weather was brilliant. My face is like a beetroot. We walked up  to the edge of town but Mavis couldn’t make it  further so after a sit down we came back. come today its time to think about  what time to leave. Oh about 3 pm Mavis said. Oh No rush then. So we sat about chatting  when all of a sudden large drops of rain smacked me on the head and a quick look over my shoulder showed a black sky coming in fast. it was a mad dash to  get things packed away. Chairs  folded and stowed all the odd bits thrown in the back box . Whipping off the silver screen so  it doesn’t get wet.. Unplugging and packing the Solar panel. By this time mavis is shouting through the window get inside but its to late I am soaked. We sat looking at the rain for a minute or two  and decided to call it a day. we almost left the park but  as we got to the road we couldn’t see a thing it was torrential so we waited till it eased a bit but soon we were behind loads of cars all splashing away. Then trapped behind a tractor for miles through country lanes. It wasnt long before mavis told me  the sat nav has no sound although it says it has. Then its changed to 2 d again then all weird things happening. Thats it I said I will call in to Halford on the way home and get another on. So that’s what we did. the rain eased up and the closer we got to home the brighter it became. I nipped into Halford. But  they didn’t have the model I was looking for but the next one up  ” More money ” of course. It’s still in the box at the moment but we need it for the journey to hospital  at 6 am tomorrow morning. Nothing different there then.


Mavis was  gardening this morning. I did a LITTLE bit to help her. It looks  neater. The man behind is going to  clear his hedge. So when we get back it  should look pretty  clear. We shall see.

Later we are off to Rye. So  unfortunately  No puzzles for a few days. Sorry.Louis is on edge he knows when he sees bags packed in the porch that he is either going with us or not.When we get back its off to marsden again.Then a few days later off to Marsden again. Then a few days after that its off to Marsden again then it will be time for Malvern show. So much travelling to do.


Its a bit fresher today. In fact  walking up the lane with louis I needed a jacket on.IMG_20140723_100104                                                                                                                                   Farmers have cut the Hay across  the road.

We went to Margate to visit a friend. We got lost. Mavis said did you put it in the sat nav. I said No. You had the address. she said its 98. So we turned round and got to 98 Its not that one. Whats gone wrong. So we turned round again. 3 times we did this untill we realised its not thhis road. Eventually we found it. We  spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting. It was obvious that we were tireing her out so we left . It was nice to see her again. On the way back a bit of shopping for stuff to take away with us.Its now mostly in the van now ready.


Another change day its quite fresh out. Dull overcast. I dont believe it Mavis has put the heating on.sus10 (300 x 169)

This odd picture is of me sitting  in the van watching a reflection of mavis on the TV screen washing the back of the van. Cleaning she never stops.

I walked louis but  the lane is empty and a fresh wind blowing.


Sun came out  after lunch ,mavis wanted to go to the farm shop so we took louis for a run in the park then on to the farm shop for cherries strawberies and victoria plumbs. Could be belly ache tomorrow.

I was going to update  my  tablet but as I have had problems before I thought I would check it  out first. Good job I did because  several comments agree that  the 4.4.4 update is causing more problems than it fixes. So I am steering clear for now.

I remember updating my TomTom sat nav and it totally destroyed it. It turned out the updates were unstable. That cost me over a 100 quid for a new one. So I am always nervous  now.Sometimes the version you have thats working is better than the updates that destroy.

Oh Oh Oh trouble at Mill in Emerdale.


WE have had a smashing  few days away.Both enjoyed it. The weather has been perfect what more could you ask. Apart from  a hic up in mavis yesterday  its been worth  going.For both of us its been a real lazy day. No computers no shopping no hospitals and doctors. Just a plain ole chill out weekend. Hopefully  a few more of them before christmas. Even mavis managed a walk round the field with louis. She says she wants to  strengthen her legs and loose a few pounds. Even me has lost a few pounds . The new bigger trousers I bought may have to hang on the hook for a bit.

We did have a bit of a problem  with the sat nav coming home. We will watch it on  next outing if that continues then its another new one on the cards. More expense.

Its a bit late now to put a puzzle up for today but promise I will in the morning.

Washing is done rubbish sorted almost back to normal. Got a big job lined up for tomorrow. Its up on the roof of my camper. Mavis found some green algie  when she looked through the heki. I should have smacked her legs. Its not easy getting up there these days.