A Rollercoaster

Waking up today With a new day in front. I  was thinking how life is like a roller coaster. It rolls between different Doctors and treatments. Each one we put our faith in. Each one we hope will be the ONE.  One moment we are up next we are down, but still we tread the road.. Now this journey has come to traffic lights ,they are amber. When they change again they will be green and we move onto  the next junction.. As long as that junction has yet more junctions to traverse the journey will be reward enough.

Have I got anything planned  today Mavis asked. ? How about we go  to  collect my new glasses. So that’s what we did. Canterbury was  quiet. With the strike on I expected  thousands to be gathering. But it was a  normal day.

Mavis fitted in a few shops. It wouldn’t be Mavis if she didn’t. We or rather she thinks all the christmas presents have been got now. But  that remains to be seen.

She found it hard going  and was short of breath but  when we got back it was  a hot coffee and then I am ashamed to say  a Lovely Nap. Only broken by louis barking  about  a good hour later. Mavis said he was a good boy to have let her sleep. So I rewarded him with some dog chocs.

A Day of Hope

Would you like this in your CHRISTMAS STOCKING.


We are off to see the Man this morning. Hope  hope hope for news that wont break our hearts.


The visit to hospital today was not the bad news we  syched  up for. Mavis is  being taken off the trial. Its not  working. So  the recomendation is  to go  back on conventional chemo at Kent  & Cant.  It means  a 10 hour day again being pumped full of  stuff and 10 days of sickness again. But if thats what it takes.

Mavis  blog will no doubt give better details.

I am  just relieved  its not  bad bad news.

Maves Blog

A Happy Chappy

So The young Fella really Liked his painting. He is taking it to school today bless him.


WE got the phone call from the hospital this morning. It was the call we didn’t want.

Now we go  to see the top man  tomorrow.

24 hours of nail biting.

After a couple of hours and talking  between us. We still have options. But until we hear what they  tell  us tomorrow . We are in Limbo.

It may not  all be doom and gloom.

Maves Blog

A little bit Of Frivolity

Medium.. Oil On Daler.

This was a frivolous attempt.I saw it on a Birthday Card.

Mavis has got to do a A day in the Life of Louis. That should be fun.

We just got back from his walk. There are some big black clouds up there. And its windy.

My new router is working well. Ive had a bit of a de clutter . Its gone in the shed. Next move for it is in the skip.

 Ive been finalising my  speech for The Talk  in manchester . The things I get   dragged into.

 I can smell bacon and eggs  wafting in here. Im off.


After an hours drop off  this afternoon. We watched a bit of TV.

It was about the man mavis met in Grenwich. Then we watched the hotel  program. One of them was  local in Canterbury.


I am still having problems with these new Pills metformin. last time they put me on them I couldnt tollerate them. Nothing has changed. Ill  take them again tonight and if I get the same then thats it No More.

Maves Blog

What to do today

Medium: Oil on Daler.

This is one I did  a while back. I have always admired it.                                                                                           Could I do it Justice ? . So here is my  Version of, Johannes Vermeers. Girl with the Pearl Earing.                     I entered it in a Art Society Competition and it Got 2nd Place. I was well pleased.

Still having problems with in coming calls so we went and bought a new phone.

Then we walked louis along Hernbay Front. It was a bit fresh.


I have set up the new phone, wait for in coming calls?.

My 2 Paintings have been delivered safely and well received so thats good news.

I sent this to Jan Weston. I only had her small Avitar to work from. So I was surprised that it  worked well.

I started the day with what shall I do today. Well After   walking Louis , shopping. and other bits. I found when a friend tried  to phone me that I still had a problem. So I decided to shift furniture  to get at  the phone sockets hidden behind  book cases . I  dismantled the front room socket to test it. No it was so noisy. . No  the line was still noisy. I  phoned  my home from the mobile. You couldn’t  get through  its noisy and cuts off. So now  I changed the filter in the den. Ah¬ this phone works. Lets try it in front room and so it went swapping phones and  filters. The extension in the den isn’t working. Quick trip to B n Q  back home fit new extensions. eventually its all working. All the stuff is back  in place.

Thats it don’t touch anything else. So I say  again what will tomorrow bring. I dread to think.


Mavis Blog

New Broadband

Medium: Oil on Daler

This was for Mavis`s Irish Friend.

Mavis said can you paint a nice old Irish Cottage for my friend. After I  had done it she told the friend that it was how she pictured her home. Dont be silly . I live in a modern Block of Flats she said.

Oh well another  illusion smashed.

My new Broadband was nearly 5 times faster than my BT one. How can that be when the new one is using the same equipment and the same local exchange. Its still not as fast as promised but I’ll settle for what I got.


We set off in search of christmas presents  this morning. Mavis had particular  things in mind. Some we got some we didnt. I  dropped into the health centre to arrange a prescription. We gave louis a nice run.

When I checked my Sugar  this morning it was 13,6. Blimey that’s even worse than the previous one.  But when we came home I checked again and its a bit more respectful with 6.6. I should watch it. Mavis said she will keep an eye on me because she needs me. Oh that’s nice love I said , She said I need you for my trips to hospital. Oh right. I do have my  uses. On the way home we had the usual inconsiderate and stupid drivers  in front. But I  ignored them. mave said whats up with you, you  normally  rant at things like that. I said to-day I feel in a generous mood. We all do  silly things at times.

But now with hindsight I think it’s because my sugar level is down. Thats my excuse anyway.

Maves Blog

Scan Day Today

 Medium: Oil on Daler Board.

An Old Dutch Mill.

 This one I liked for the intense clouds.


Its Hospital Day and a Change of Phone and Broadband suppliers today.


It was up early

Ready for the hospital visit. First it was find the ct scan dept. then a short wait before being called. The male nurse had a job finding a vein after 3 goose he gave up and a nurse came and did it first time. With that out the way it was time to. Find the resultant for lunch because we has a couple of hours to while away. We had Gamon and mash. I must confess the mash was too rich for me. Mavis said it was made with butter. Then we made our way to oncology suite. Booked in and reported to pharmacy. Now we sit and wait for 2 more hours .Then about an hour and a half waiting while she has the treatment. We knew this regime would be tough but I didn’t realize just how tiring it would be. This week has been very heavy with a long day on Tuesday.


I had to chase my chemist. Before we left ,they hadn’t delivered my pills. They said they are ready for collection. I said NO. They are on home delivery. Ok they will be out to you today. This is the third time I’ve had to chase them.

It must be midnight tonight that my broadband is switched. I expected it to be off when I got up. So before I go to bed I will have to set up the new router. otherwise Mavis will not be a happy bunny.


We arrived home just as it got dark. Mavis took the statuary 1 hour after  Drugs  her dose of chemo. We had a quick  tea. Then I  checked my broadband.

Oh well i wasnt surprised  BT have made the change over.  And my new suppliers router  wasnt working. No surprise there then. But  after a couple of attempts myself . I made the dreaded call. But  I was directed to Tech Sup. A very nice helpful engineer  talked me through  the set up. It should have been pre set for me. But  as my luck it was set incorrectly. But  we got it up and I am now up and running. It’s a bit nerve-racking  leaving BT. But if the rest of the service is handled as good as my first one today .it’s No Probs.

I havent really got much else to report today. No results from the hospital. We have to wait  until Tuesday. If we get the call not to come then it will be good news. If we get the call  to  come in, then it’s not good news.

I pray  we don’t have to go we need a bit of good news.

 anyway its TTFN from me.