A Day of Hope

Would you like this in your CHRISTMAS STOCKING. *** We are off to see the Man this morning. Hope  hope hope for news that wont break our hearts. *** The visit to hospital today was not the bad news we  syched  up for. Mavis is  being taken off the trial. Its not  working. So  theContinue reading “A Day of Hope”

A Happy Chappy

So The young Fella really Liked his painting. He is taking it to school today bless him. *** WE got the phone call from the hospital this morning. It was the call we didn’t want. Now we go  to see the top man  tomorrow. 24 hours of nail biting. After a couple of hours andContinue reading “A Happy Chappy”

A little bit Of Frivolity

Medium.. Oil On Daler. This was a frivolous attempt.I saw it on a Birthday Card. Mavis has got to do a A day in the Life of Louis. That should be fun. We just got back from his walk. There are some big black clouds up there. And its windy. My new router is working well.Continue reading “A little bit Of Frivolity”

New Broadband

Medium: Oil on Daler This was for Mavis`s Irish Friend. Mavis said can you paint a nice old Irish Cottage for my friend. After I  had done it she told the friend that it was how she pictured her home. Dont be silly . I live in a modern Block of Flats she said. OhContinue reading “New Broadband”

Oh ! For a Restful Day

Medium : Oil on Daler Board. Napoleon in the Alps This was an exercise on Horses. The Canvas was recently Re Cycled. I have got to  get a new Blood test meter today. Mine is on the blink. It’s a really nice sunny morning. Not like yesterdays thick Fog. Mavis had a good night. WeContinue reading “Oh ! For a Restful Day”

By popular Request

Preview postMedium:  Oil on Daler Board. This was Commissioned By the Chairman of the MCC. To present to the Groups President. I must say I was surprised to  be asked to  carry on posting my  paintings. I only Stopped because I  thought  you would find it boring. But I am  happy to  put them back.Continue reading “By popular Request”

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