Its about time I  posted  again. I am tied up with so many things for the foundation .Its been a hectic past  couple of weeks . Back and forth to London. Manchester, Stratford upon Avon And several other  places  in between. Ive been working on Extension web pages for  her  Web ie All things asbestos. A Latest news page. All these take time .Not something |I can do in an hour. But it keeps me off the streets. Ive got my Audiology Appointment. Ive booked MOT for the Van. We are out again  to Brunel University to give presentations. Been twice to Vets with Louis. I almost bought shares in  British Rail recently when they wanted £852 for 2 day returns to Manchester. I cant write here what passed between me and the booking clerk. Before I got it down to under £300. I didnt know they employed comedians . Ive spent hours refining and editing 2 power Point presentations. I just hope they go down well.

Well thats me for now.