Its Wednesday

Mavis is up today and looks fine. Shes not perfect but I’ll settle for what  she is today. Any improvement is a bonus. I was up early for my  appointment. After  several tests it was decided that I must attend again next Tuesday and be prepared for Laser Eye Surgery. It seems I have glaucoma?Continue reading “Its Wednesday”

What a Day

Well we did it. After  weeks of will we wont we. Can we can’t we. It  finally Happened. Here is Mavis about to board The Orient express. Chatting up the Steward already. It  was a fantastic Day. There is nothing  that I could criticise. We were treated like lord and lady muck all day. TheContinue reading “What a Day”


Its a really nice bright day out there. Our walk  with Louis was Ok. But i am surprised that Mavis is still tired after a short walk. So much different from  a few months ago. This chemo has certainly taken its toll. I am used to her  stepping out and fit. But  I hope thatContinue reading “Saturday”

Its Friday!

I was tempted to not  do a post today because I havent  done much. We left home about  7.30  this morning for mavis Blood Tests. The nurse wasnt  to pleased with her Swollen Ankles and said she should go to  our GP . Which we did.  But  we were told  go home the Doctor willContinue reading “Its Friday!”


It’s such a lovely day out side. Sun shining  and no cold wind. We are off to  wetherspoons to meet some friends for lunch . I’ve sorted out  my free TV licence for next year. I did it over the phone in a couple of minutes. So simple. That will save me £150 next year.Continue reading “Canterbury”

District Nurse and Chiropractic

Thats the Nurse for Mavis and the other for me. Can I just say a thankyou for all your Birthday Cards. Thank you all .XXX. After  sitting waiting again for the Nurse. at 8.30. We had a call at 10. She said she came but we were out. She rang the bell for ages. SoContinue reading “District Nurse and Chiropractic”

Opthalmic Clinic

Off to  hospital later. I have found the grout in  shower tiles needs re doing today so that’s a new job for me. But  its got to wait till I get  back today. I still havent found a new painting. But  I need a rest from it. *** Well it was a good drive  there.Continue reading “Opthalmic Clinic”

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