Its Wednesday

Mavis is up today and looks fine. Shes not perfect but I’ll settle for what  she is today. Any improvement is a bonus.

I was up early for my  appointment.

After  several tests it was decided that I must attend again next Tuesday and be prepared for Laser Eye Surgery. It seems I have glaucoma? As Long as I can continue driving mavis to and from the hospital that’s ok. So  at the moment I’ve got drops to see what happens  I will get pains and discomfort  for about 3/4 days. Ah! well that’s life but not as we know it Jim.

I’ve just spilt Superglue over my desk. I didn’t see it I  got a tissue to wipe it up. I was shocked to learn that  the puddle was red-hot it burnt my fingers. I never knew that. So be aware its hot in a quantity.

The most exciting thing today was  mavis said  she broke the shelf inside the fridge  Door.  So I am trying to  glue it.

I also bought  one of those little chains that you fit on  your glasses  and hang  round your neck.  Works fine as I know where they are now. But I feel like Larry Grayson,Yuk!!!


Sometimes the simplest of things can wind you up. I was expecting confirmation of the appointment over the phone. But they called before I got back from the hospital. They refused to  tell mavis. So I rang them. After  press this and that. I get please state name and department. Ophthalmology. Did You say Dorking???? No. Did you say robinwayso??? No.  umpteen did you say stupid things. I stopped responding. Sorry that name is not in my  dictionary. Please hold I will pass you  to my supervisor.

Hello can I help , so on we go again. Sorry no one here rang you today. Hhave you a patient ref. Yes. Sorry we have no records under that ref.

Look I was in the clinic this morning  and I was with  the doctor  who has made a temp reservation for next week. Sorry but  are sure it was this clinic.

Right Enough is enough. Just put me through  to the clinic I  want to speak with my doctor NOW.

Please hold  ………………………

Hello can I help. here we go again can I have your ref. Yes its. Oh  I’ve just spoken to you havent I.  Yes Just put me through to  the doctor.

I  heard her say Ive got that man on the phone again.

Then I get a man,  hello  I am the supervisor can I help.      Explain all over again.

Ah yes you left before we could make an appointment didn’t you. No you said I can go home and you will phone me. But  you  phoned before I got home to take your call.

At last we are getting there. Yes please hold while I check.

Please confirm  name , address , dob , what you had for breakfast yesterday , where did you go for holiday 10 years ago ,  who ties your shoe laces.  It just goes on and on. Then At last we can confirm your appointment.

Thats all I asked for.

See what I mean.

Rant Over

Now poor mavis is having the same thing  paying the electric bill on-line it  doesn’t recognise  account number and  tells us we owe a fortune. technology  is sometimes so painful.


Well  mavis has enjoyed an evening meal. She looks a bit puffy but  otherwise OK.

Maves Blog

A new day

After a long and tiring day  for her yesterday. and the worry of a reaction to  the chemo. She looks a lot better  this morning. She was up early. But has now gone back to bed exhausted . She needs a good rest.

We had a call from the Local Paper today they want to  interview her  for an article on Meso. The young lady  interviewed me this morning to get  a rough  idea of my side. But it was only briefly.

She will ring back  later  when mavis is up and feeling a bit better.

I’ve been sending photos to them which they asked for of mavis.

I’ve updated my diary  with all the changed appointments so that’s done. We end up with so many it’s hard to keep track of them all. I am off to  the ophthalmic clinic on Wednesday to see if I get a new pair of eyeballs ( only joking ) to get results of last weeks tests. Then Friday its hospital  for scans  for mavis.


Well the phone rang  at 2 as arranged it was the local paper . Yes mavis is  ready  to talk to you. Poor luv she got up and toddled unsteady in here  to take the call.  But  the chat between them went well. She did ask a lot of questions after  which  when  we discussed it we said some of that  is not for publication. So I  contacted  the reporter and said certain  parts of your chat  today are personal and Not for publication for instance…. she said i fully understand  and of course I will respect your privacy. She thanked us for the time we took to talk to her.

mavis went back to bed she watched a bit  of telly but it wasnt long before she fell asleep.

We have sorted what she fancied for tea so I’ve got that ready to cook later.


Amazing I popped in to see if mave was awake,Yes watching The Chase. She said Louis needs a wee. So  lead on coat on and off we went me and louis that is. ,today was different instead of his quick  walk   to his spot and  tugging to gethome again ,he sniffed about a bit  and  made no attempt to go home so I tried  a longer walk, yes he was up for it. So we managed a walk right round the Park,.

He was happy to do it without me draging him. When  we got back he beelind for  the bedroom and up on the bed to check on his mummy. Who  is awake and looking  100% better. Will she stay like this or like last time went down hill for 10 days before pulling out of it.

Watch this space.

I wonder how many  will notice the slight change to  this blog???.

On the Merry Go Round

Set the alarm for 5 am,but Mavis was up at 4 am. Ready for the early appointment at the hospital.  Walking Louis at 6.30 am Poor little sod.

On the road at just after 7 am. Arrive at the hospital  around 7.45. mavis was a little late being called. But  it was soon underway. I stayed with her untill she was all plumbed in and set up. I said Ok  now your set I am of home. So I  will get back to her around 5 pm .she should be done about 6 pm. It’s a long  day for her.

Ive come home, done all the house work. Nothing much to do  now, except to take louis  for his walk.


Anybody else  getting  swamped in their email box with this Spin cash Trash. I get about 20 a day. as fast as I block them they change addresses. Its worse than penis enlargement and bloody Viagra crap. These people should be executed in the public square.


I left at  3.30  to ge  and collect Mavis. When I arrived she said Oh dear  we are running late I have over 2 more hours yet. So I sat with her . When it was almost time a nurse came and asked her if she was ok. No not really she said I have this runny nose and blocked sinuses. Yes  the nurse said and stared at her  with a concerned look. Do you have a temperature. let me check. This might be a reaction to the chemo. Let me do a blood pressure. Hmm! its high she said mavis said it really hurt. So  she fetched another m/c this time a better reading ,a little high. But then she went  and phoned for a doctor. We could catch some of the conversation. She told us just to be safe she has called a doctor to have a look  at her. he did usual checks  and questioned her. he prescribed 2 drugs to be fed into the line.

If we have any  further problems we must call an ambulance. Oh dear I am getting a bit scary now.

We finally left at 6.30 pm and got back home just before 7 pm thats almost a  12 hour day. She has had a bit of dinner now but is looking so  tired.

I hope a good nights rest will see an improvement by morning.

What a Day

Well we did it. After  weeks of will we wont we. Can we can’t we. It  finally Happened. Here is Mavis about to board The Orient express. Chatting up the Steward already.

It  was a fantastic Day. There is nothing  that I could criticise. We were treated like lord and lady muck all day. The service was excellent. Any doubts I had about what it cost and value for money went out the window the moment we arrived at Victoria. The picture on mavis face was amazing. She was beaming ear to ear. And as soon as we boarded and were seated individually by your Steward she was at home. happy and laughing. She even laughed at my Jokes Now that’s a first for years. She enjoyed the great food the people just about every thing. I am so  so pleased it went well for her.

Our only down side is its back to Chemo in the morning. But she can sit in  the chair and has lovely memories of the day to look back on.

If you  would like to see the photos, click  the link.  photos of  Orient Express

I apologise for the quality of some of them,its a bit  awkward in a rocking train to get them all sharp., enjoy.

Maves Blog


Its a really nice bright day out there. Our walk  with Louis was Ok. But i am surprised that Mavis is still tired after a short walk. So much different from  a few months ago. This chemo has certainly taken its toll. I am used to her  stepping out and fit. But  I hope that when this chemo  is over she can get back to her old self again.

It does concern me. She is also worried about her kidney. The test results have shown that it was 60% but  the last test shows its 40%. We knew  chemo  would be a problem for her. But that’s almost a 50% drop  since last time. This needs to be discussed when we see the oncologist next. Because this could have a major impact on future chemo treatment.

I keep telling her  its OK as she can pee for England but I am not the Doc.

Well we are ready for the trip tomorrow. Suits all ready shirts ironed. Shoes cleaned. Overcoat  out in case its cold. Because it’s a no T shirts and  Trainers day. Smart dress is the order of the day.

I’ve charged all my camera batteries and my gadget bag is packed with  cameras and batteries,tripod. Sd cards all just in case!.

I wont  be doing  an early posting  because we need to be out of here about half past 6  .

.tomorrow morning to catch an early train to London. So Louis will be up and out about 6 am. That will confuse him.

I had Autoglass out today  for  a couple of  chips in my windscreen. The guy  walked over and looked at  it. Where are they he said. Ah! thats one I pointed to. Is that the biggest he said. Yes it is. The other one or 2 are smaller. I seem to have caught a shower of stones.

Ok  the good news is. Its too small for me to  repair. Its just  grazed the surface. And its not in the field of view. Its quite safe at the moment.  If I attempt to repair that it could shatter the screen. Just keep an eye on it. If it gets any bigger call us. But that could last for years yet. The other one is is even smaller. So  that was that. Another job jobbed.

Maves Blog

Its Friday!

I was tempted to not  do a post today because I havent  done much. We left home about  7.30  this morning for mavis Blood Tests. The nurse wasnt  to pleased with her Swollen Ankles and said she should go to  our GP . Which we did.  But  we were told  go home the Doctor will phone you later. Which they did. She did explain things  , This is to be relayed to the Oncology team on Monday. But for now  not a lot they can do.

We called in to Asdas. is it me I asked Mavis but  I just don’t seem inspired by Asda. She said to be honest I am not inspired by ANY Supermarket. Yep I know what you mean. It’s an array of endless buy one get one free or  get 3 for 2  or half price it never ends. A voucher for this a voucher for that. Long gone are days when  My mother gave me the order book to  drop into the Co Op shop on the way to school and pick up  the grocery and carry it home after school. I still remember her  share number 13835. Blimey that’s about  64 /5 years ago. I remember that but don’t ask me what I did yesterday Dahhh!

But as I said I was tempted not to post today,but see I did do  things after all.

I ve spent  most of the rest of the afternoon surfing  rubbish.

Mavers Blog


It’s such a lovely day out side. Sun shining  and no cold wind. We are off to  wetherspoons to meet some friends for lunch . I’ve sorted out  my free TV licence for next year. I did it over the phone in a couple of minutes. So simple. That will save me £150 next year.


Had a nice meal  in town with Viv and Mike today. catching up on  news.

On the way home I  noticed a large chip in my windscreen. So that needs Auto Glass  ,I’ve contacted them and now waiting for a reply.

They came back to me. Its being done on saturday about 8 am.

Tomorrow it’s up early and off to  the hospital for mavis`s pre chemo blood tests.


Maves Blog