New year is almost upon us. What a year its been. Some events I will remember   for sure. But I think the one I will remember with a tear in my eye is without doubt the recent MNF  launch. I was so proud of Mavis. There is not one thing  on that night that was less than perfect.  It was a pleasure to meet The team from MERCK MSD. Its a shame that during my  short speech I got over emotional when  thanking them. I missed a lot of my notes My eyes were all  misty. The Team from Moore Blatch did a great Job. And Every single guest made it a night to be remembered..

Its been a bit quiet  since Christmas Day was over. But  I blame the weather for that. Ive  not done a lot. I have started to put a daily Puzzle on  FB again.  At the moment  its more for my enjoyment. It did drop off a lot when I did it  regular.

We have been going through the cupboards Finishing  Christmas Cake Pudding and Mince pies. The excuse  was  must not  throw them out best eat them. Got to let my belt out a notch. Got to get ready for Easter eggs. Although Ive got my Big  birthday coming up shortly. I am looking forward to  the planned trip.

Well as I said not  done a lot since. mavis is back in the swing of FaceBook not that she ever stopped. She has  all these ideas. But to be honest I  cant keep up with her. I`ll stick to driveing her about and being her RH man.

On a  final Note  I hope you all have a great 2018 And a Happy New Year.


Oh dear! Christmas Day almost over now. Family  left to  travel home.

But its been a nice day. Presents swapped  . Good food lots of chin wagging.  Naughty things  eaten, but thats what its about.

More naughty things tomorrow.

I hope you have all had or are still having a smashing day.


Phew! Its been a day of  RAY its  not working can you look at it. First  a set of Christmas lights . OK sorted. Next her PC again. Nothing . I tried  loads nothing worked. I googled  and tried ,nothing hours and hours Ive spent on it. Next another set of lights not working.  Out  with my soldering iron and scalpel . Split the little box open it had no screws. Not made for repair.  OK now sorted. So  she has 2 sets more lights. Back to  her pc more hours. Come  4pm I found a way into  system  I held my breath  and wow  a response There was life in it. It sat for ages  blinking. But it  slowly  came to life. Mavis was in the other room  she saw me smiling is it  working she asked. Yes I said. I got a kiss and she said what a clever boy. So  I am in  good books .


I had a letter to post today ,it was to my  old Army pal. We have kept in touch  for the past 59 years. So I said I am off to post this to Harry love OK. Mavis said you  know why you want to go  dont you. They have your special Cakes havent they. I said Hmm! yes I think they might have. can I get you anything . So  I got a few bits. I came back with  a Loaf 16 yogurts a bar of milk tray and yes 2 of my spa cakes. So  later I said Would  you like a coffee, So I made her a coffee and  a plate with my 2 favourite cakes a big round chunky icing and cherry covered Belgium Bun I am hooked. I got that  sideways look and a big grin, the grin that says See I told you.

But I did post the letter.


Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 19.01.54

Had a mad 5 minutes today  snapping anything in site  just to  do something other than crashing out. It was to  slippery  under foot o venture far. Couldnt even get Louis out the gate.  Ive got loads of Batterys in my drawer  when I checked  ,most were flat,so   I can feel a charging coming on. Mavis said I should get involved in linked. I have an acc but  I dont use it. So  linked here I come,albeit slowly.


Ballroom 6374Well its been  a week since the launch of  Mavis  Foundation.

I think its taken this long to  get over it. Only truth is I have not got over it. I ve put togethet the slide show of all the wonderful photos that Linda wride took. They will  conjure up memories for years to come. Thank you Linda for your Excellent pictures.

I say I have not got over  the night yet I had to sit here and watch mavis get more and more uptight worrying about the day. No amount of reasurance helped,then thats Mavis. But she had so many supporters that she had no need to worry.

The night was a night  to remember,Ive had a few  in my time but I rank this as an amazing intoxicating one .By intoxicating I mean in the emotional sense. Everything was perfect. The fantastic venue ,Thanks to  Trevor  Eman And Nicky and the team at MooreBlatch behind the scenes was like a fairy tale. The Hotel Venue Staff were so helpful the setting all Christmas like could not have been better. It was magical. The guests were fantastic, all pulling together as one big family. I was amazed at all those wonderful people giving their time to support Mavis. I have watched the slide show that I did several times and I mean several times. I have just  plugged my laptop into the TV to watch it bigger and I have to confess it  brought tears to my eyes. It  brings back the magic of the night. I think the choice of music helps it, but Mavis thinks you may not sorry.

I have been asked why was my small speech not also recorded for posterity.  Maybe I can do a transcript  later. But it was Mavis`s night. I  have never been so proud of her, She is an amazing  woman. Who never  fails to inspire. I did get emotional  during my speech  and messed up my notes but I hope I got my thoughts over to you all.

I cannot imagine another night topping that one . It was jaw dropping during the auction to see my paintings raise so much, unbelievable Mavis said she had to lift my jaw as it had dropped open as the bids grew. Bless you.

I must stop now as I could praise the night all day.

Thank you all  for making the night so special.