Our First Event as Dr,s

Yesterday we attended our first engagement as Alumni. But I nearly ruined it.

After  the hr long lecture we headed off for drinks before the dinner. We met more people . But no seats it was a standing only affair. After about half an hr The babble and standing just got to me. I remember looking at the floor it was slowly spinning I felt flushed and sick. Instead of getting better the spinning was faster vision was now minimal . I needed help but could not ask for it. Next thing I know mavis said they had  rushed and found me a chair. Mavis said  they were taking my pulse and giving me water,none of which I was aware of. It would seem I passed out. But slowly things got better offers of medical help were  not needed. Both Mavis and I were escorted to the dinning hall and seated. The outside walk in fresh air helped . I dont know what happened . But slowly I improved. we got home close to midnight. After  a lay in and a walk with louis I have slept  all day on and off all day. I wont mention the drive home.

Another week at the Marsden over.

My god its hard going. up at 5 out at 6 Battle the M2 M20 M26 and M25 for 2 hrs. get an injection and turn around and fight that lot again to get home. I am shattered  and after a cuppa I close my eyes and a bomb wont wake me  5 days in a row at the end I am like a Zombee. a couple of days break  and off again then a break and off again then back to 5 days a week. I cant imagine me still doing this at 84 .

Monthly Meeting.

Another fruitful  meeting,we really do have a good team. We arived at 12.30 and departed at 2.30. Some delays at victoria. so we took  another  train but we had to change it went round the loop so  it took longer. Then sit and wait  at chatham  we got home at 6.15. Long ole day.

Oh dear.

Its monday Marsden tomorrow. Up around 4.30 am ready to battle the m25. I worry that bloods might be bad again surely  they cant cancel treatment again. Its a hell of a jourey and such a long day .

MSD Talk

We were invited to  give a talk to  150 young people who are responsible for putting together  Drug trials at MSD. In London. I had nerves when we left home this morning.

But that all disappeared. We were ushered  through a side door  straight on to the Stage. All very daunting sitting  there looking at a sea of faces looking at you,While we were introduced and a bio of Mavis was made. I thought gosh is it only me and Mavis Talking. But yes it was. I got a grip of myself and I was called upon  first.. The reception was a good one I remember I made a couple of off the cuff  comments which got a laugh. That broke the Ice. I  launched into my talk with no nerves at all . I got  lots of laughter which gave me  inspiration to carry on. When I was  done I got a rousing thank you. Then Mavis was  introduced. She did her talk from the heart and as always it was another success ful talk. I was amazed when 4 separate  ladies came and spoke to me and admitted that I was so inspirational and my talk was so emotional that they  were unable to stop the tears. Its never my intention to do that,but the story is told from the heart and it is what it is. But all in all  a lovely audience. Thank you to all.