Well another waiting day at Marsden, 4 hours that s 2hrs to see doctor then 2hrs for blood result s then we get the drug,so it will be late afternoon before we get home,
We could have collected the car today but because we knew we might be late we said no, and she is not there for 2_days hence Thursday pick up. Strange I am not excited.
This getting up at 5 am is not good for me.We will Go down for bit of lunch.
The flu symtoms Mavis had in the week are from side effect s nothing to worry about,


A right lazy Day today. Even poor ole louis had to wait for his morning Pee. But I  managed a walk up the lane with him. I just realised I didn’t even take breakfast today. It was after lunch when mavis  said we should take a certain person for his run in the park. He is clairvoyant because even if we talk in code he knows. So I could not get out of it.

I’ve not even done much on my pc. I got bored with it. I  got a short nap but  ended up watching  some TV, that says how bored I was.

Its evening  meal time now I can smell it cooking. I think it’s an early night because it’s an early start in the morning. It’s another  Royal Marsden . I hope we don’t have a repeat of last time. A 6 hour wait trying to kill time while they sort out where the ruddy  drug is. Hopefully  we leave here at 6 am get there around 8 to  8.30 depending on the M25. get all the bloods and checks done 35 mins to take the drug. Signed out and on our way home about 10  getting back here about 12.30 ish. Then freedom for  2 more weeks.

The next time we go it will be in the new car. That will be interesting. Not that it will cut down on the time scale. Because it takes what it takes.


An all  to expensive day. Yesterday we sort of  half  spoke about  changing the car. So today with chores and ablutions and breakfast out the way we took a drive to hernebay. It’s the garage where I bought mine.

But they didn’t have anything l liked. So we continued on to  the other garage where I bought my other car.

It didnt take mavis long to spot the shiny red Kia. I had walked past it . She said I like this one. Soon a saleswoman  asked can she help Yes can I see this on . After a bit of chat we went inside to talk figures. With the usual  hum and R ing  her first offer I said no thanks. Now with a bit more sales patter she upped her offer. She said would I do a deal  at that. I said Sorry No way. Ok  she said I am reluctant to lose a customer. I said round it down and you got a deal. She did the bit where you get the hm! er! bit.  She said If I do that for you do we have a deal. So I did my bit of Hm and R ing . So  after a bit I said OK done. So that’s it another  car bites the dust.ikea2Its only done  just over 7 k miles i owner and still has 3 free services left. When would you like to pick it up. I am in no hurry I told her. Is monday ok. No can’t do monday we said. Well I am  away on Tuesday and Wednesday  she said. Ok  what about  Thursday  I don’t have a problem with that. Right settles 9 am Thursday collect.

We have had heavy  rain  as promised today. But other than this  I dont have much more.



Another NHS Meeting. This one was different to most of the others. I actually understood most of it. It was interesting  learning about CT/Pet Scans.

mavis was taking lots of notes. I had other things on my mind. I was thinking about my project and writing notes to  act on when we got home. She thought I was taking notes on the meeting. It was a shame to disappoint her.

We came home and just bundled louis in the car and took him straight round the park.

I did my usual nap but mavis is all fired up  turning her notes into her blog. She was quite excited that  the BBC live parliament debate was The Saatchi Bill. She said Oh look Lord Saatchi mentions me in his speech.

I can hear Emerdale in the background. It amazes me how these soaps think that we all keep guns in a cupboard and that it’s perfectly  normal to just go and shoot some one if you feel like it. I remember years ago The BBC took of a radio program Dick Barton Special Agent because it was considered to violent. Compared to todays programs  Dick Barton was a fairy. They call it Progress.

We discussed changing my car today . It’s brilliant for  town work cheap and nippy. But with our 2 year 2 weekly trip commitment to The Royal Marsden,maybe its time to  get one with a little more omph! in it.


Mavis is a lot better today her cold is lighter. She is still sneezing but she looks a lot  better. We havent done a lot she has been asleep a lot of the day but we did manage a quick  run in the park . Louis that is not us. Even I have had a break from my PC .

Tomorrow we have to attend another  NHS Meeting, but it is only  for a couple of hours.

I had a long chat with my son on the phone he had to go to  Birmingham on an emergency call out.

We hear that the weather is going to change for the worse over the weekend. Yuk!


In today’s post came the watch I ordered for Mavis. Blimey when she oped it .Wow! It was huge. She likes a Mans watch . Little dainty watches about the size of a half pence coin are just not her. Trying it on the strap was big enough to go round her thigh. Ok I can sort that I said. Normally  its a simple job to take  links out. But this has taken me over 2 hours. In the end I had to destroy a link to  get it open. The pin would not go  in  or out. Not until I  destroyed a link  could I see what it was. They were miniature split pins simply pushed in. Not designed to come out easy. But  at last its done now and fits perfect.

We  went out shopping to Canterbury. I must have been tied because according to mavis I nearly collided with a Bus and 2 other cars.Oh well that’s life.

She was up early again. I came out to see if she was ok. She said she was but couldn’t sleep again.  She sent me back to bed. But I got up around 8 am  I couldnt get back to sleep. But she has got better and better  through the day. She still has a running nose but she said she is much better than she was earlier,.

Mavis said some links  on her video page were not working like the others. She tried to explain what she meant. But it was ages before the penny dropped . So I have sorted that now.


I was up early for a change. Mavis said she couldnt sleep and was up at 2 30 am. Now she has a cold . First one she has had since she was diagnosed. So I am keeping an eye on her. As it is she has been  and washed the car. Tut Tut.

Ive had to make a couple of changes to  her  youtube oncology vidios but they are ok now. Whilst looking for another one I found one I had not put on youtube . So I am sorting that now. It should be up later today,

Other than that I havent done a lot so far. But it is early yet.