Ive been trying to revert back to this old version for ages. But just what I did today for this to pop up I dont know. I dont like the new version. I wish these sites would ask if you want to  change instead of just doing it.


It was MOT day for my motorhome. As he handed me back the keys  I said  every thing Ok. Not quite he said. Its failed I am afraid.. On what?  one Fog light out and one front overhead  light out One side lamp out and one rear near side out.

I  was about to ask if I could leave it  to get it fixed when he said do you want me to have a look . Yes please. 15 minutes later he was printing off my pass certificate. He changed all the dodgy bulbs. I have one advisory  track rod covers split.

Soo not such bad news. They cant fit  me in again for at least 3 weeks.


We have had it all today. From  bitter cold winds Heavy rain and lots of it. Even some snow showers . Mixed in with all that Bright  blue skyes and Sunshine.

Well  after a few more emails back and forward to Haven Holiday management  a bit of  duck shoving  . They are now going to look into our complaint.

I dont hold out a lot of hope that it will be sorted in my favor. But at least they had an ear bashing.

I sit back now and wonder where this country has gone in the last decade. We are constantly shown  the bad side of our  government . Walk outs strikes by Doctors . Trains . Major High Street  stores  Going broke. So many  on the fiddle. Millions out of work. Children unable to go to school near their homes. Where will it all end. Great Britain Hm! I dont think so any more. Ok we dont have flogging in the street and hanging. But Hey whats next. The EU ordering us about like naughty  kids. i suppose when  we are all  on the euro  and no longer  Britain but the 50th state of  EU. WE may wake up. But then it will be tooo Late.


Wow what a weekend we had at Allhallows with the mesowarriors .

Its always good to meet up again.  Friday evening we  made our way  to the entertainment centre looking for  food. . Oh dear  food closes at 9pm we were too late. So next stop was a pizza bar. I dont eat pizza so I had BOBS Bowl . I thought it was  chicken legs chicken nuggets and wedges wit  sauces. We carried it  into the entertainment  hall. The  Group  was playing  Bedlam  so bloody loud . But I did my usual trick. Whip out my  hearing aids. Stuff a big ball of wet tisue in left ear. Noise what noise. I am  totally deaf in right ear so I dont hear the band..  Angy was called up on the stage to  do  family fortune quiz show. . When I was clearing the  rubbish away It dawned on me I had only 2 packs of food  should have been 3. No wedges. But it was too late now I had no proof. . Next day when  noise levels were  normal it turned out that  several of us were cheated on our orders. Some got it sorted straight away..

We decided  that we would hold a party. Tracy and Angy were driven into town by Dianne to get  some food. Mavis said Get what ever you see and get  drinks and just give me the bill its my way of saying thanks for  what you did for me in London. So 6 pm  we all made our way to Tracys van and we spent the entire evening  eating drinking and having a laugh.

Sunday Mavis and I decided to  go  down and get a  breakfast We met Dianne and  after  breakfast  we went back to Angys van because  we were soon to say  our goodbyes. They all had a long journey home. This time for us it was only about an hours drive home.

Another successful weekend .


OMG its marsden day. Up  in the darkness usual  dog walk  up the lane in the early light. Then tackle the M25. Todays traffic  was less than kind. Hold ups everywhere. But  we made it. Booked in  and wait. *.30  arrives and Mavis gets called in for bloods and fitting a canula.

Its scan day. So after bloods we set off  to get to radiology . Your too early   reception said. Go away and get a coffee. But we just did that.  Well if you dont mind waiting. Of course not. we can sit here or sit down stairs.  Over an hour later things started moving and  we got the scan. Next its  back to  our ward. WE sat  waiting for the Doctor. Doctor Yoo. Lovly man.  then its back to waiting. around 1.30  we get  called in. But its buts its after 2 .15 befor   she gets plugged in. almost 3 pm and we are all done. But  mavis wants to see the Doctor for the scan results. But  just  about to leave when he comes out to see us. Smiles all over his face. Everything Good he said  No problems. Mavis said still not growing NO. Still no sign of Meso? Absolutely No. He said. We shook his hand and thanked him . Going down in the lift Mavis still did not believe it.

What better news could you ask for. So  we hit the road home. I noticed Mavis dropped off a few times. Pure relief set in.We set off for home we got back here around quater to 5. It was still an eleven hour day and over 12 hours since that dreaded alarm screamed GET UP.

But with results  like hers  its worth it. After our  evening meal and the washing up done I  nodded off on settee. 1 1/2 hrs later  I woke up ready to  get what ever life throws at me  in the next couple of hours.



Some times one has to sit back and eat humble pie. Today  was just such a day. The  short saga of my new camera hit new highs today. After breakfast I  thought I would have one last go at getting it to  function. Up to that point. It  would start up  intermittently and not from the on off switch but from the review button Strange. On pressing to take a picture it would instantly shut down. However many times I  switched it on it only  went into menu mode. It was impossible to  get an image on the screen So  no pictures. The list of problems was growing. But with a coffee in one hand and this pile of S..t in the other I turned it on. Up pops the menu. I work through it  clicking this and that  in settings. Just as I have for 2 days and 2 sets of batteries and half another set..But nothing was working. OK thats it. I sent a strong final message asking for a full refund because item was not fit for purpose.

After  walking Louis and doing my  daily bits. I sat down and decided that OK it was going back in its packaging ready for the post. I idly switched it on and once more worked my way through the damn memory settings. When Next thing as my mind was elsewhere suddenly i had  a picture on the screen. It was an image at last I had something. Wow if I press the shutter will it just shut down again. Click Oh no it had taken a picture. Several clicks more pictures. Eureka its only Bl..dy working. I  dashed into the garden clicking at anything . back in doors I  nervously pressed the preview and yes I had pictures. Next I tried walking round with it in video mode. OK  I now had video. All I can say is I have no idea what I did different. But after several times turning it on and off ,even removing  batteries. It was still working.

NOW COMES the HUMBLE PIE bit.I continued playing with it clicking through another set of batteries. Now it was time to message  seller and tell him that it was now working and I didnt want a refund now. I groveled a bit  .

Ive played with it on and off now all day. To be honest I am afraid to change any settings in case I mess up. We are away  at weekend so as long as it dont go T..s up it will get a good work out. If it does, then I will bite the bullet and get a new one ,from a shop and not ebay.


Bit of a no no day. much to my surprise my camera arrived . But soon the excitement turned to  disappointment. It would not  turn on. A communication  with ebay , got me a message back. I should try alkaline batteries. So I went over the shop got new batteries. Yippee it turned on so I immediately replied and thanked seller. Ebay then closed my returns ticket. But after taking 3 photos it  shut down on me and will not start up again. Ive been back on ebay. But  you can only open 1 returns ticket after that its basically ON YOUR BIKE they dont want to know. Now I have contacted seller but he wont answer me. I think he knows the rules. So at the moment it looks like I have been had.

I am not sure if I can do anything else. Looks like I am up  the creek with no paddle.

Not a happy bunny.