A lot quieter day. No Interviews . Its been too wet to go out and windy.  I had to sort the video  for the web that took  most of the morning. I spent the rest of the day with  the new tablet. Ive got a few more apps on it now.

We were going shopping but once mavis`s fingers hit her keyboard  shopping goes out of her head. As we only want a few bits. I could go on my own in the morning.

She is finding her  interviews are going  wild Michael said he saw it today and he lives in Basingstoke thats  a fair way from here.

Thats about all Ive got to say today.


Another exciting day .THought we had a quiet day.But a phone call changed that.the BBC want an interview with Mavis.She is Top news today .I have spent all day sorting my new tablet at last. I managed to get it to work This is a test post


The nasty chemical taste in the new kettle has gone today. I think it might not be the kettle but  the Chloride  they put in our water. Some days its undrinkable. Thats what the new kettle tasted like.

Its been a better restful day . No interviews no cameras and lights in your face. Its been sunny and bright outside. We had big blue sky and fluffy clouds in the front and heavy black ones in the back. But its stayed dry.

Maybe my new android tablet will  come tomorrow. Its a trip to the clinic for  change of dressing on maves leg otherwise thats it. But who knows?


No post yesterday sorry. But  it was a hectic day. I was up at 6 am much too early. But it was off to london for  the Saatchi bill  at House of Parliament. We arrived in London Station  but our tickets were rejected at the exit barrier. But on hand was a BR staff. She took my ticket and continued to  tell me that YOU should not be on this train with  this Ticket. Why not I asked  TOO Early  she snapped back. But reluctantly she opened the barrier and allowed us exit.  I wanted to  go to the information desk  and complain. Because I had not purchased a cheap day return. I pain full whack  ticket price of just under £70 for 2 tickets. If I had purchased cheapday tkts it would have cost me £56. Pluss my tkt stated access to the High Speed . But we were in a hurry  so Mavis said leave it. We made our way to the underground where once again our ticket was rejected. But another BR staff member was on hand. He looked at the ticket and said OH. from Whitstable are you. We then got his life story  of  25 years holidays at Whitstable. He was a nice  guy . I told him about the woman staff member. He said ignore her. Theres no problem. Yours is a British Rail ticket and sometimes our  machines chuck em out its admin error that’s all  . What a difference.

Next  we arrived at Westminster 2 stops  down the line. Following the signs for  Houses of Parliament we emerged into daylight opposite Big Ben. How neat is that. Now more problems to follow. The first police security said sorry try the  next one. They were a bit more helpful but  refered us to  yet another checkpoint. They were not expecting us  we were not on there list so  no access again. But Mavis explained what it was about and the reception made a phone call. Ah! now we know where we are going. back to the first  one.  finally we got in a line and  went through  checks. First any metal objects placed in the tray. Wrist watches ,wallet, belts. phones,cameras ipads etc. Next top coat in the tray. next jacket in the tray. Now that disappears in a xray m/c while we pass through a x-ray  thing. OK thank you sir he said. we now collect our stuff . All under the watchful eyes of police with Guns slung over their shoulders all a bit un nerving. But at last issued with a photo id card we are now inside. But we are too early and sit and wait. But a nice security man came up  and spoke to Mavis its ok to go up now. At last we find the sign Lord Saatchi.

Not many here yet they are still setting up the cameras and sound equipment  But slowly it fills up. Then someone spoke to mavis. You are not sitting there he said you are on the panel . Oh that’s a surprise so  she was escorted to  the panel . Someone sat next to her but was asked to move to another seat. We soon fond out why.

Lord Saatchi entered and greeted Mavis like an old friend. ( I know they have been emailing each other ,it’s a good job I am not jealous.) but they got on like a house on fire. He had stated he wanted mavis sitting next to him. Thats why the other man was asked to move.

The whole experience was very informative. I began to understand what this Bill was about. ( Ill leave those details for you to read on Mavis blog)

When  they were all done we were asked to make our way to the parliamentary Gardens . We were greeted by a film crew and Mavis was once again whisked away to be interviewed again. when that was over  I was told that a car was waiting for us. Oh Ok I said. I just follow the flow. It’s a bit like the unknown  husband following  his film star wife about. Always there in the background. But  we were escorted to the car by 2 very nice young ladies. Now we are off to a recording studio in Farringdon .

We were plied with tea and coffee and given a menu to choose lunch. Soon mavis and Professor Dean Fennel were inside the glass box with headphones on being  interviewed by  different people.  Now I was thinking we might get out of here about  3 pm and get home. But no way There we were more interviews. Then we were escorted upstairs to another studio where they set up cameras to do another video. Then back down stairs  back in the glass box more interviews. But  now its pushing 5.30pm. We can see mavis is getting really tired. Its been a hell of a day for her. Even though she has loved every minute. Finally  they said we have a car outside ready to take you to the station of your choice. We thanked everyone   for their hospitality . Now we have to say goodbye to  Our new lovely friend from Boston USA. Will we ever meet you again we asked. Yes I do get here to England a few times. So  he promised to keep in touch. So now we are in the car going to Victoria Station. No problems with the tickets now. But Mavis is rushing through the barrier and heading for a train that has one minute  to go  to departure. I am shouting  Mavis its the wrong Platform She has almost reached the train and it  begins to leave. See I said you would not have caught it she just said THANKS. OOPS So we had to  wait another  half hour for the next one. WE  eventually  got home at around 8.15 pm. Exhausted. After me walking louis and a coffee. it was not long before I was tucked up in bed. I am not sure when mavis  came. Wow What a day. Then This morning I am in a deep sleep its 9 am  mavis is already up. The doorbell  rings. Its the local paper ,they have come to interview her. She opened the door in her dressing gown and said sorry  you will have to come back in a minute  I need to get dressed.

I was half awake now. Oh god not another day like yesterday I thought. So I got up  quietly slipped into  the den and closed the door. A little while later Mavis poked her head in and said get dressed and come out here. I was not feeling  much like talking I can tell you. BUT it’s for Mavis. I must lose the long face put on a smile and go  and meet  them. Good morning  Ray  the man said. I think I grunted a half hearted Morning as I put the kettle on I needed a cup of tea, But he was such a nice young man I soon  responded to his questions.  He promised to  send photographers along later  was that ok. Mavis said Of course its ok. So the days not over yet. But I ve just discovered that our kettle as died. It wont cut off and its sprung a leak so a new one is urgent.


Our favourite song at the moment.

A trip up to Bluewater to meet a Mesowarrior. We arrived early as usual. Waited in the appointed place. The time came and went. We had a coffee and kept a lookout. But no sign of them. E wondered if  we or they were in the wrong side. So up and down escalators  in and out of aisles to the opposite side out in the car park , Nope not here. I asked a member of staff. Do you have a public address  tannoy system that  a message can be put out  because we have lost a friend.

But  she just pointed to the car park  and said straight on. I just don’t think she understood. So back down on the escalator to our starting point. We agreed another 10 minutes and we would give up and just take a slow walk around the shops and go home. But  as we stood around a lady came running through the crowd arms outstretched . Mavis she called. We or rather they found us.

So we found a seat in the Cafe area and joined  her husband and young soon. While mavis and the 2 warriors sat  chatting I made friends with the lad. What a nice well-mannered young man. So intelligent we seem to  hit it off straight away. But after a couple of hours and lots of coffee it was time to  head off home again. With all our goodbyes done we set off to  take louis out. But we got lost in the complex . Eventually we found the exit and was heading  for Canterbury an 80 odd mile round trip done.

Got another long day tomorrow. Up to the House of Lords in WEstminster. That should be exciting?!!.


Birthday Boy. had so many cards and ecards gobsmacked. Today we had Mavis young brother and his lady. And Terry and Nicky visit.

All in all a nice day.

Apart from chat and eating delicious chocholate cake and drink tea all day I have not done a lot.

I didnt expect so many cards. Thanks Guys. tomorrow off to meet  some of Maves cyber friends. So in order to get a space we have to leave early.

WAtch this space.


Got to get train tickets today ready for Westminster. This means Louis will be on guard. Then round to the clinic for  a dressing change on maves leg.

Its nice and bright out today a bit fresh but not cold. We almost forgot what a dry  bright day was like. I was watching the BT  engineer earlier. He had the cover open in the road and was poking  a pole  into it. I wondered if it was waterlogged?. The Lane has been under water for weeks now so it  wouldn’t surprise me if it’s leaked  into the BT box.

Ive been naughty again. Ive been on ebay again. I wanted a small tablet. I have an ipad but with 10 inch screen its not that easy to  carry about and it certainly wont fit in a pocket. So i searched for a 7 inch  tablet. Nothing fancy. I bought mavis one  a nexus last year. So to find  that I can get a tablet for under £50  amazed me. This all  started when I tried to  get the train app for my iphone from  itunes. But  It  wont work on my iphone  a 3gs because it needed ios4+ mine is now old and out dated.  And to be fair the screen would be a tad small wouldnt it. Anyway  its my birthday tomorrow so its my pressy to me.

Its a 32gb running 4.2 jelly bean dual  a13 processor if that makes sense to  any techies.