I keep looking in the miror today. mavis keeps asking me if I am alright? You dont look well she said.  Hm!

My little bluetooth keyboard for my tablet arived this morning. I  bought one for Mavis last week and I was so impressed with it I just had to have one. We are probably away this weekend so we can both  try it out.

Well tomorrow may change the course of  Britain for ever. I am not sure whats it all about. The scots may be undecided, me I dont think we have been given all the facts and if they feel the same the vote may be based on only what they want you to  think you know.

What do you think of Boris charging for the fireworks. I think we can watch it all in the comfort of home by switching on the TV.


Nothing hectic today. After lunch  mavis said its time for the young mans walk. Ok I said  Where shall we go she asked. Hmm!  as we  pulled out of our car park I still hadn’t decided. I turned right instead of left. OOOH  so we are not going to the park Mavis said. Up to the junction  left or right? WE  normally do a right and end up  at tankerton slopes. But  without a thought I  did a left much to my surprise. Ah mave said I know where we are going. So we ended up following a tractor for about 4 or 5 miles up the lane. But we ended up in Faversham park. It was nice and sunny so a nice walk around  pleased louis. Then a slow leisurely drive home again.

Thats about my day apart from the usual  e/ms and F/B visits.


No more gardening today. After lunch a trip  to the Range. I walked louis round  because it was too warm to leave him i the car. Mavis went shopping on her own. Then it was  a trip to  Sainsburys on the way home. I’ve not  done a lot today. I have remembered a mesowarrior Paula and Pete and Annie as it’s the day they say  a final  goodbye.

Mavis wanted to go. But after the heart-rending Funeral on Friday of  another Warrior Tess It would have been the straw that broke the camels back  for emotions. Also 2 more warriors have passed on over the weekend. The pace  is quickening now at an alarming rate. This is certainly not the peak that was predicted. The toll of misery is still  rising.

Tonight  I will be watching Cilla on ITV. They certainly have plagued  it to make sure we don’t miss it. I said by the time its here we will all be sick of  hearing about it,


last bit of the garden sorted. But not by me. mavis did it with very little help from me. It all looks so neat and tidy.  I have tried  HTML code this morning but not having much luck.

Our walk in the park today was cut short  due to  a thoughtless couple with 2 big dogs off lead. Running all over the place. Louis don’t like that . We watched them foul  and the owners were  unconcerned and didn’t clean up. So annoying.

We took a different  route and lo and behold a man with a big grey wolf like dog also  off lead. So we turned back. It just wasn’t  our day. It is good that we don’t have to get up at 4:30/5am  tomorrow for  marsden.



I couldn’t write much yesterday. After  tess`s funeral i just  didn’t feel up to  posting. It was a very emotional  time. I have only known Tess for about 4 years but she has meant a lot in  mavis and mines lives.. One by one those warriors that we have known and enclosed in our circle of close friends have diminished. The fear  for me is its to close to home. call me selfish but I fear every day that  it’s not today that I have to face it. At the moment every day is a bonus every day is precious. Mavis`s courage and fight means so much to me.

My heart  goes out to Allen today as it did yesterday bless him. We have another warriors funeral on monday . But after yesterdays I know it will be tooo much to bear. Mavis was broken yesterday i can see it in her face today ,it took a lot  out of her. I don’t think  she can deal with another one so close. She needs to build her confidence up again. I am sure Pete and Annie will understand. I hope they understand. We will be there in spirit and thinking of  both of them and their family.

On a brighter note we set too  to finish the last bit of the front garden we had some gravel left over  so I started early after louis walk by  cutting back the  ruddy great  bush. Its trunk was about 4 inches across which surprised me. But with my new bow saw it made short work of it. .Mavis came and joined me  weeding  and trimming the rest of the bush. I hesitate to call it a bush as it is or rather was about 7 feet tall and so thick. But  we soon got it down to size, we  cleared  the ground and laid the terein sheet. But it was soon evident that the 2 bags  of gravel were not going to be enough. So  it was a trip back to the garden centre  where I  got 3 more bags. We covered the are with crazy paving  slab pieces and filled it in . It’s all done now and we have half a bag over for emergency filling if required.

I’ve just wrapped Mavis up in her bandages to protect her picc line. She said do you love me and grinned with my wrapped up  ankles and legs and arms . I said you  know I do. Silly question  wasnt it bless her.

I have no idea what we are doing tomorrow but I don’t think it will be gardening that’s for sure.


Sun is out but we wont be finishing the garden today. We have a more inportant  duty to do. Its Tess`s Funeral today .

I ordered a belated Birthday present for Mavis recently. It was a bluetooth keyboard  for her nexus tablet. It arrived this morning. I must admit its a nice solid piece of kit.

She hates using the keypad on the screen so I thought she would like a  proper keyboard. So  I wait for her reaction. She tried it and said its better.

Mavis has been removing what she says was a tic from louis belly. He isnt scratching anymore so maybe she was right . As Usual lol . I am not feeling  sick today not like yesterday.

Just got home  . The past 5 hours spent at Tess  Funeral. What more can I say.

Drive home in the dark. have not driven inthe dark for about a year. Not looking fwd to  dark winter days. Grrr.

well this is mavis new bluetooth keyboard. Its not meant for mine but thats only the size. it still connects with bluetooth. I like it Its something I might get for mine. But its the next version. I didnt know maves was 1st generation and mine was 2nd. Apart from the os its the same  with slightly bigger case and brighter screen.

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