It was that time again when mavis handed me a load of  cards. We need to  go  door to door and post these she said. Oh Ok  are you  posting them. No you are she said I will have louis wont I. So  off we went. Now all posted my duty done.

I had to give Dave our neighbor one of our Callendars  with the instructions not to open it  until Christmas. He grinned and said OK  as If he knew what  it was. i will wave it  at her everyday he said. He has put it in his window to  show her he has not opened it.



caught up at last. We were both wide awake at  3 am but we did drop off again. i managed a lay in  till  9 am. Louis refused to walk up the lane this morning. I have had stern words in his ear. We went shopping  for Vodka Toffee  but no luck.

I see the Soaps are all  doom and gloom again nothing new there then.



A lazy day today trying to make up  for yesterday. I laid in until 9.15 even then it was a struggle . i took louis out first thing and we had to post cards so we took louis  out again. then back again.

Watched a bit of tv after lunch what a couch potato.


Marsden . It was dark when we set off  around 10 to 6 this morning . Roads were good with the predictable  problems at clackets lane.

But  we arrived around 1/4 to 8 parked up and made our way up to the ward. Booked in and made our  way to the waiting area. *.30 mavis was called in to start bloods . back in waiting room to just wait. around 10 am we are called in to se the Doctor. After a brief examination and the usual  questions we are all set  for the drug. Around 11 am we are told all bloods are ok and its been confirmed  drug can be made up. This usually means a wait   untill about  2.30 / 3 pm. We took a bleeper and went down for a coffee and a bun. After which  we went back to the waiting  room  we did a bit of reading magazines and nodding off. At 2.30 we were called in ready for the drug. It will be about half an hour we were told. Well this is nice and early  we could get out of here  just after 3 and home before 5. We sat in the drug chair and watched the clock. come 3 pm mavis left for  a trip to the toilet. The sister came up and asked where she was because she had bad news and would wait for her to come back.

She advised us that there was a major problem in the pharmacy and that our drug was not even started and they could not give an indication when it would be read.

Oh dear it looks like a late night here.

Eventually it arrived at 3.40 pm  but by the time it was flushed and infused it was 4 pm , we left the hospital around 4.30 pm it was dark outside. We hit the M25 in the dark and rush hour traffic it was a painful journey. Several ambulances passed us attending various smack-ups. WE  pulled into our parking bay at  a little after 6pm. I was shattered.


The door bell rang Louis going mental. I opened it to  be confronted with a plastic ID card about  6 inches square  thrust in my face. I am not a bogus caller I am  an Ex serviceman. What a nice friendly bunch of people  round here. He is  a nice man at the top isnt he? I dont know I said he is new. Oh dont you know him? No He is nice over the road isnt he. Yes. Would you like to see what Ive got  how about an iron board cover  no thanks how about a  chammy no thanks how about a duster pack no thanks how about a fridge magnet no thanks about oven gloves no thanks how about this then a sink  drain cleaner no thanks how about a kitchen apron no thanks come on you must want one of these calendars No thanks. Oh come on just one to help me out sorry but you havent got anything I need. I have you must need Christmas wrapping no thanks all done now. Ok then How about a pack of christmas cards no thanks all done now.

With that he heaved his shoulder bag up onto his shoulder swung on his heel  and grunted HM! Right then and I got a mumbled have a nice christmas then with that he was off  over the road again. mavis said he didnt even see over the road  the man who he said was a nice man because they  are out shopping. I think I upset him. I did feel a bit guilty untill he got the hump with me. Trouble is you say Ok Ill take a shammy or a duster  you get charged about £3  for an item you get at Tesco for 50 pence. Ive been there several times. But this year his whole demeanor was off putting from the moment I opened the door. I did comment to mavis that with all the nice people here his bag was packed full so he hadn’t sold a lot anyway.

Ive made a complaint to my local council. They  empty my  waste bin but they do not return it to my property the bin is simply dumped at the end of the road. Its not good enough. I await the response.


11 o’clock  the man said and 11 o’clock on the dot  he arrived. Morning  come to look at your fire he said.  Ah its a trauma he said. I thought you said it was a carver. Yes I did. Why I thought it was a carver I don’t know. Who fitted the front  he said. AS he removed  it. These were always a bad design he unplugged the electrics ,which I didn’t know  you could do. He whipped off the Knob and tossed the front on the seat. He lit the fire first time. Nothing wrong with that he said. What about the flame I said. Perfect  nothing wrong with that either. he turned it up . It’s a nice little fire he said it is chucking out  a fair heat. So whats wrong with it he asked. It doesn’t ignite  I said. Well it did for me. So he turned it off. let it flame out and re lit it first time again. he said it lights ok. the flames ok the output is ok. apart from the cover all its functions are fine. I was feeling a  little happier  by now. The fittings on this cover are well and truly mangled  he said. Who screwed it on like this. I said a friend. He said well he is no friend of yours is he. i can sort it if you want me to. Yes please I said. So  he set too  and drilled some holes in it. repositioned it and screwed it back in place. I’ve not seen it fit that well since I bought it I told him. Well it is tight now and wont rattle. With that all back and sorted I paid him. He took a walk round the van and asked where is the cover for the heater ? I don’t think I’ve seen one. You need to get one . I said I have a funny shaped  box thing  under the seat . Go get it. I found it  and he said yes that’s it ,He snapped it into place for me. And that was that all sorted.

After lunch Mavis  brother came with Xmas presents. So we spent a couple of hrs catching up on  news. Also my  long time Army pal was on the phone. He has not been too well  recently but is on the mend now. Us old codgers got to stick together.


gold frameaaa (986 x 653)Got  nought to do today. i got a call from the man coming to look at my Fire tomorrow he has moved my slot to 11 am now.

I’ve had to disconnect the TV recorder box from my new tv. It would mean using 2 remote controls . But  even then some  things don’t seem to be compatible.

So  Later I will have to reset it up on one of my other TVs. It’s certainly been a better day  outside. Mavis has been busy cleaning. Draging wardrobes away from walls to  clean under and behind them. Anything not screwed down has to be pulled out to check for condensation or mould. I told her she needed an advert like.

Mavis the Mould Destroyer. If you have mould Call Mavis the destroyer. She will  kill and remove any mould in your home no matter how small, Just call.

She thought that was funny.

I see my posting on Facebook  of my next years calendar along with angybangwango has been approved. I will have to polish my finger nails and dye my hair.

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