Another change day its quite fresh out. Dull overcast. I dont believe it Mavis has put the heating on.sus10 (300 x 169)

This odd picture is of me sitting  in the van watching a reflection of mavis on the TV screen washing the back of the van. Cleaning she never stops.

I walked louis but  the lane is empty and a fresh wind blowing.


Sun came out  after lunch ,mavis wanted to go to the farm shop so we took louis for a run in the park then on to the farm shop for cherries strawberies and victoria plumbs. Could be belly ache tomorrow.

I was going to update  my  tablet but as I have had problems before I thought I would check it  out first. Good job I did because  several comments agree that  the 4.4.4 update is causing more problems than it fixes. So I am steering clear for now.

I remember updating my TomTom sat nav and it totally destroyed it. It turned out the updates were unstable. That cost me over a 100 quid for a new one. So I am always nervous  now.Sometimes the version you have thats working is better than the updates that destroy.

Oh Oh Oh trouble at Mill in Emerdale.


WE have had a smashing  few days away.Both enjoyed it. The weather has been perfect what more could you ask. Apart from  a hic up in mavis yesterday  its been worth  going.For both of us its been a real lazy day. No computers no shopping no hospitals and doctors. Just a plain ole chill out weekend. Hopefully  a few more of them before christmas. Even mavis managed a walk round the field with louis. She says she wants to  strengthen her legs and loose a few pounds. Even me has lost a few pounds . The new bigger trousers I bought may have to hang on the hook for a bit.

We did have a bit of a problem  with the sat nav coming home. We will watch it on  next outing if that continues then its another new one on the cards. More expense.

Its a bit late now to put a puzzle up for today but promise I will in the morning.

Washing is done rubbish sorted almost back to normal. Got a big job lined up for tomorrow. Its up on the roof of my camper. Mavis found some green algie  when she looked through the heki. I should have smacked her legs. Its not easy getting up there these days.


A really nice morning. Louis walk was warm and pleasant. We were  halfway on our morning walk when he decided he had had enough and  simply  dug his heels in and refused to move. I tried pulling him along but  he wasnt having any of it. Passing by were 3 of the foreign farm girls. Good morning they said and then  they were pointing and laughing at louis stubborn antics I didn’t understand what they were saying but they  were highly amused. So we had to  turn round and head back home. he can be determined when he wants to.

My scratch touch up paint has arrived so  when my hand is steady enough I will  have a go at touching in the scratches. Some are quite deep and will need more than one coat. I’ve done a few paintings in my time but this is different. I don’t want to mess it up.


I’ve had a go at  the touch up. Colour is close but it needs another coat. We  took louis for a run in the rugby field but it was too hot for him he ran for a bit then chased the ball with  a walk.


Yesterday I was shattered. I went to bed at 9pm. Even after sleeping like a log i am awake  today but i feel like s..t. I’ve walked louis but in a dream like state. i am just not here. No energy and so tired. feel like flu but  with out the nose and eyes symptoms. So Tired.

The only uplifting  so far was the sight of 3 geese flying in harmony behind the hedge right in front of me .They flew the length of the field just a few feet off the ground zig zaging  until out of sight over the beach.

later a trip to Canterbury  shopping. We tried a different route in to see if its quicker. It was so maybe that will be our route.

Its been really warm again today. So perhaps a nice weekend is on the cards.

i was searching for an app for my Blood pressure monitor. But  there is only  one for the monitor and its on IOS . Nothing  for android. So I can’t use it on my new phone. So it will have to be connected to my iPad. I am amazed,it’s not as if android is new is it.


Monday is Marsden day. All 11 hours of it. we were up at a bit before 5 am ready to leave at 6 am . The journey all a bit  anxious, it was the first journey in the new car. But I have no worries on that score. It ran fine with no problems. We arrived at the hospital  at 8.15 and booked in. It was a a different day they had booked Mavis in a bed which was strange but it was done because they were  full up on the ward we have used before. Thee day wore on until it was time to go. We got home at 5.15pm Thats 11 and a quater hours. A Long day.

When we got in we were both shattered.A small walk with louis was me in a zombie state walking him. I recon its an early night. ready to face what ever  tomorrow throws at us.


I decided to go to  Halford  to get  some touch up paint to cover the scratches some arsehole has inflicted on my  new car. But  to my surprise they dont cover my  car. So  after a nightmare journey dodging lunatic sunday  drivers i  got home in one piece. A quick  search on line soon discovered that  you can only get  my paint from a registered dealer. So  Ive had to order it .

Its turned out so hot after torential rain all morning. What a climate.

Tomorrow is marsden  hospital day again so its up at around 5 am again. I fell asleep in the waiting room last time so there is every chance I will again.

I called in the garage  to  top up  ready for the journey. £16.54 filled it from just over half a tank. I like it.


It was a wardrobe turn out day . mavis asked me yesterday ,would I do my chuckout  thing in her wardrobe because she  cant throw anything away. But today I found her  in the thro`s of sorting it. So I  started on mine. Right up on the top shelf I found several pairs of trousers I had forgotten about and presumed disposed of by mavis. Its because I cant reach  that high . But I got the stool out  and lo and behold 4 pairs of  trousers. The fact that this week I have bought 3 pairs of trousers,mainly because I cant get into most of mine now ” fat git”

But after a short  time I had a nice pile of  trousers and other stuff that I  no longer wear . This with mavis `s pile we will take to the clothes bin later. I found a white pair of trousers brand new never worn tucked up on the top shelf. Still had the label on. But  they are too small now so  out they go.

Next we sorted the basket in the porch that we keep  gloves and scarves and hats for the winter. Wow so many scarves and gloves that we never wear created another pile for the bin. Looking at the amount we are dumping ,we could have a market stall. So wasteful .

A short trip  to the clothes bin and now its all gone. But  when we got back to the car  we couldnt believe it there were several scratches on my nice new shiny car. ” long ones at the boot and one long one on the door post and several small ones around the door lock. None of which were there when I parked it  up last night. We now wonder if  some one attempted to  get in it. bastards. Now  its a trip to halfords tomorrow to  sort  scratch remover. Not had it 10 days yet. We always park away from other cars or in a disabled bay  when available to avoid those selfish uncaring people who just bang  their doors into you because they dont give a damn.


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