After louis walk this morning. I had a few jobs to sort. First up one of the feet on the bed needed adjusting  in its position ,no easy task. But  with that  sorted. next mavis was already in the garden , and I had promised to  trim  and tidy. So  I got out the hedge trimmer and went all round the sides  front and back hedge cutting. Dont you get frustrated when the 2 longest hedges  are not even my hedges they are all growing through my fences from neighbours gardens.

All this took longer than expected but with all the mess swept up . We joked that it was time for a cuppa and a nap. Thats just what happened.

I had to re tune the new TV. the colours were all to red too strong some people like that but we prefer  it much lighter. But Ive done that  now.


Well  another screen went down today. First  it was mavis PC last week . Today  it was the TV in the Den. Although it had a good picture the sound developed a horendous Interference BUZZ.  I disconected it and plugged it in different rooms and the noise was still there.  Next I  took the TV  from the bedroom and plugged it in the Den.

No interference buz. Then I plugged  the original back in the  den and the noise was still there. Conclusion TV is nackered.

OK what do we do now Mave asked. Get another one  I said.  So  off to currys we went. But of course we were also near Liddls , so we had to pop in there too. But  since we have been home Ive set up the new TV and its up and running OK.  The old one is packed into the box ready for the Skip later.

I do hope this is not the start of a complete replacement of all  electrical stuff. Things that go in  threes Hmm! whats the next thing I wonder.

Its been sunny and bright  today but that wind is still cold. You  still need a coat on outside.


Another MOT under my belt. Its always  nervy waiting at the MOT Station. But its OK for another Year.We took  louis for an early walk in the park.Its next door to the MOT  STATION . But wow was it cold. We were glad to  get back to the waiting room.


Ive had a Lazy day. Fell asleep after lunch for a good couple of hours.. Mave said when I  finally woke up. OK have you done snoring now. Sorry!



We were going away this weekend. But of late it has become difficult to muster  the passion  , So  we never made it. We need to wake up and feel the warmth of the sun on our face. Not the fresh  cool  brush of the wind. To make the effort to go. Although the Motor home is  comfortable we are of an age and disposition to  treasure  home comforts.

Ive started reading 12 years a slave. Its a bit hard gong. Its what I call  verbosity. Has anyone else read it? If so whats your thoughts.

Both our PCs seem to have quietened down ,no more  problems today. A bit concerned over the Heartbleed virus but not a lot  we can do. We dont keep financial details on  ours  so it cant steal what  aint on it.

Watched a Mrs marples today  we dont normally  watch them it did keep me guessing  who done it. I was wrong. Oh Well thats life.


Just booked up van MOT for 8 am monday 14th may. mavis has had a couple of browser hijackers . Ive been trying to  clean them off. Each time she clicked on something  she was redirected to adverts. She was getting really annoyed. I think she is ok now. At least  its quiet in her corner??. She certainly likes her new big screen. Ha Ha Ha even the Adverts are bigger, even if she doesnt want them.

Ive been doing jogsaw puzzles to   give me a stock of done ones ready  for posting.


No post yesterday. i was sorting my PC after the virus attack . Then mavis had problems I had to work on that. But this morning she still had problems. Nothing  loaded. just a blank screen like early yesterday. So  I said sod it we will go to PC world and get a new computer for you after breakfast. OK. But you know that feeling  you get Hmm! I thought I should try her monitor on my PC just in case we get a new Toower unit  and it still dont work. So  disconecting all the cables like you do. I  tried hers on mine Nope its not working. Wow now thats a surprise. It looks like the monitor. But she said it worked up  till I went to bed last night. So now i am thinking maybe the computer is ok afterall. So I  hook it up to my monitor.  get a message that  there problems and it cant load. I thought Oh well this is probably because I loaded the recovery disk  earlier and Ive probably  finished it off. It  was flashing on and off  then came  do you want to repair the errors found. YES YES. a few minutes later  she had a working PC but no monitor. So a trip  to pc world afterall. back home with a nice shinny new monitor all wired up and plugged in and Mavis is a happy bunny now. Its bigger than her old one even bigger than mine. When you think that  she turns off the pc  every night but never turns the monitor off I am not surprised. It  has been on 24/7 for about 5 years not surprised its done in poor thing.


moon1After a walk  with louis I spied the moon shining above the clouds. Amazing as its 3 pm not 3 am.


Funny old past couple of days. Serious problems with pc and our web page. All of which got worse. My web host couldn’t find a problem but continued to  look for a solution. I managed to work on my laptop but that deteriorated . I cleared the Virus I had yesterday. Lesson to be learned . Dont download Freeware. It’s not free in terms of  messed up PC. But this morning  everything I tried working on got slower and slower. Then constantly   error message that  IE has stopped working . So many times I wanted to chuck  pc through the window.

As a last resort I down loaded Mozilla . Wow all my problems disappeared. Web working again PC running normal laptop also working. So my problem was an issue with MS IE.. I used to  have mozilla untill a few months ago when I had similar problems and switched back to IE. So nothing is perfect. Lets hope I am  trouble-free for a bit now.

Its been a wet day. I took louis out  and we got soaked. later we went  shopping the way prices of everything  rocketing up is frightening. Just under a £100 today for 4 bags of  stuff is outrageous. I remember when a weeks shopping was a quarter of that. In fact I can remember complaining when  a weeks shopping filled the boot of my car and cost £4. Blimey that s a while ago. Hey ho here we go  my son would say if he heard me. Go on dad tell us when Mars bars were 6 pence teats old 6 pence. Yes and fags were 1/6 pence.. Sorry I digress. Thats old age for you.

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