Today is the 2nd day Ive done nothing. Boring aint I.

I started a blog yesterday I  managed 1 line so it wasnt  worth posting. Today is about the same.

We think the Marsden have got Mavis  appointment mixed up. She was waiting for one to have a pict line fitted before our next drug day. But today we had a call  giving her an apointment for a scan. We have only had 3 drug days since the last one so it certainly is not due. But we have to wait  until monday to sort it out. So it looks like a trip  there on Friday. So now I have had to  cancel my car service and push it forward to the 9th . Thats when I have my bloods done ready for my  appointment on 29th.

Whi is getting past the bordom factor of Emerdale and Misery Marlon.


It was supposed to be showery and dull. But its been bright and sunny and really warm.

The Gardener didn’t  come yesterday to do a bit in the side  garden. It was rain all day. But  she didn’t make it today either.

We had to go shopping again today  for new curtains. See mavis`1s blog.  I’ve spent hours trying to get the bluetooth  to work in the car. I can answer incoming calls hands free. But try as I might I just cannot   work out  getting it to  ring out. I  follow all the instructions and I can get   numbers and names into  it. It stores them no problem. But trying to  dial out the stupid things says Pardon     Pardon     Pardon     3 times then switches off. I can’t repeat what I’ve screamed at it. When I came back indoors  there was a message on my answer phone. It said”Its me trying to get this ********* phone to work” I don’t know what I did but I could not repeat it. Its got a service booked for next week I will get them to  give me lessons.

sat  half watching Emerdale Boring Boring. Next was Corrie. I had to get up I can’t take another mind numbing plot.


Another long day at marsden. A   2 and a half hour  M25Journey this morning. Nightmare. We left at 6 am sharp arrived at 8 30.. problems with the drug again waited 3 hours  for them to make it. WE left  there around 4 pm and got home at 5.45. Both shattered.. They all rallied round to give mavis a birthday card. So many  staff came in to see her from the offices saying well done ,we have heard your good news. How nice is that. She is  Mavis  Not  just patient 28277665 in oak ward.

Its not stopped raining all day. It was pouring when we left and pouring  on the way home.

Tomorrow is another day night night.


Well  Our son & DIL have  gone back now. been a pleasant weekend.

We  got a strange phone call . It was from  the bank. They said we have detected activity on your account. And they wanted  personal details. mavis said sorry not prepared to answer . She contacted the bank to see if it was genuine. As it turns out yes it was genuine and our account had been compromised. Someone in New York registered our card and was buying  online games on my account. But  they have stopped the cards and we will get new ones. Then we must  wait for  a form to come  and sign it then they will remove the amount from our account. This is not the first time this has happened on it.

As if I would be buying online games in New York.

WE took a ride to the Range shop  as our son had not been to it. But we did not spend much.

Not sure whats on tomorrow. should be drug day but because its Bank Holiday it’s now on Tuesday.


For the past 2 weeks I have tried  on and off to  get  our  msi notebook to  connect to net. It connected to  wireless but  would not find the web. Ive trawled google for answers. Ive tried them all. Nothing worked. It  got to a point this week when I discarded it with thoughts of  dumping it in the skip. But inspiration  this morning  said to myself. Lets reload windows. Oh dear no disk. So thats out. suppose I  restore it. No cant do that button is greyed out. Last resort before  skip. Google it. Now we got different results. Followed instructions. It did not do a restore like normal. It returned to factory settings. Lo and behold I can now connect to the web. So now its load bits on for mavis. I will  leave it in the van for her. She does not like the nexus tablet.

I woke up with a swollen finger . Yesterday it was like a nat bite ,red and itchy. But this morning it was huge and so tender. I did my usual ,stuck a pin in it and eased  it. mavis bandaged it and put a stall on it. so watch this space. If its not one thing its another.

we have company  now  so I will have to go. TTFN


My new sim card arrived this morning. Wow what a difference. The signal here on  3 was 1 bar. The signal on the new one Tmobile was 4. I could not get on the net with 3 but  did instantly with TM. At this rate it will be soon when I  dump  my 3 contract.

The times Ive been out and jealously watched people on their phones and me I get nothing. Hopefully that is about to change.

We got to go shopping later. Things we forgot  yesterday.


Wow i tried my  sim in tescos while waiting for mavis. 5 bars old sim 1 bar. Well pleased so far.

Rest of day  chilling out.

We have terry and nicky staying for weekend. Then its Marsden monday but on Tuesday instead,. I like that marsden Monday.

I have spent ages trying to  register the sim card. It took ages every thing I  did was eventually  rejected. God knows why. But at Last I  managed it.

If you are reading this, you will know I sorted the sim through carphone warehouse for Tmobile like you suggested. Cheers. i don’t get EE because my phone does not support 4g . But I am happy so far with it. cant wait to go away and check it on a rally.


Fun and games  this morning. Last night in bed we couldnt find the tv remote. So  this morning it was hunt the remote ,with all  areas searched there was only 1 place left . Behind the bed head. Now thats a major job. First  remove all the under bed storage. Remove the false bottom and get a torch. AAAH! I can see it. But  cant reach it. After some stretching and finger manipulation I could just move it. But  picking it up was not on. Not enough room. Out came my  grabber. My trusty tool for picking things up. Eventually I could inch it forward enough to  manipulate it enough to lift it out. Whew.

OK  mavis inadvertantly  thought she had put it on the shelf over the bed head but had actually  put it on the bedhead and it silently  dropped over the edge. Next out with my  tool box get my drill and remove the shelf and relocate it lower down. Now its imposable to  drop anything behind the bed. Another job done. I called into the chemist yesterday afternoon and got some drops . I said I thought it was hayfever . But the pharmacist said it was conjunctavitas . Today was the first day for  2 weeks that Ive not woken up with  eye stuck up so improvement at last.

The  workmen still have not  sorted my patio  after my leak. I must chase them up.

I have had a very good result  working on mavis`s next book. A start was made on  book 2 some time ago  but life has been hectic. Now we have a stable condition I feel  it can progress. Also due to its time span since book one I feel  that book 3 is needed to continue so  its hard going doing 2 books at once. It can get a bit confusing.

I liked the comments on  FB about the dailly Puzzle. Its good to know I am not wasting my time . As long as you enjoy them I will continue.

Well my eyes are sore my fingers are dropping off so  its TTFN.

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